Amy Klobuchar: I Am A Fresh New Face In Politics | Morning Joe | MSNBC

2020 Democratic candidate, Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn, discusses her poll numbers in New Hampshire, her fundraising efforts, why she says she's a fresh face in politics and why she's gained traction in New Hampshire. Aired on 2/10/2020.
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Amy Klobuchar: I Am A Fresh New Face In Politics | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. I’m 73 and I wonder what happened to the thought that we need good schools and good teachers for our children because they are our future. I remember in high school we were in the top 5 in education in the world and it was important for us to get better. Now schools are only interested in the gifted child but the ones struggling now will struggle their whole life because they either fail through the cracks or drop out and end up in dead end jobs perpetuating the decline in their ability to know what words really mean.
    You know how to avoid another trump running for any office? Everyone who runs for ANY office they must get at least 90% or better on a general knowledge test including Civics, history, and of course geography. Let’s throw in an English & grammar section too just for the fun of it. I avoid calling trump supporters stupid by saying they are undereducated.

    1. @Saynoto Socialists social equity and social justice are different things. Maybe you should go back to school

    2. No Worries Health & Wellness , today’s kids earn nothing but a participation trophy for graduating , as for the difference in “ equity and justice , there’s little difference by today’s standards

    3. @I.P. DAILY. Hello Mr. I pee daily. I find it sad that you decide to reply rudly and ignorant to a woman in her 70’s who spoke respectfully while voicing her opinion. You’re comment including blah blah blah spoke enough regarding your mentality, so I don’t need to mention education or any pre requisite testing you briefly mentioned you feel adequate in passing. And the second thing I find ridiculous about your comment would be regarding “liberals.”. The person who made the comment never claimed to be liberal, so you should keep what you interpret as liberal out of this. The comment regarded any person who feels fit to take office should be required to pre testing as well as all children deserving a quality education. You’re just an angry person looking to bully people online. That’s truly pathetic, you need a hobby.

  2. Loved watching Msnbc last years, can’t do it anymore. They gasp for any candidate but the obvious one… Disguisting and selfish, becoming the fox News for moderate dems driven by feelings over policies and bias questioning

    1. If the senator or representative is not from your own state, you tend to not be familiar with him or her. If you had a page with the picture of every congress person, how many could you name and assign to a state off the cuff? Probably not too many, maybe just the ones who make the news.

    1. Robert Stubin Klobuchar is not a better candidate than Bernie. Bernie is the best person to run against the dictator Trump.

    1. Adriano de Jesus Yeah I wonder how many staffers she has beaten up this campaign. If she beats up her staff imagine how she would act if she was POTUS. No thanks! Bernie 2020 is the only way to go.

  3. “59 is the new 38” and the choo-choo train story works on boomers. By no means is she a fresh new face in politics.

  4. Bernie 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣0️⃣!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸
    The rest is just more of the
    same we’re already tired of.

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