Alberta wildfires | PM Trudeau gets briefing from Canadian Armed Forces

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau met with Canadian armed forces personnel in Alta. who are providing support to the province.

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  1. Can we expect any photo ops with Justin in the fancy suit holding a gushing firehose in the midst of a firefield? Headline “Justin vows Canada will end the wildfires”. Seriously though, just tax the environment or something, causing a bunch of needless emissions. Then the environment will be thinking twice about startin blazes

  2. Trudeau rants about climate change being the world’s biggest priority. Then he takes 2 private jets to do a 30 minute photo op on the other side of Canada.

    1. He wants to be seen as the “saviour” of Canada. His photo op is “necessary” to “inspire and direct” the military so they can fight the fires effectively. What a “great” leader! (Sarcasm for those of you that are half asleep.)

    1. I heard a story that he plays Candy Crush as he flys around. Know what our last PM did as he flew… he freaking worked.

  3. The POTUS has a room where everyone involved in the situation / disaster meets to discuss the situation and come to a way to deal with that situation. Canada has a school gym with some seats to deal with these problems. Can we all agree that TrueDump has to go?

  4. Even when getting informed by our most respected citizens, trudeau still has a egotistical demeanor

  5. Funny how Trudeau is there for the briefing about the fire but he wasn’t around for the election interference briefings.

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