Alleged Domestic Terrorists Used Armed Protests At Michigan Capitol For Recruitment | MSNBC

Alleged Domestic Terrorists Used Armed Protests At Michigan Capitol For Recruitment | MSNBC 1


Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel talks with Rachel Maddow about how the armed protests at the Michigan state capitol served as a means of outreach and recruitment for right wing extremists like the men charged today with plotting to kidnap Michigan's governor. Aired on 10/08/2020
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Alleged Domestic Terrorists Used Armed Protests At Michigan Capitol For Recruitment | MSNBC

71 Comments on "Alleged Domestic Terrorists Used Armed Protests At Michigan Capitol For Recruitment | MSNBC"

  1. Donald J Trump is killing this country

    • His +40% core IS your country.

    • @Stanley Wong 38%

    • @stephen glover I vote for all of that. China is better than trump.

    • @etownbrawler1 I hope he makes Hunter the AG and he arrests trump. That would be epic!

    • @stephen glover A war with who ?? Bud I don’t know if you even realize but it was the republican president who started all the wars since desert storm ,you know that right? What war did Obama /Biden start? Trump makes these stupid claims and you people just run with them like they are fact ,the whole world is laughing at you guys! Trump told his proud boys to ”stand down and stand BY ” and your talking about China and war and China, worry about the civil war Trump will start when he tells his braindead supporters he lost the election because of voter fraud !. Wake up bud ,a vote for Trump means you hate America and everything it stands for ! Trump will let millions of Americans die if it means he can remain in office ,but you think he cares about you lol..

  2. DON’T be intimidated, America. They are the REASON you must VOTE! If you don’t vote the GOP OUT, domestic Terrorists will be running the country. They’re desperate to stay out of jail, and the GOP will do literally ANYTHING. VOTE in numbers TOO BIG TO RIG, and sweep them off the political map! Time to take back America! Or lose it forever. VOTE! ✌️

    • T. R. Campbell | October 9, 2020 at 3:24 PM | Reply

      George B. Wolffsohn Well right now we don’t see anything that you were suggesting. We do see some very questionable maneuvers on the part of crazy Nancy, wanting to override the will of the people during the last election. But right now we don’t see anything even close to what you are suggesting with the federal government. In fact we are seeing exactly the opposite. If you can point out Examples of fascism I wish you would but before you do look up the definition.

    • Jackson Guite | October 9, 2020 at 3:39 PM | Reply

      T. R. Campbell while, yes, you need an Id to purchase and receive these goods/services, the numbers don’t change. 11% of the country doesn’t have access to an acceptable id to vote. And they don’t have the time or resources to obtain that ID.

    • T. R. Campbell | October 9, 2020 at 4:59 PM | Reply

      Jackson Guite The vast majority, I would venture to say all states recognize this and provide ID at no charge to the indigent. I might be inclined to challenge that 11% figure also because even the down and out have some form of ID. The only reason why a person doesn’t want to have identification is because they don’t want to be identified.

    • Jackson Guite | October 9, 2020 at 5:07 PM | Reply

      T. R. Campbell 1. That’s not my figure, you can check the ACLU’s source
      2. The ID it’s self can be free, but the necessary forms that you need such as a birth certificate cost money. That’s what I’m getting at. I’m sure there are far less than 11% of the population that want to be off the grid.

    • Danielle Adair | October 9, 2020 at 6:34 PM | Reply

      @Steven voted from abroad! 🙂

  3. They say that “the fish rots from the head” and this is true, and so does a nation. And the insidious rot that has gripped this nation, can be traced directly to the occupant in the Oval Office..

    “I think my rhetoric brings people together,” Donald said that last year, just four days after a 21-year-old MAGA supporter posted an anti-immigrant message online and then at a Walmart in El Paso, TX, taking the lives of 22 people, and injuring dozens of others.

    A nationwide review conducted has identified at least 54 criminal cases where Trump was invoked in direct connection with violent acts, threats of violence or allegations of assault.

    After a La.tino gas station attendant in Gainesville, Florida, was suddenly pu.nched in the head by a MAGA supporter, the victim could be heard on surveillance camera recounting the attacker’s own words: “He said, ‘This is for Trump.'”

    When police questioned a Washington state man about his threats to mu.rder a local immigrant, the suspect told police he wanted the victim to “get out of my country,” adding, “That’s why I like Trump.”

    Reviewing police reports and court records, the review found that in at least 12 cases perpetrators hailed DJT in the midst or immediate aftermath of physically assaulting innocent victims. In another 18 cases, perpetrators cheered or defended Trump while taunting or threatening others. And in another 10 cases, Trump and his rhetoric were cited in court to explain a defendant’s violent or threatening behavior.

    The review could not find a single criminal case filed in federal or state court where an act of violence or threat was made in the name of Obama or Bush.

    The 54 cases identified are remarkable in that a link to DJT is captured in court documents and police statements, under the penalty of perjury or contempt. These links are not speculative – they are documented in official records. And in the majority of cases, it was the perpetrators themselves who invoked DJT’s name in connection with their case, not anyone else..

    Trump is the chaos and disorder president. He is the cloven hoofed purveyor of fear & loathing, of pandemics & death. He is a provocateur of mayhem & upheaval. He is a merchant of lies & deception. And he is trying to create an America in his own image: vile, dark, hopeless, bleak, backwards, malignant, grotesque, ignorant, selfish, indecent, malicious, debased, indifferent, and malevolent.

    Trump and his followers are exactly what Voltaire was talking about when he said: “Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.”

  4. It’s escalation and I’m glad they were stopped before it got anymore horrible

  5. You don’t want these people in your suburban neighborhood

  6. Patrick Kingfisher Kennedy | October 9, 2020 at 2:33 AM | Reply

    I like a presidents who are NOT RACIST FASCISTS, who DON’T LIE to the American People, and who PAY TAXES every year.

  7. Alexander Supertramp | October 9, 2020 at 2:33 AM | Reply

    Not “alleged”, just call it what it is. They are domestic terrorists.

    • Colin Sherritt | October 9, 2020 at 5:55 PM | Reply

      Unless you’re a right-wing MAGA chud, then it’s ANTEEFAH!! Anyone but them of course.

    • @Steve Chance We’ve got the meeting notes in Strozk’s and Brennan’s handwriting. Lock her up.

    • @Minnie Minosa I’m divorced too and I can’t stand ignoramuses who don’t know the difference.

    • @Colin Sherritt “Chud” is the dopiest word to come out of a pothead’s mouth in 20 years.

    • @B E Your historical ignorance would be humiliating if you were so ignorant. You don’t think the fact that we Bombed them for 20 years could create a legitimate grievance? How about the fact that we armed the Taliban and then they took over the entire country, took the girls out of school, and destroyed priceless historical artifacts? They were our allies against the USSR and then we totally cut them lose. How about the relentless bombing? That deserves to be mentioned twice. Get informed.

  8. Sadly, this is just the start of the battle to come. “Don the Con” has made it clear he does not intend to leave the WH without a fight. Many of his “die-hard” supporters will take that as a call to protect him in the WH. Hopefully, Democrats are now working on contingency plans if such an event was to occur

    • If trump isn’t reelected , he has no option to stay.
      The White House belongs to the people. The secret service and military personnel in the White House do not work for trump and will remove him as a trespasser. If trump encourages his supporters to take up arms what would be the purpose ? Coup d’état ?

    • He will be dragged out literally. I’m not an advocate of violence, but if there has to be a violent transition…so be it. I think the real Americans are just beyond tired of this man and his zealots.

    • I think his health will get him before justice ever does.

  9. The president of the United States is dangerously stupid.

    • @Sam McCormack we get it princess. You’re one of Trump’s little bottom boys. Do society a favor and keep your homoerotic trump fanfiction on the Q-Anon boards where it belongs. Now give your mommy her phone back stfu princess.

    • If Biden wins, Harris will become president by default. You think Antifa & BLM will stop their violence? No, it will escalate until no person will have any rights but what Antifa & BLM allows.

    • @David Jones It’s better than having VANILLA ISIS plotting to overthrow the govt. The Justice Dept charges 2 trying to support HAMAS…Sept 4, 2020 The Boogaloo Bois and the Boojahideen are part of a loosely connected movement that seeks to bring about a second civil war to overthrow the United States government.

    • @David Jones still sounds better than Trump being crowned Queen. Your Master Beta has failed you little bottom boy. Now dry those tears and beg the rest of the nation for forgiveness for the ignorance and stupidity we’ve had to endure because of pathetic garage people like you.

    • Reuben Herrera | October 9, 2020 at 12:08 PM | Reply

      @robyn deddens Yes. He bashed the Michigan Governor on his Twitter feed last night.

  10. Ronald Slaven | October 9, 2020 at 3:08 AM | Reply

    Trump and Barr are very quiet , too busy trying to indict Biden with fake news

    • Did you happen to notice that the e-mail wanting Biden thrown in jail just happened to come out AFTER the foiled kidnap plot was made public? Typical Trump and Barr … distraction.

      And not once has Trump even come out and said “Good job” to the FBI for foiling the plot. No, instead he literally comes out and attack’s the Michigan state governor and calls for Biden to be thrown in jail over something totally bogus that his own party in Congress have said he’s wrong on.

      If anyone is being treasonous and should be thrown in jail … its Donald Trump.

    • Trump has white nationalist sympathizers very close to him.
      Trump is allowing his big deep breath to resuscitate and grow their numbers all over the world. He is not the first, the last, or the only Nationalistic leader in the world today. It also seems as though he and his people are using ICE as a breeding ground for training an SS (see fascist Germany) like para-military elite force on American soil. They seem to be a doing proof-of-concept testing on Illegitimate and legitimate immigrants as they are easier targets.
      I believe he IS or is becoming a “fascist in training” don’t get it twisted. This NOT a name calling game. This is real, this MAY really be happening.

    • @myone lock they aren’t white nationalist sympathizers, they are white nationalist.

    • @Matt O’Byrne How can they be white nationalists if they SAY white nationalism does not exist. Never call Cupcake a Cake dammit!

    • Fake news like Russian collusion?

  11. PhoebeFay RuthLouise | October 9, 2020 at 3:26 AM | Reply

    So many of the other media outlets are calling these people “militia”—I really appreciate that Rachel Maddow understands they are domestic terrorists!

  12. They’re not just domestic terrorists, they’re traitors. Throw the book at em’!

  13. So, Trump was pretty much directly responsible as he cheered them on from Twitter

  14. How weird. None of these armed thugs are from BLM or Antifa. They’re some of Trump’s fine people? Surprise, surprise


    • No one should be surprised about this these days. We all heard the presidents words: “Stand down and stand by” (until I instruct you otherwise? 🤔).

  15. Parslow Pongbert | October 9, 2020 at 4:45 AM | Reply

    Now that “Fox News Terrorists“ have become a regular thing, I’m wondering if Murdoch and his channel will be held accountable.

  16. Funny that these Terrorist complained about the gym not being opened and yet non of them looked like they ever stepped in a gym.

  17. This President is a danger to this country and everything it stands for .

  18. Norman Heslington | October 9, 2020 at 5:52 AM | Reply

    Didn’t take long..
    Trump should be held accountable .He should be charged with incitement to commit a FELONY

  19. What used to be called domestic terrorism is now called the Trump campaign.

  20. Appalling and encouraged by Trump’s rhetoric.

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