Alberta showdown: What issues will dominate the campaign? | CTV’s Question Period

Former Alberta politicians weigh in on the campaign and why Canadians should be paying attention.

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  1. I think it’s pretty sketchy that we have 115 wildfires in Alberta right now. Saskatchewan has has the same weather and currently has 15 fires burning. There are several current fires that have been reported as intentional. Who’s starting these fires? Is it politically motivated to make Danielle look bad?

    1. 140 new fires in the last 24 hours fortunately most were small and immediately put out. Remember Saskatchewan isn’t having an election right now.

    1. Is that something they’re not supposed to do or something? Seems like that’s pretty common at every level, I have no reason to believe otherwise.

    1. I have never seen so many NDP signs here it’s usually Blue signs I only counter 3 UCP signs it’s unheard of , Smith is out

  2. All I can say is that if you want to know how a future NDP lead province will be just look at how things were under Notley when she was premier. But I guarantee it will be worse.

  3. The debt and deficit was important and the reason Danielle was chosen as Leader. There is no deficit and paying down the debt. One of the reasons Danielle Smith will win the election.

  4. The only issue is how much longer do you want to fund things in Quebec that we “cant afford” in Alberta.

  5. And as far as Redford she was a conservative with liberal way of thinking and spending Geep 🤪🙄

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