Allowing repeated COVID-19 infections is ‘a problem,’ warns doctor

Dr. Christopher Labos says without official mandates being put in place it becomes reliant on the public to protect themselves from COVID.

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    1. Because we have this idea you may not be aware of Emperor Augustus. We have this idea that lives matter and we attempt to do what is possible to stop it. Like New Zealand for example. Glad you don’t live here. You’d just be another hinderance to people’s lives.

  1. It’s clear this physician is preaching with a very narrow scope. He should know better.

    1. @Jasmine’s Hi I try to be sympathetic to those who struggle with literacy but I really can’t understand where that comes from. Nobody said his opinion is the only one.

    2. @Sew_Fearlessly Michelle Literally speaking, who are you replying to about what differentiates the views of what he preaches from the professional facts of others? Which science and facts are you standing up for?

    3. @Sew_Fearlessly Michelle The same science and facts that touted long lasting immunity from transmission, spread, illness and death?

      You seem to have a firm grip on reality.

    1. @Jose De la Concha You are regurgitating “information” from a year ago. It is common knowledge that it is just simply not the case

    2. @ᛋᛁᚷᛁᛚᛋ, The Runic Kuribro There is reams off data to support that. Just because you can’t read it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist and isn’t accurate.

    3. Reams of data day acquired immunity is best and that individual have unique immune systems and responses. These experimental jabs should never have been put on the market. Look and listen to all the injuries.

  2. To survive the 7th COVID wave, entrust in the medical expertise and healing powers of Trudeau’s male feminism.

  3. *Reads description*,

    Uh yeah, that’s the way it should be. They say it like it’s a bad thing.

  4. Same clown on two reports, must love the taxpayers money he is receiving for these on air reports.

  5. These so called “experts”, so called “doctors” deserve to feel the wrath of a billion angry souls.

    1. Agreed all this nonsense would not be continuing if doctors focused on prevention and early treatmeny

  6. the forever plague is here ..whether it is real of course is debatable from this plebian commentart

  7. Doc Labos is my Favorite, he has a realistic point of view! ….Fall is coming and cases are already are a climbing…..time to wake up ! lol

    1. Anyone who still thinks COVID is any sort of threat at this point needs to seek professional mental health help for their rampant hypochondria.

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