Andrew Yang: Economic uncertainty is a ‘crisis on top of another crisis’

Millions of Americans are facing an economic nightmare as weekly checks meant to help people survive the coronavirus pandemic are set to run out. CNN's Andrew Yang tells Wolf Blitzer the potential loss of health insurance and employment during a global pandemic is "an enormous crisis on top of another crisis." #CNN #News


  1. Biden should give Yang the labor secretary position in his cabinet. He’s a very smart man.

    1. Forrest Trump i year ya forest, Ive been waiting for O’Biden to take his person woman man camera tv. That should be epic!

  2. An economic nightmare, caused by a pandemic which our “president” has utterly failed to handle.

    1. We could have been fully reopened a month ago or more, if we had shut down properly (i.e., federal government mandate), then ramped up testing to the best capacity in the world. Instead, the patchwork state and local leadership has done their best, with little to no help from the federal govt. Sad…sad…sad…

    1. Yang does not need to be President. He does need to be included in the Biden Administration though. He would be someone that any good President would appreciate the help from. Still, Vote Blue people.

    2. @sick of liberals
      The DNC picked Biden. Corporate shills that they are. Now dump Trump and write in Bernie or Yang on your ballot.

    1. In my area there are community health centers that provide medical dental and even ophthalmologist if you need reading glasses. They are based on the amount of money that you make, and the co-pays are reasonable. Maybe you can ask around and find out if they have one in your area, they have real doctors making diagnoses and write out prescriptions for meds if necessary. I hope this will help you out, a fellow American.

    2. So sorry!😳 Cobra, I know is snake-like insurance is useless insult on top of injury. This is so hard…and 1000 Americans a day dying… this too will pass!

    3. And Trump is still trying to get rid of the ACA as all this crap is going on. He’s a snake

  3. “I alone can fix it. I passed my cognitive test with these five simple words: Person, woman, man, camera, TV.”

    – Disinfectant Don

    1. He makes himself sound stupid on purpose. It’s basically to help preserve plausible deniability, to make it “hard to believe” that someone like Trump could control the minds of a cult… but that’s what it is. A hateful, regressive, conspiracy addled cult.

    2. Sir Oswald Mosley ϟ
      You’ve moved on from “but but but but but but but but Hillarys emails!” Good for you😂😂

  4. No issues giving Trillions of dollars to the super rich on tax break when the economy was booming but now that the country is really suffering we’re debating pennies to the poor compared how much money they have granted the rich. That’s the Republican Party for you.

    1. I dont see how this is any party I dont get help and no unemployment because I work for a church how is this a party issue? And how is all this anybody fault and how do we afford health care for all with out lowering doctors and health care professionals pay? income

    1. Doesn’t matter if politicians get pay cuts… they make much more in kickbacks from corporate lobbyists. We need to vote out career politicians (Republicans & Democrats) who accept lobbyist money cause they’re selling us out to banks & Wallstreet.

    2. @Dorothy Page that would be great, unfortunately there are laws in place which make the corporate campaign donations anonymous. Lol, we are fucked…$ and politics are intertwined, but it sucks.

    1. Ocasio-Cortez4prez2022 I don’t think he was saying that, but we do need to lock down again. Look, Europe essentially did this, now there opening up and seem to be keeping the virus under control, we could easily do the same thing, all we need is a decent plan and some leadership, and some discipline.

    2. I agree! This country never got a handle on this virus, because they didn’t shut it down long enough!! Had they cared about the citizens like other countries have cared about there citizens, America would be in better shape than we are in now!! This government is too greedy!!

    1. And the GOP Senate, because if you have a democrat President and GOP Senate, the US is still no where.

    2. Christopher Smith
      Moron –
      The intellectual perversions of demoncrats are growing sickening. Their political views are increasingly founded on myths, lies, and double standards.

      Lest that sound like mere thoughtless rhetoric, allow me to list some of those myths, lies, and double standards:


      Throwing ever more money into schools is the solution to educating children who don’t want to learn in the first place.
      Cops never kill white people.
      Only white people can be racist; all colored people are completely and entirely objective in their opinions of white people.
      Guns are never used in self-defense.
      Denying guns to the law abiding will keep them out of the hands of the law breakers.
      Socialism is better than capitalism, even though capitalism is what elevated the standard of living in America to the highest in history.
      Socialism is just one more tax increase away from finally working.
      Any social policy should be judged only on its intent, not its actual results. Thus if a policy makes you feel good (e.g., gun control), it must be right.


      Male and female are not the only genders.
      Trump colluded with Russia, when in fact Democrats did.
      People who burn, vandalize, loot, and assault are not rioters; they’re “protesters”.
      Rich people aren’t paying enough in taxes. Never mind that X% (not to mention 2X%) of $1 million is greater than X% of $50,000.

      Double Standards

      When science finds that the climate is warming, we should respect science. When science has determined that there are only two genders, male and female, we should ignore science.
      Hillary Clinton’s carelessness with classified information and her destruction of e-mails is not worthy of prosecution, but Donald Trump needs to be impeached for asking Ukraine to investigate a political rival for legitimate evidence of graft.
      If 55% of protesters are peaceful and 45% of protesters are violently rioting, then the protests are “mostly peaceful” according to the demoncrat media. But if 99.9% of police arrests are peaceful and %0.1 percent are violent, then all policemen are brutal oppressors and all police departments need to be abolished.
      It’s okay to kill babies, but inhumane to execute a cold-blooded serial killer.
      Granting preferential treatment to a person because of his race is unjust racial discrimination, unless the loser is a white person; then it’s called “affirmative action”.

      I’m sure this list is not complete, but you get the idea. The whole philosophy of the left is founded on falsehoods.

    3. We’ve realllyyy been waiting on O’Biden to take his person woman man camera tv. Man, wouldn’t that be epic to see!

    4. Ironic that your name is BRAINSTORMING—- & that you apparently did not comprehend the test that Trump took.

      Those memory questions on that cognitive test that Trump took— could not have been remembered by most people.

      After 10 different questions & he could still remember the order of that question is greatly difficult for most.

      No doubt that since you dont understand & comprehend exactly what Trump is doing & has COMPLETED for this nation—-

      Then, you are definitely LOST, just like the other sheep.

  5. The argument that these cheques serve as disincentive does NOT make sense because we’re under exceptional circumstances.

    1. eray v I can show you a massive list of companies laying people off. It’s disgusting the mindless rhetoric coming from these trolls.

    2. eray v I just provided you with three sets of links. I can provide 10 more but start with these for now.

    3. eray v The issue is that these people are full of crap. I provided these so you can see how bad the situation is and let’s see if Brian has any response. Most likely he won’t respond.

  6. Keeping a large segment of the population poor ensures that the power remains in a small segment of the population. Andrew Yang is so right. We need to vote blue and restore our country.

    1. Everyone received the first stimulus.
      If you don’t even have the basic intelligence to fill out a form, you’re already living in a cave feeding on field rodents

  7. I wish Yang was president. He’s such a strong leader and would have been great for America. Let’s hope he is in Biden’s Administration if Biden wins.

    1. Biden will have an awesome Cabinet for the Administration… we can come back from this assault on our citizens by a tyrannical man-child… the GOP will never recover from this blatant disregard for the safety and health of its own constituents, let alone their Tribalistic approach to politics.


  8. The USA IS NOT THE RICHEST country in the world. NOT EVEN CLOSE. Most Americans are poor. Take out the 1% and the US is a 3rd world nation.

    1. think they meant in terms of the money we make through taxes, we are extremely rich, its just people are paying for taxes yet we see none of the benefits of paying them come back to us (for example ubi, free healthcare, free college etc)

    2. @NICO Bernie was right
      I could get green card but New Zealand & Ireland (my citizenships) are so much better for social systems (socialism)

    3. Actually under the leadership of great patriotic cadet bonespurs
      We have slipped behind several so called third world countries

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