1. in 2024 if there is a DEM Prez they should all stay on and require the DEM Prez to get the now Fully Trump Court System to agree they need to be removed 🙂

    2. A libturd is not going to be President. Why do you morons have these delusional wet dreams ?

      The latest blowout jobs report reflects a golden age of prosperity. “Private employers added 291,000 jobs in January, soaring past economists’ expectations for the best monthly gain in more than five years, according to the latest ADP National Employment Report,”

      “The total far exceeded the 156,000 jobs that economists surveyed by Refinitiv were expecting.”

      Under the current administration, median household income is the highest in decades, while the Dow Jones Industrial Average, Nasdaq and S&P 500 continue to notch record highs. Both Main Street and Wall Street are winning in the Trump economy.

      Those things aren’t good luck or accidental. They’re the results of CAPITALISM NOT SOCIALISM and a Republican president who passed the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and removed job-killing regulations that were stifling the business sector under the prior administration.

      Radical Liberals & progressives want to DESTROY all of this historic record success
      And REVERSE all of Trumps policies.

      Insane isn’t it?

    1. David V : I respect you (always have) so please bear with me on this one?:
      The Dems have now become the, “threat,” to America, being too close to the system, and hopeful of power. The GOP are NOT going to risk Trump’s unseating? They have SHOWN us they will fix everything. Now, the Dems are perpetuating the MYTH that there can even BE, “Free Elections,” instead of a Putin Style Data Gathering exercise. Do you THINK they will let Trump get unseated, indicted, and jailed along with his WHOLE family? And then RAT OUT EVERYONE, from Bill Barr to Devin Nunes, so that half of the GOP wind up in JAIL too? So the GOP end up SO disgraced and unelectable, that whatever remains of them, is forced to disband and hide, forever, from history, like escaped Nazis? It’s just NOT going to be ALLOWED, when it’s SO EASY to have Putin and all those hostile allies of Putin, use all that 2016 experience to assist the gangsters who are now ALREADY on the inside, with access to EVERYTHING this time around. Forestalling the Revolution, by acting like there still is a Republic, plays right into their hands. That Impeachment SHAM was the final blow, to a Republic that’s been failing on Life Support, since 2016. I guarantee you that Trump will, “win,” if we play along and assist this Soft Coup, perpetuating THEIR LIES. But, I also understand why people won’t want to OWN the TRUTH. Accepting the facts leaves you faced with the responsibility to DO SOMETHING. The Ukrainians did it, a decade ago, with no weapons, simply by halting their country and filling the streets, so their Putin Puppet was forced to FLEE back to Moscow. And Putin is in no position to punish America, by invading us. KNOWING that it CAN be done makes it even scarier, I guess? Because people were killed in the Ukrainian Revolution.
      All I ask, from all right minded people, is that they STOP perpetuating the myth that the GOP will ALLOW real, “elections”??? That forestalls the response to the facts. There are NO, “legal,” “lawful,” or, “Constitutional,” remedies to a Soft Coup, and it’s subsequent Dictatorship. But, while people are acting like they still HAVE a Republic, there can be NO remedies whatsoever . . . ✌️
      Peace out, bro 👍

    1. I know people who got a GED, went to college and some who even received Masters or Doctorate degrees. Public school indoctrination is what’s useless.

  1. If Klobuchar wins the presidency, she gets her own staff and Trump’s Secretaries all lose their jobs. That’s how it works. Obviously she wouldn’t keep Trump’s guys.

    1. DeVos is an especially sad part of the Trump team, though. She knows as much about education system as Trump knows what a real tan is like. Not Bronx Color BHC06 Concealer.

    1. One would think, anyhow… Me, I’d probably give a medal to anyone who wound up being a thorn in his side (with the possible exception of Jeff Sessions — maybe a lighter sentence).

  2. Should the student after using the loan to educate him/herselves. Should be able to fulfill the responsibility of starting to repay the loan. It shouldn’t be a free lunch, there should be the promise to fulfill and the resppsobility to repay a government loan by the student.

    1. Henry, please take this in a good way. I’m old. Until 1976 tuition free college was common. You had to meet a high grade point average. Here, in Oregon, Linus Pauling got free college and is concidered a genius. There are hundreds of these stories of our best and brightest who couldn’t pay for college. We all benefit, it’s no free ride.

  3. Incoming Presidents select their own cabinet. If someone says, “they will fire Trumps cabinet within the first 100 seconds” clearly does not understands the meaning “transition of power”

    1. @David Mc hey! Really sorry! A couple of my comments are in wrong threads, and some are gone!! WTF?? I’ll delete! Sorry sorry sorry.

    2. Elizabeth N …. #What?? Trumps whole cabinet is corrupt! The 45 regime must be fired! Effective immediately! They shouldn’t even keep the fucking janitor!

    1. L M exactly!! I think they call it word salad, a lot of talking with little content. She was all over the place and didn’t stay focused on the question

  4. Basically the Candidate nominated needs to fire everyone Trump tossed in office. You have to rip all the cancer out to heal the damage.

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