Andrew Cuomo faces calls for resignation from powerful Democrats

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo's remaining political support among top Democrats crumbled in the wake of a report that found he sexually harassed multiple women.
Cuomo has insisted he did nothing wrong and made no indication in a video response that he will step down. But the investigation — which detailed the allegations of 11 women and found that Cuomo engaged in "unwelcome and nonconsensual touching," among other allegations — not only reawakened calls for his resignation from familiar foes within the party but led others, including President Joe Biden, to issue fresh ones for his departure from Albany and propelled talk of impeachment by the state Legislature.
In all, the public outcry from Democrats amounts to the most serious challenge yet to Cuomo's 11-year grip on New York state politics, and it was far from certain Tuesday night that despite his defiance, he will be able to withstand the pressure to leave office.

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    1. @Jude Nwajide – After he tried dragging Tucker Carlson down with him on national TV? “That was the weirdest interview I’ve ever had.” 😂

    2. It’s why women do not work in Congress in china because if things like this,I think Cuomo is being set up honestly.

    3. @Jude Nwajide
      It took a couple of years to get Gaetz’s wingman indicted gramps.
      Follow the bouncing ball!

    1. “Shocked that there is gambling going on in this establishment!”

      “Here are your winnings, sir.”

    1. Your brain is as slow as molasses or diddling your Canadian self on the comments section is the only excitement of your day gramps.

  1. A refusal to resign may have everything to do with not wanting to admit wrongdoings and accept the consequences. It’s just that simple. Proud vs Humility has been around for a long time.

  2. If NY Democrats don’t impeach him they’re letting all New Yorkers know that if you’re a powerful Democrat you can do whatever you want to women

  3. Wasn’t he been promoted on CNN as the next president? And why is Chris Cuomo still on the air? This propaganda news channel is pathetic….

  4. Will they include his brother Fredo in the investigations? Oh wait, he and Don Lemon head are in an exclusive relationship, so I doubt there was an non consensual fornication going on there. Just remove that dictator Cuomo already.

  5. A bit slow with this breaking news, can’t think why, is the Cuomo love fest over for Communist News Network?

  6. Dems and liberals NOW say Cuomo should resign, since he is caught like a “rat in a trap”, and so are they. Always interesting how all the sudden they become “ethical” when there is no other way out. Would be laughable and amusing…if it wasn’t so disgusting.

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