American citizen killed in West Bank following increased violence | USA TODAY

The U.S. State Department called for a de-escalation between Israel and Palestine following recent shootings and increased violence.

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A 27-year-old motorist who was an American citizen was shot and killed Monday by a Palestinian gunman.

The motorist was shot when attackers opened fire at an Israeli car near the Palestinian city of Jericho. He was transferred from the scene to Hadassah Medical Center, where he later died of his injuries, according to a statement by hospital spokeswoman Hadar Elboim.

The victim has not been identified, but the State Department said he held U.S.-Israeli dual citizenship.

Tom Nides, the U.S. ambassador to Israel, also confirmed in a message on Twitter that a U.S. citizen had died in the attack.

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  1. OH, YEAH…?! WAY to go…THIS part of the world’s been fighting for as long as they’ve existed…ONE SOLUTION…? Un-do The Balfour resolution…( re-wind time, in other words…)😶😶

  2. Fighting foreign occupation is a human right. All settIers on paIestinian land are a legitimate target

    1. U r only foreign occupation in israel lol its either gonna be christian or israeli, Never arab 😂 keep crying lmaooo

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