Amber Heard testifies she feared for her life in Depp marriage | USA TODAY

Amber Heard returned to the witness stand after a week-long break in the multi-million dollar libel case.

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Amber Heard is on the witness stand again Monday for a third day of testimony in a libel suit filed against her by her ex-husband, Johnny Depp.

At the beginning of her testimony Monday, Heard corrected herself about the timing of the first time she said Depp slapped her, which revolved around her questioning him about one of his tattoos.

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  1. Can they just close this case already? She obviously isn’t going to win.

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  3. Wow, she lies so much truth meant nothing. Also, she seemed to have had other intentions of setting Johnny Depp up. Some if the things she photographed were an invasion of his privacy and meant to damage his reputation – which is exactly what she did. If she couldn’t have him – no one could without her taking revenge. She certainly didn’t behave like a frightened person but she did act like a predator. Scary. I hope he has extra security.

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