Alberta Premier Danielle Smith being investigated by ethics commissioner

Alberta Premier Danielle Smith says she's under an ethics investigation for allegedly interfering in a COVID-19 prosecution.

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    1. @Jumbo Me … Danielle Smith, the leader of the UCP, is NDP? You better alert the NDP …she hasn’t paid her membership dues

  1. Don’t worry Danielle,Turdy has skated on his 6 or 7 screw-ups,I’m sure you’ll be OK,even without a “ special raconteur “

    1. @ryan radcliffe  Ya understand ! It is for all the bad eggs in that basket 🤔 Special Racketeer 😂

  2. I don’t think I have seen a political party grasp at straws harder than Rachel Notley’s NDP has. Once the Ethics investigation is over and inevitably concludes what is already evident (the fact that following the Albertan Ministry of Justice’s advice as laid out, is not concerned interference) they should have to pay out of pocket for the wasted tax dollars.

  3. She didn’t set up her own investigation team and this is a witch hunt. I live in Ontario and I’d love to have her as a premier. Doug is okay but she’s impressive so far.

    1. Didnt realize they had a dime. I swear I see panhandlers sitting outside Notley’s Strathcona office all the time asking for them…

  4. To claim Danielle Smith has broken ethics rules while Trudeau does what he does is a complete joke.

  5. Premier Smith, I don’t think you need to worry. All you did was listen to a call and express concern. If anything, Notley should concerned because Trudeau has done much worse under the ethics committee and it just boosted him up in the public

  6. Does she get to choose her own investigator? Maybe shes got a childhood family friend who can do it like the current PM

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