Amid Canada-India tensions, Justin Trudeau, Narendra Modi talk about COVID-19 vaccine shipments 1

Amid Canada-India tensions, Justin Trudeau, Narendra Modi talk about COVID-19 vaccine shipments


Michel Boyer has the details about the phone call between Prime Minister Trudeau and Indian Prime Minister Modi.


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    1. One of these 29 states, especially Punjab, is doing the same Farmer Protest, the rest of the state has gone. Not so special

    1. We dont eat beef that’s why immunity level is high in india ..most them having virus but no effects because of immunity
      There is scientific study ..lower meat consumption increases immunity

  1. Mr Trudeau is busy appeasing sikh votes back in Canada. Relations between India and Canada have reached an all time low. Thanks to Mr. Trudeau.
    We, the Indians now are having a negative perception towards Canada because of increasing no. Of khalistani sympathisers and politicians backing them.

    1. Don’t have negative perceptions of entire Canada. NDP, Liberal Party which is in government support that. Conservative party of Canada opposes these actions. But most Indian Canadians voted for Liberal Party and NDP, now they’re crying. Should have supported conservatives

    2. @Mcdonald Christian hmmm, you might be correct.
      I remember when Mr Trudeau came in India, he was snubbed by Modi due to his support towards Khalistan sympathisers. Same is happening now.
      And can you tell me some prominent Canadian News Channels, i want to check the reactions and debates over there. Thanks

    3. @Mcdonald Christian Not indo canadians, sikh canadians and that’s exactly who Trudeau is always trying to appease.

  2. Mr. Trudeau is trying to get in to Bollywood
    He is loosing support from Canadians
    Any way he all ready have connections
    That’s nice Mr Trudeau going to be Theatre near you

  3. The Canadian Prime Minister’s suggestion that a traveler returning to Canada should be quarantined in a hotel for three days for $ 2,000, in addition to a corona test is an unfair measure and an indirect obstruction to the right to travel.
    What is meant by these measures, and is this how the pandemic is being combated?
    What does this mean for the traveller? They have to spend three days in the hotel and 14 days if they are infected with Covid-19? They have to pay for the hotel’s guesthouse.
    By what right do you take this huge money from the traveler?
    Unless it was public piracy under the pretext of a pandemic!
    These decisions and instructions put pressure on the citizen’s psyche in addition to the health and economic problems he/she suffers from, instead of solving their problems. All of this is a violation and an infringement of human rights by placing obstacles and preventing human movement.
    More realistic measures must be taken that take into account the special situation of the pandemic and the economic and social situation. Also, some politicians incite against foreigners and accuse them of causing infection to the country, and this is pure fabrication and evidence of the high rate of racism in Canada, unfortunately.

  4. Indian doctors and scientists are best in the world and they love to work for humanity beyond the borders of countries. Believe in “vasudhaiva kutumbakam”

  5. Modi cant stand our phoney PM. This was just Trudeau looking for someone to bail him out of his promises he cannot keep.

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