Analysis: DeSantis not putting abortion issue front and center despite signing new ban. Hear why

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has signed a bill that would ban most abortions in the state after six weeks. CNN Political Director David Chalian tells CNN This Morning about the timing of DeSantis signing the bill and why abortion doesn't seem to be a main issue for the governor. #CNN #News


    1. @Joe Cancer Hell yeah they will be. I hope he wins the Republican nomination so he can drag them all to Hell exactly how they wanted all this time lmao.

    2. @Davon Reeves yes the democrat insurrection of the Tennessee courthouse we will never forget 4/6

  1. Expect the maternity mortality rate to increase in a country where it is already dangerous for women to carry a pregnancy to term.

    1. Being in favor of abortion is saying that you think human beings are property at certain points of their life that you can do with as you will including murder them.
      Saying they’re just a “fetus” or an “embryo” is the same argument as saying they’re 3/5s a human being.
      Abortion will be compared to the atrocities of slavery in the future especially as we learn more about human pregnancies and the gestation process.

    2. ​@1st Black PM women still die in the delivery room. Naturally a man wouldn’t know that 🤦‍♀️

    1. @#PrisonForJohnnyDepp If someone dropped a deuce on my side of the bed, I’d probably go apeshit on them, too.

      #JohnnyDeppIsFree ❤

    1. @babadook Yeah, it will. That’s why he is keeping his head low. But people will certainly hear about it if he ends up being the Republican nominee. If young people continue to show up at the polls over this, he will be done.

  2. The only good thing about this is that Ron just made himself even more unelectable in a general election for President.😅

    1. @Jao Bidan as an Indy in nv…nope. See if u ask Indy’s in nv most of em will tell u they lean right. The reason they aren’t republicans is because they consider themselves libertarians. They’re not jaded by religious beliefs. They believe in women’s autonomy and the govt should have no say so in anyone’s body. And the same goes for gay and trans rights. They’re against banning art in any of its forms. And independents are the largest voting block in nv. So u can definitely count out nv. If y’all left ur bubble and socialized u would see y he could never win the national vote.

    2. You don’t have to like him but the fact is that he was the only politician that won by a huge margin in 2022

    1. Uhm 6 weeks is normal in europe and every other civilized place so he isn’t really conservative, thats why he won in 2022 by a huge margin because many from the left voted for him

  3. I will NEVER understand why lots of Floridians are falling for DeInsanetis. He`s not a “politician”. He`s evil.

    1. Yeah, saying you can’t kill unborn babies is so evil! What’s wrong with you people! Is anything sacred anymore?

  4. Fun fact: DeSantis was NOT a Navy pilot as implied in his “TopGov” ad. He was an Assistant Urinalysis Coordinator. He handled PEE CUPS. He was a low level water boy LOL

    1. @Michael Morningstar awwww, no valid argument so you resort to name calling? 🥲🤣 Please, wise one, tell me what color my skin is and my family’s nationality.

  5. “We value life, or we don’t,” he says. You don’t value life, or you would do something about kids getting shot to death. The only thing you value are your own beliefs and enforcing them on everyone.

    1. ​@Jack Rich look up what he told Abraham to do to his son, and the children that were eaten by a bear

    1. @Spodap They are a small group relative to the number of voters. They are just loud, aggressive, and organized.

  6. Someone should check and see which of these politicians owns stock in a company that produces pregnancy tests…

  7. Patient : Hey Doc, I have a lump on my skin. What should I do?
    Doctor : I’m not qualified to answer that, ask your State Attorney.

  8. Here’s a thought, since no birth control method is 100% effective, and many women don’t even know that they pregnant and have time to make a decision and get a doctor appointment in the two weeks that your period is late (cause that’s considered 6 weeks pregnant, 2 weeks after your period was due, if you’re regular). Plus to protect women/children that aren’t in birth control from getting pregnant due to rape/incest either all males should get fixed, or have to take the opposite of Viagra. Then we won’t have to worry about unwanted pregnancys. And sometimes a vasectomy is reversible. And with practice I’m sure the doctors will get better at it. Problem solved, lives saved. And I’m sure that men won’t have any problems with medical decisions/body autonomy choices made for them by politicians. Especially if it not only prevents the deaths of fetuses, but of women with complications of their pregnancy. Works for me.

  9. I must say it’s a joy to get a link from Wikipedia to be more educated than the supreme Court and the politicians on this subject 🤬 😫 It’s a time of Injustice 👊✊ ♀️

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