Amy Klobuchar: If GOP Isn’t Sure John Bolton, Lev Parnas Are Telling Truth, Let Them Testify | MSNBC

Amy Klobuchar: If GOP Isn't Sure John Bolton, Lev Parnas Are Telling Truth, Let Them Testify | MSNBC 1


  1. That’s the very reason they won’t allow either to testify, the GOP already knows they are telling the truth.

    1. Dave Salimeno 🤣 try harder!

      settle down little buddy 😆…you just keep insisting that you’re a brainwashed trumpuglyclan cultist with every word and you need to STOP trying to convince us because you made your point with your first post 👍.

      impeachment is just the entree… looking forward to impeached president* dotard chump’s tax returns… will you be going to visit your criminal hero when he’s in the state or federal penitentiary? you might be alone if you’re planning on it 🤣🤣🤣

      i think the state and federal prosecutors will be fighting over who gets to LOCK HIM UP first 👍

    2. @Dave Salimeno he wanted two investigations. He wanted Biden investigated and he wants the cloudstrike conspiracy theory investigated.
      But not really. Because if he wanted actual investigations he would use the FBI, DOJ, CIA, or the agency who’s sole purpose is to investigate people suspected of international corrupt business practices.
      He didn’t go that route… Instead he asks a government, that’s he’s called one of the most corrupt in the world, to announce an investigation into his political opponent. He conditions a wh meeting and military aid on that announcement. ( The first is bribery, the second extortion ) and used his position and powers to do it.
      All of that is impeachable even if Biden is corrupt. And Biden, even if corrupt, has no information on Trump*’s actions.
      If Biden is in fact corrupt, a proper US led seperate investigation would be needed, and would have no bearing at all on the impeachment trial.

    3. Darrin Fry 👍 well said and great points you’ve made.

      trouble is, like the trumpuglyclans in the senate, these trumpuglyclan cult foot soldiers and trolls on these forums are devoid of facts and blind to truth

    1. TNSamShiner I liked it when Trump said “you can keep your doctor, you can keep your insurance”..”..oh wait, that was the lying pos muslim obama, sorry!

    2. Yea Lev is telling the truth. Listen to him say Clintons and Bidens control big oil in Ukraine. Wtf? Isnt that one of the major things democrat supporters suppose to be against? Remind me again what a democrat stands for?

  2. Watching this trial is like having read a disappointing book before seeing the  movie that turns disappointment into rage. Why are Republicans this arrogant is either short sightedness or they have cheating assurances in place for 2020. This trial is about republicans cheating in 2020. It’s 2+2. Are we smarter than a first grader?

    1. Republicans don’t have to cheat to win in 2020. Trump has more supporters both republican and democrat than anyone the DNC has to run against him. Outside the MSNBC & CNN bubble, he’s well-liked by most American voters. This impeachment is about the Dems trying to steal the 2020 election because they know they can’t win on their candidates’ ideas. Record employment, record market & retirement plan growth, more secure borders, billions saved that we were throwing away on silly bs…What voter in their right mind is going to say, “I’m tired of all this success and prosperity. I kinda miss paying higher taxes and struggling to pay my bills. What the heck, let’s go back to their way.” That’s why the impeachment and all the negative misinformation have been the only thing MSM reports on regarding President Trump. It’s nothing more than propaganda and manipulation of public opinion.

    2. @Crow Creek Outdoors I love fiction. Especially the one that you take your space suit helmet off and toss it aside only too late to realize that Mars has no breathable atmosphere. My kind of fiction. You hold no water

    3. Why dont you accept the obvious? Your nothing but a pawn to these people. Why else do you think in over 3 years all we got is creepy joe or hillary?

    1. @Jessica Jessica ” everyone was in the loop It was not secret” Sondland , referring to Pompeo, Mick MulVaney, Pence, and Giuliani.
      Sondland presumed what he thought the president wanted a quid pro quo, an investigation into Bidens.
      Sondland was asked . Was there a quid pro quo. “Sondland Yes.”
      Sondlan also said Trump was a businessman and was used to getting somthing for somthing.

    2. Sure. And despite Democrats’ insistence that even looking into Burisma and the Bidens was “baseless”—indeed, impeachable—the facts say otherwise. Here’s just a partial list of the people and organizations who found enough basis to look into it: the Obama State Department, The New York Times, The Washington Post, ABC’s White House reporter, the United Kingdom’s Serious Fraud Office, Hunter Biden’s business partner Chris Heinz, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State George Kent, and many more.
      The bottom line is that a President has both the right and the responsibility to protect American taxpayers from foreign corruption, including in Ukraine. If the American people disagree with that policy decision, they have every right to say so—at the ballot box.

      Democrats want to take that right away from you. They’re afraid of what you might say.
      FACT CHECK: Even ABC News thought there was a basis to look into this

      🇺🇸 AND It Gets better: guess who voted against authorizing the assistance for Ukraine? House Democrats’ own impeachment managers. Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) voted no on the FY2020 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which included $300 million for Ukraine. Nadler joined Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-CA) and Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) in voting against the FY2019 NDAA, as well, with its $250 million for Ukraine.

    3. Downright Dutch Trump doesn’t even really care about the corruption. He just wanted to smear Biden. He could have looked into it in 2017, 2018 and before Biden announced his run for presidency. And even then he could have went about it the right way but he chose the sneaky back channels.

  3. It has become apparent as you listen to both sides in the impeachment hearings that the GOP has nothing to stand on. Their argument is ‘don’t believe your ears and eyes’, ‘there’s no “there“ there’, and that Democrats are lying. They cannot defend the president’s conduct. The president’s conduct is indicative that he has committed a crime! He is guilty!

    1. @Rod Allen
      Sounds as if you weren’t listening to the very credible case presented last week.
      Have you signed up for Russian language classes already? You sound prepared to let Putin take over our, OUR country.

    1. @Anna Lisa Saquing, true. We were once a beacon of hope to most of the world and that was something I was proud of, now I’m ashamed and bewildered.

    1. The Fibler they know the truth they just don’t care. They gaslit their way to public Job and that’s how they roll.

    2. Maybe if dém brought more than fictional stories it be a bit more helpful. What a joke. How long will you let them make fools of you?

  4. I am losing my belief in America being the great country everyone thinks it to be.

    These senators and government official’s actions and words try to cover up the American ideal of seeking Truth and Justice. They seek only power and what they can personally gain from it. It makes me question their reasons for sending American men and women to foreign countries where they may lose their life for what the America they believed to fight for Truth and Justice. Now I ask how can the Senators and government officials ask soldiers to fight for Truth and Justice, and they can not even seek Truth and Justice?

    1. @Arch Stanton, good thing you’re not racist or anything. When you say “when we imported” who is we? You yourself were “imported, you know you and yours were not here first.

    2. Your being decieved and the obvious is not hard to see. How long will you let them make fools of you? Accept the truth. The dnc is nothing but a hiding place for creepy joe and hillary and you are their pawns.

  5. “A narcissist paints a picture of themselves as being the victim or innocent in all aspects. They will be offended by the truth.
    But what is done in the dark will come to light. Time has a way of showing people’s true colors.”—Karla Grimes

    1. *Typical Trump playbook:* Deny, when no denial is possible. Gaslight. Deflect. Brag. Obfuscate. Ramble. Attack.

    2. Sounds like you all in accepting the fact that the dem party is just a hiding place for creepy big oil joe and hillary. You are pawns. Wake up

    This is gonna be Biblical, it will no longer be safe for these people to walk down the street!

  7. Kennedy may not know if Bolton and Parnas are telling the truth but he can be sure that Trump aka Mr 15000+ is lying.

  8. Next tweet from trump: “Bolton? I don’t know him. Maybe I met him but I don’t know who this man is” if he sticks to his M.O.

  9. Liars like mitt and collins are still giving lip service about witnesses yet they were the ones that voted against it, hope their voters are paying close attention.

    1. elitepanda3000 he did not vote for Kavanaugh. And I am not.. I think they are doing it for their voters at home. Action, not words matter. This will cost the Republicans the Senate.

    2. Becky Roseland mit voted against witnesses despite that he was pretty much saying the same thing he is saying now.

    1. So the 18 witnesses that were shown in house and the 12 that were played by the house in the senate and had their words completely spun don’t matter right? Get serious this is a last minute hail mary and anyone with half a brain can see it.

    2. In this case it’s more like a cheeseburger without cheese _or_ a burger! Just pickles, onions and ketchup on a bun. It’s _something_ but it’s sure not a cheeseburger.

    3. @mjkl As many witnesses necessary son., as many witnesses necessary or do you really think Bolton testimony is irrelevant?

  10. I love this, the first full day of the Republican’s rebuttal and it is over shadow by the REALITY, that the psychopathic liar is indeed a total fraud.

  11. 0:18 – calling him john “no relation” kennedy should the mandatory description for the toothless senator…

    1. [chuckle] I made almost that exact comment yesterday. I love it: “John-no-relation Kennedy”. Great stuff!

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