Andrew Yang’s remarkable rise

Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang sits down with Chris Cillizza to discuss Universal Basic Income, the lack of diversity in the current Democratic field and how his 2020 campaign has already lived up to the “high end” of his expectations.
In part two of this special edition of The Point, when Yang and Cillizza will take to the court for a game of one-on-one basketball. Keep an eye out for the next video!

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    1. conference Justice I hope your job does not get replaced by a robot. One that can do your job and is smarter than you.

    2. Supplement it with my low paying wage I currently bring in and help get my mother the medical support she desperately needs, as she has PKD and help truly be able get my brother the mental health support he desperately needs, but we simply cannot afford at this time.

    3. Support my local Community Garden. We grow food for the local churches food banks. Maybe I could build a green house start a little business and start plants for the garden.

    4. signalfire6 them psycho-paths have to stick together. That is of course until Trump throws them under the bus. Witness Michael Cohen, the soon to be under the bus 🚎 Rudy Giuliani and Irish buck when trump f** up the economy but still manages to give a ton of money to Jarod.

    1. Eric Larsen, what is it, beside being able to stand up to trump that you like about Biden? and I agree he probably could hold his own against trump. I’m a YangGang. From Canada

  1. As a Republican, if I had to choose a Democratic presidential candidate, it be Yang. I don’t know why but there’s something I like about him.

    1. that’s because he actually understands commerce and how the real world works. that’s why fox news is so amused by him. he can actually speak their language.

    2. He does not want yo be president. He wants to solve the problems that ail the USA. Especially from the coming disruption from to the 4th industrial revolution.

    3. The 40 year Alaska permanent oil dividend is a Republican creation..and Andrew Yang has based his UBI proposal on it! #YANG2020

  2. Andrew Yang has my support and vote for many reasons. He is the only candidate with policies to improve the health and welfare of ALL Americans. He’s also the one that can beat Trump.   Facts. One can argue with them but they will still be facts.

    1. M Strummer Agree. I believe so far he is the only candidate that can beat Trump. He understands and talks about “middle America”, as in the forgotten center of the country. Democrats wonder why they lost 2016? They forgot about the rural class, and Andrew Yang is the only person I’ve seen talking about it.

    2. @Democracy Now Why are you asking? Can’t you make up your own mind? If one confuses you more than the other go with the one you like most. There, you’re question is answered. No go to your room.

    3. @silverpairaducks
      Sure thing, Stalin. Hitler? Wait, are you talking about concentration camps or gulags? And for what – liking a rational, data-driven candidate? That’s just as innocent, in my mind, as being jewish. Yikes, dude.

    4. @Mousazz Poe’s law….
      I’m of polish lineage. My family was involved in the underground smuggling Jews out of the ghettos.

  3. YANGs biggest obstacle is the DNC (who refuse to support progressives), YANG has a message that resonates with real people, America needs his policies. YANG 2020!

    1. Don’t forget bernie supporters who are adamant to paint Yang as a non-progressive libertarian. It’s funny to watch.

    2. @postvideo97 Yeah, it’s very irritating. It’s like an anachro-capitalist telling an Austrian economist that they are a socialist.

    1. LSBM LSBM AI development may cause higher unemployment. But he use giving money to attract people’s attention, I think that is wrong way.

    2. @Amy Tai You’ve clearly not researched Yang or his policies. Your talking points are old and tired. Tax cuts better than “free money”? Please elaborate. The truth is: implementing a consumption tax (by way of a VAT at half the European rates) to fund UBI is a simple and elegant solution to alleviate the social problems caused by the vast displacement of jobs that is happening right now. I urge you to listen to this discussion:

    3. @Amy Tai So, here’s food for thought for ya: in small rural towns where jobs have been completely decimated by plant closures due to automation — what do you propose these folks turn to as a second career? Please don’t tell me “learn to code” because you’d be just as clueless as uncle Joe. There is a seismic, systematic shift happening RIGHT NOW in our economy (listen to Andrew Yang talk about the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”). Why do you think that Donald Trump got elected?

      Is UBI the panacea? No. Will it at least help provide some relief to struggling families? Hell yes! UBI is easy to implement (relative to other social programs), non-judgmental (no stigma — everyone gets it), and pragmatic!

    1. Let’s make the multi-billion-dollar corporations that don’t pay taxes, pay taxes? wait, you think it’s fair they don’t pay taxes?

    2. @Why do birds poop on the kaaba? You lost me at “communist” and seem to be the real ignorant crackpot. I’m not replying any further than this to save my brain cells from being murdered by the sheer stupidity of your comments. You’re a loon.

    3. @Arizona Railfan You… you *ruined my child hood!* HOW DARE YOU!! I am not telling you what to do, but I want you to PANIC!! The world will END in 12 years! The only answer is communism, bread lines and gulags!!

    4. @LSBM LSBM Don’t even get me started on that senile old man. The fact that he’s leading the polls is depressing.

    1. Victoria Slaughter – Have you ever taken a college level economics class? Automation is GOOD for long term economic growth and the rise of the standard of living. It will just take time for us to adjust to the loss of certain economic sectors. But overall it ultimately means more production at cheaper costs.

    1. callie ford How hilarious is it going to be when the entire globalist cabal collapses because of Hunter Biden‘s penis???

  4. If American citizens don’t want drama but wants a president to solve today’s problems. Andrew Yang is the one can that help HUMANITY FIRST.

    1. ENJOY-OUTDOOR AMERICA FIRST! I’m electing a president to look out for me and my countries BEST interest, not donating to charity

  5. I really like him. He is the only person who seems basically mentally normal and dealing in reality and trying to come up with actual solutions to the current issues.

    1. Cause he hasnt been tainted by DC. He said it himself, I will work hard for all Americans for 8 years and then you will never see me again. Hes just a man that wants to solve problems and not make a political career out of it afterwards. His whole platform is basically laying foundations for future presidents to build upon.

    2. Bernie’s plan for free college will create a income vaccum for non-public universities because many teacher’s wages will suffer when private and non-public universities aren’t receiving as much income to provide education.

      Additionally, this would make the career for teaching much less desirable than it already is. I do not have a solution in mind for the college inflation that has risen the past 2 decades, but I do know Bernie’s solution will have a hefty cost for students and teachers alike.

    3. @ZonkoTheGreat 2000 Not only that, but making college free doesn’t solve the problem that is the cost of college, and college is overprescribed, we need to be promoting trade schools more than anything.

    1. @Jenny klarke Absolutely. You cannot see it, but I am actually using feminist pizzaazz hands to show my displeasure with your comment. I am outraged indeed.

    2. @Jenny klarke I’m mainly outraged because the world will end in 12 years and you ruined my child hood. How dare you. I am not telling you what to do, but I want you to panic. Also, communism, bread lines and gulags is great fun and it is the answer to climate change.

    3. Why do birds poop on the kaaba? Forgive me if I disagree with your assessment of Yang and his agenda. Also didn’t Booker step down?

    1. The same. Before Andrew I was disengaged in politics because of what it is. Through following him and the debate for the last year and seeing what’s happening gives a fairly shocking insight into the alternate realities that people are in. It’s hard to believe that some people are hearing and listening to the same person as I am. Whether it’s because of media or our own biases it’s worrying that there’s so much of an information divide.

      If existing leaders can’t identify the problems of our times and it’s almost impossible for someone like Andrew to break through with his ideas and solutions then we’re in a real bind. It’s becoming more and more evident to me that he’s being screwed by most of the media and now the DNC. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that he’s speaking out against the bankers, military industrial complex and Washington.

      At this point Bernie’s policies should share the heck out of people or at least raise doubts, but his supporters are as fervent as ever.

  6. Fun Fact: Andrew Yang is polling Higher than both Amy Klobuchar and Tom Steyer, yet they will qualify the debate today while Yang did not. DNC makes me angry sometimes, sigh.

    1. They want to raise Klobuchar like they wanted to cut down Sanders back in 2018. Monarchy and tyranny never really left the US and it never will. No one has the will to oppose it.

    2. *nationally

      I’m behind Yang all the way, but we need to remember that the difference between the national vote and the strategic vote is what put Trump in the Whitehouse over Clinton. We can’t pretend that the national popular vote is the barometer or else we’ll end up with Trump Round 2. Lets stop whining and start campaigning more effectively in the early states.

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