Alberta Premier Danielle Smith looks back on 2022, ahead to 2023

Alberta's premier joined CTV News Edmonton's 6 p.m. anchor Erin Isfeld for a year-end interview.

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    1. @someone28 Why do you have to stand in the middle of the drive way like some lonely dog, hoping she’ll take you back?

    1. How many times has Bla ck F ace been caught in Bla ck F ace? I’ve seen pictures of at least 7 different seperate occasions

  1. Garbage journalism that interviewer should be ashamed of the way she conducted herself.

  2. EVERY Province needs to push back,period!.Every canadian with a backbone.please speak up!

  3. Best premier Alberta has ever had seriously. Standing up for western Canada Saskatchewan and rest of the west needs to do the same.

  4. I’m a Cape Bretoner and I have much love and respect for Ms Smith…Canada needs more of Ms Smith’s mindset.🇨🇦😎

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