1. WOW….. I’m absolutely shocked. Edmonton sure has a lot of seriously uneducated financially inept citizens. My Gawd. Double face palm. This guy can barley talk or string a complete sentence together. I’m not being mean…its a fact. Embarrassing. It just gets better and better for this city lol.

    1. Because speaking english is not a parameter of intelligence. You just need brains and willingness to work.

    1. Maybe you couldn’t understand him, I know it’s hard if you haven’t gotten through grade school, but he actually was speaking English… Sorry to inform you.

    2. I’m guessing you can not comprehend English. So here goes, hope you use a translator for what I am about to tell you ( you could try the Islandic to English one from Google Translate). I’m gonna whisper it to you. He was speaking in English. Yup, you heard it here. I had to say it. Sorry to burst your bubble. Anyways, “fyrirgefðu bróðir. “

    3. @Electron SD I find it ironic that someone would criticize another person’s English language skills, while simultaneously using incorrect English grammar

    1. @Coby Osoup Depends on where your funds are at if your starting off the invest I penny stocks if you have more capital then invest in bigger stocks that have an uprising In growth. There’s alot of stock discord groups that you can get into as well. 👍🏻

    1. @EAMON HUNTER I mean look at your English, what happened to the spelling of “Deamon” as for your handle, and the improper use of uppercase.

  2. Both newly elected Calgary & Edmonton majors have indian roots. Exciting times for immigrants like Me. Don’t be bias by pointing out silly things like dialect & his roots. He has been in politics for a while & held different gov’t roles, including ministerial positions. His story is inspirational , having worked as a bus & cab driver. Respect the audacity & hard work.

  3. You went all around, keep it up. Starting from the bottom and ended up here. I see the haters, it’s very likely from the Nickel camp. Their campaign was very distasteful, throwing mud all the time. It’s actually a big feat, you placed a lot of effort in the public sphere. Hope you can make it work.

  4. Congratulations on achieving the impossible. This nation has long been build on the backs of immigrants. This is inspiring for new comers to this country.

    1. Kozzi Ozzi impossible?? Wtf 🤣😄😆 not in Canada, now it’s hard to elect a true blue Canadian. That is now impossible. There are forgien elects in almost every part of Canada now. As long as they preserve the constitution, traditions and Canadian values for all, I dont care who gets elected or should I say selected. Democracy Out!

  5. I bless city of Edmonton with pure Love and Light and puryfying Source of Energy and all Edmontoniens, Canadians and Whole Humanity⭐🌟🙏🌟⭐

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