Alternate Juror In Chauvin Case Weighs In On Guilty Verdict | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Alternate Juror In Chauvin Case Weighs In On Guilty Verdict | Morning Joe | MSNBC


NBC News' Gabe Gutierrez talks with Lisa Christensen, an alternate juror in the Derek Chauvin trial, who was dismissed. Aired on 04/23/2021.
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Alternate Juror In Chauvin Case Weighs In On Guilty Verdict | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. The only way the mob will be happy is if there are no more non-black officers in Democrat areas. It looks like they are getting there way as all non-black officers are leaving Democrat areas which is causing crime to skyrocket.

    1. He really, really was. I mean, if we couldn’t just take on faith what we were seeing and hearing, Dr. Tobin nailed the Chauvin coffin shut.

    2. @Gregg Chambers don’t get too excited, we haven’t seen how many years he’ll get yet. Hopefully the judge won’t go easy on him.

  1. Not a BLM protestor, not a social justice warrior, not a fire breathing Socialist. A rather nondescript woman you might run into at the grocery store, after reviewing all the evidence, would have voted to convict.

  2. The sad chapter of this tragic story is that we have to have overwhelming evidence to prove the most basic facts of a crime committed, murder!! What if there were no videos? Or a hundred witnesses?

    1. Excellent point! Had Nicole Brown Simpson had surveillance at her residence, that verdict would be much different!

    2. How many countless lives were taken away throughout time everywhere that showed complete and utter negligence and disdain for human life because the authorities/cops hid the truth and the victims died needlessly?? Way too many.

    3. @Trent Timoy Yes! Way too many! The town I used to live in had to destroy 3 squad cars and nearly killed the former police chief in order to get the message across to the Mayor and City Council that they no longer wanted unnecessary corruption policing the community! It’s been over 2 decades since they’ve had law enforcement and the population in the community are more than capable of taking care of their own!

  3. Meanwhile on Fox news, they’re calling Chauvin a hero.

    Now, while I did make that up, I bet you thought to yourself, “Yeah, I could see that coming from Fox.”

    1. @frank bennett Hey Frankie, there’s a job opening ..You can fill Chauvin’s shift ..He’s guilty, the system worked..But you can change the system with your expertise about policing..Law Enforcement needs you..

    2. Does anyone realize the interview was cut and she admits to being fearful of riots and destruction? Even going far as saying she feared people would come to her house..
      That literally grounds for an appeal…

    3. @Jeffrey Snipes Yes, I saw the full interview on Instagram and came here to see if the MSM selectively edited it or not, which they did. Just another reason their will most likely be an appeal and possibly a mistrial.

  4. The Weight And Guilt Of Mr.Floyds Murder Was Put On Every Persons Shoulders On The Planet Who Witnessed A Man Being Tortured And Executed By The Police In Broad Daylight On National TV, Internet And Social Media For Internity.

  5. People don’t realize that actually seeing and hearing the evidence IN IT’S ENTIRETY and being part of the proceedings. Is a heck of a lot different than mouthing off from your recliner. Also you think differently when you are actually forced to make a decision about someone’s life. You have to be able to live with that decision.

  6. Rewards of Deeds Reckoning Power of Life System of Consciousness Man cannot turn his eyes away from the basic truth. The good or bad deeds done in life have consequences in life and after death. Insulting someone, killing someone unjustly, lying. Accusations False testimony Cunning and cunning Revenge of all deeds Both in this world and in the Hereafter Allah has to pay His reckoning As the deed is the same then you will adopt the same blessing as the lifestyle If you adopt luxury or white cover then the same Thoughts and the system of life will continue. Today, man and beast have been scratched, rubbed, rude, disgraced, disgraced, spectacled, or slapped on the shoe. Believe me, next time it will be your turn. Neither beating nor love makes any difference. When you speak, choose the words. (Tolo)- weight (Napo)- measure, then speak. Life is in any situation. Politics, Economics or Agriculture, Engineering, Advocacy, Doctors, Science, Schools, Madrassas, University.

  7. Help me in this, here in Britain the jury can’t even talk to the media not to undermine the integrity of the process.

    Of course, was a murder but again she on tour cashing in from the situation on my view.

    1. @Thienbao Ngo I understand. I think the whole world to be honest.

      I have to look the formation of our jury here in Britain but I never saw someone comes to a media freeze like that. Its about being impartial.

      Yes, the guy is a murdered but on the other hand, as a black man I do feel we have to restore our trust with authorities and more family engagement.

      We are blacks and have the same social responsibility as much as anyone else. Here in England is the same. At this point, I am sincerely not blaming only the police. Where are the parents? Why people are not in our schools ? Why even without a job or schooling are not having sense of agency?

      I am on my 50s and I still having the voice of my parents saying. Respect the seniors, police, teachers and never bring fight to my mother, always resolve at school without violence. Now, tell me what’s really going in America? Has being painfull to wacth honestly.

      Sending my love !!!

    2. @Thienbao Ngo Yes, I just looked at my law books. Its absolutely unanimous. I was finding that really strange that woman doing a lip service to the press. . Pass my message over please. Lol

    3. @Loveisthe answer What’s *really* going on in America?- Woooo boy. That’s a hard one. I honestly think just one big disinformation campaign, it’s just all of America’s societal bias just boiling over and some politicians (or a good few) adding to the fire.

      If you ever wondered why conservatism is so extreme in America (when compared to the rest of the world.) It’s partially because due to how the electoral college works, the bigger the population is the more electoral college votes a state gets, however- every state no matter how small the population is must get at least two electoral college votes. Which means people in *those* states have more voting power with their vote with a state with let’s say- 20 electoral college votes for example, and it’s there those coservative ideas tend to thrive.

      Every state is also guarenteed two senators no matter how small.

      Also America’s bad history with race, there’s just so many factors adding to this soup that I’d be here all day explaining why the states ended up here.

    4. @Thienbao Ngo I hear you and thanks for the analogy. What’s happening today’s media or information is a confusion as well you said. Even here in England big elites controlling the narrative of some of our newspapers stering the discourse to favour some groups over another.

      The advantage about Britain is we don’t have fire guns. But recently in registered some crimes committed by fire arms. I personally became scare to visit the USA and I will let’s things cool down a bit.

      Man racial relations or tensions its hard everywhere in the world but I still choosing America because you are not pretending racism doesn’t exist as here in England. Anyway, thanks for the chat and please keep safe.

    5. @Thienbao Ngo One thing I will say. Americans has to get together as I can’t image a world lead by China. Lol

  8. Completely cut out the part interview where she talks about fear of rioting and people would come to her house..
    This interview will probably be grounds of an appeal..

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