Andrew Yang On His Run For New York City Mayor | MSNBC

The New York City Democratic Mayoral Primary is less than a 100 days away and former presidential candidate Andrew Yang leads the pack. Yang joined NBC’s Joshua Johnson to discuss what policy his administration would implement for the city, including his universal basic income program. Yang also commented on the allegations of inappropriate behavior against New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, which he has denied, suggesting it was time for Cuomo to step aside. Aired on 03/15/2021.
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Andrew Yang On His Run For New York City Mayor | MSNBC


  1. There are a good deal of Andrew Yang’s policies that I don’t like. However, he seems to be a genuinely good person & not corrupt. Obviously something rare in our government. So would he be good for New York? If they indeed elect a Democrat, then Yang might be a really good choice. It’s a matter of how he’ll handle the crime rate which has just gone bananas & improve their economy. NYC is my favorite place on earth 🌎 to visit. Was there recently on a trip for the first time in 5 years & I was shocked. It’s hard to even describe.

    1. Not trying to start a debate with you, but interested to hear the ‘good deal of policies that are disliked’ , care to elaborate? Thanks 🙏🏻 , and I won’t ask anymore questions after that. But interested to hear some of the disliked polices just for the heck of it , and to understand where people who do like him tend to disagree with him .

  2. I like Andrew Yang, it might be more diplomatic to encourage New Yorkers to wait for the findings of the NY AG’s investigation.

    1. Yea thats what he’s proposing. I’m not sure if that’s what you meant. He just wants Cuomo to allow the Leut. Gov to temporarily act as the governor but isn’t calling for him to resign his position.

    1. ​@Kicky It seems to me the facts are Cuomo is not responsible for the nursing homes initial spread.. but his impulse to try and hide it is. Which may have made a horrible situation worse because he couldn’t grasp the situation. Undoubtedly a republican would have done worse but we should hold Dem’s to a higher standard.

    2. @sem1conscious
      I agree that Democrats hold themselves to a higher standard; however, since Trump, Americans have become desensitized to unethical and criminal behavior among politicians. We’ve seen so much of it the past four years, that we are suffering from scandal fatigue. One advantage the Republicans have is that they’re willing to just out-and-out lie, while the Democrats will be called for any flagrant lying.

      An analogy is two employees in a company; one is a known hard worker and the other is a known slacker. The manager has gotten used to not expecting much from the slacker, but if the employee known for his/her diligence begins slacking off, said manager would hold that employee accountable. That is the burden of the Democrats and the advantage of the Republicans.
      Congressional Democrats need to stay on the offense, and Democrats in general should be suspicious of any organized campaign to oust a prominent Democrat. There are Republicans online pretending to be Democrats with the goal of manipulating them into acting in Republican’s interest.
      One good thing I see Biden doing is getting on the road to tout his popular relief plan. That has put the Republicans on the defense where they are trying to change the subject. That’s the way to do it.

    3. @Kicky the logical thing is to replace the slacker. Which is what’s happening nationwide. As long as republicans aren’t able to gerrymander even harder.

    4. @sem1conscious
      Unless it’s his company, an incompetent manager will keep a slacker to avoid admitting to the BOD what a terrible hiring mistake he made. I’ve witnessed that.
      After attempting a coup, I can imagine what next year’s Congressional election and the 2024 presidential election will be like. The Republicans will cheat out in the open, and dare anyone to do anything about it and nothing will be off limits.
      That is why there needs to be a 1/6 commission and a similar investigation into Trump’s mishandling of the pandemic. If those two things are not done, then all of them will feel than they can do absolutely anything with impunity and they will.

    5. ​@Kicky Republicans cheating is inevitable. We just can’t stoop to their level and behave like the ends justify the means.. and repel centrists.

  3. Thank you Yang, but please help President Biden more get to the bottom of the ruthless attacks.

    Asians are being attacked we ask BLM to speak up and condemn the violence!!!

    1. Trump should be the one because ever since Trump became president I’ve scene so many people think racism is ok. I was totally wrong and thought racism was dieing out. Not to say the left has it’s own issues and someone like Biden should go ahead and say something too. He has his own mistakes to fix. They might as well both say something. People are stupid and need their idols to give them direction. People should already know right from wrong but…

    2. I’m not apart of BLM, but I will stand by you guys. I will speak up and condemn hate crimes regardless.

    1. They all seem like the real deal until they get elected.

      You have to look at their reputation and history and bill de toilet stain has zero chance of being governor

  4. Yang seems pretty good. He seems logical and tactical in his approaches, but also has great emotional appeal! First time voting in New York!😁

  5. Yang is young enough to understand tech and the incoming problems w data and ai; and old enough to understand how gov works. Quality candidate. Don’t mess this up America.

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