Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez reacts to Texas judge’s abortion pill ruling

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) explains to CNN's Anderson Cooper why she believes the Biden administration should "ignore" a ruling from a federal judge in Texas that halted the approval of abortion pill mifepristone. #CNN #News #Shorts #AOC #Texas


    1. Democrats tried that and it backfired when NYR&P v NY went to the Supreme court. That is how the Bruin decision came down.

  1. Sooo… when the next Republican president doesn’t like a judicial decision they should just ignore it? Incredibly short-sighted thinking.

  2. Imagine a law maker telling the masses that it’s ok to ignore judges rulings. The world we live in…

    1. Imagine living in a world where your republican government decides what’s best for your own body!!!!

  3. Sorry but we have 3 branches of government for a reason. And no, the legislature sets law and the executive branch has no legitimate poragative to pick and choose which laws to enforce. In fact they have a sworn duty to enforce or they can all be impeached.

    1. ​@Bright Wendigo”Cool” Congress still uses parliamentary procedure. That is why only one person speaks at a time, why there are chairs and speakers, etc. That is what those types of rules are called.

    2. ​@Bright Wendigoand a “house” of “representatives” is also a generic term for a body of politicians voted into office. I bet you are one of my fellow countrymen who would get confused when someone outside the USA refers to nations as states, huh?

    3. ​@Late
      In the USA all three “chambers of parliament” have equal footing, at least in theory. The Executive branch of course has the office of the President, which in fact can override the other two with a veto, but they in turn can then choose to overturn a veto and force bills into law by a majority vote.
      It’s all a very messed up system, especially when you also have to deal with lower courts trying to set precedent with partisan rulings, further fueled with religious beliefs being brought into play even though there’s supposed to be a separation between church and state.

      Most lawmakers in the USA don’t like it that countries like Iran are theocratic, mainly because they favor Christian beliefs over Muslim, but when Christian motivated lawmakers bring their religious abortion views into play, claiming that they only want the FDA to make extra sure that abortifacient drugs are safe and effective, even though these drugs have been in use for over 20 years, it’s definitely not hard to see their true intentions.

      What’s really messed up is that some tiny circuit court judge, in a single state, can effectively force a rule that every other state must then follow. This is a holdover from the past. Laws should only come from congress, where every state is represented.

  4. To better serve their constituents, the current administration should follow all available and legal recourses available to them to vacate the ruling. Adhering to the established process will also provide solid legitimacy to vacating this ruling.

  5. This is a violation of hippa laws.The expectant mom should be able to make the best decision for her and her future.

    1. And the man should be able to say he doesn’t want the child and not be on the hook for child support.

  6. Considering the fact that this judge has no medical background is not a doctor and has never been a doctor how can he possibly judge medication’s at the FDA has approved. Does that mean that the FDA it’s no longer the final judge of a pharmaceutical product or will the Supreme Court be the judge of medication’s. when the Supreme Court becomes a political tool at certain groups, then people could Being prevented from getting vaccinations and all types of prescriptions. It was very disturbing.

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