1. This goes to show you that a foreign spy could run for office here in the US and win. Is this guy from Russia?

    1. You know you’re actually right and this is a huge national security issue and embarrassment, it’s really up to the political party who you align with to vett the person. Yes you technically represent the people who voted you in but you also are a representative of the party and this says a lot about how power hungry and desperate the republicans were. This is truly sad

  2. People go crazy. Doesn’t matter what label(s) they carry – those who turn violent lose sanity. Too many! Resist.

    1. The republican party DOES NOT guarantee any of its humans. the republican party reserves all rights on its humans behavior until such time as they can determine how much BS the USA will buy.

    2. We are a culture in decline… driven by greed and cruelty…. deluded by media, conspiracies and algorithms… inspired by con-men and frauds… buckle up people.

  3. So many American lives (Dora Menchaca took this earlier flight to see her family sooner) – and families devastated on 9/11 at the Pentagon. MTG makes me sick with her conspiracy BS!

    1. @James James Not me!
      Probably a bunch of Republican leaders were responsible for that, (knee replacement)!🤣

    1. My only solace is I’m almost “72”…it’s a cop out but there’s nothing I can do.
      There is a lot of truth in “but, they have the guns”…..

    2. Yes it is….sad that Dems started a violent war on their political opposition with their attack on Steve Scalise and repubs softball game

    3. Demonrats make things worse by the day. future generations will have 60 or 70 trillion in debt!!! Demonrats will bury us.

  4. It’s getting to the point I can’t watch the news anymore. I urge too much and I can’t afford to lose any more brain cells!

  5. What a fine bunch of coconuts at the top of our government , as disturbing as the people that voted for them.

  6. I heard George Santos was the only one in his family to go to college, that he went on a full academic scholarship, was the outstanding student in political sciences, and graduated at the top of his class with three degrees!

  7. Well, since our department of justice has failed to do anything, the crisis has just grown. Let’s see how we are in 12 years from now. Don’t expect things to work out well

  8. MTG in charge of HOMELAND SECURITY! Okay, that an eye opener. Hopefully, this is a nightmare. Nope, it the new reality!

    1. The division isonly getting worse amd the DNC,FBI and social media rigging our elections and destroyiny democracy is treason!!!

  9. I feel bad for this guy because he won’t have permission to report most what will be happening this coming year. Once the hearings begin he’s going to be kind of lost

  10. Intriguing, i always knew there was more to life and i have also been looking for a way to find not only protection but a way to be influential to the human society

    1. oh well you can achieve that by being a part of the illuminatus brotherhood, i know it sounds like a mystery but there are ways you can actually get in contact with them

    2. @Mark Reeves well it is not and you can’t actually expect it to be open to everyone, but if you want to know more you can look up Wilford Robert Taylor online you will find something interesting

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