Another Attempted ATM Robbery | Calls for Inspection of Fire Stations #tvjmiddaynews

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  1. That’s every every nice , i like what the police officer, telling young Jamaica 🇯🇲, young Jamaican should take that offer right away , citizens of Jamaica 🇯🇲

  2. The commissioner of police needs to resign with immediate effect. They sit there and act as I crime and violence suppose to be the norm in Jamaica…. SMH 🤦‍♀️

    1. I say we go back to police a lick off bwoi head clean when he’s a KNOWN criminal. But Jamaica nuh want dat. We want to fight modern criminals with hopes, dreams and words. Unless dem start fear being hunted and killed, this will never stop, no matter who the commissioner.

    2. ​everyone who is already selling on the streets must be registered for the various market ,so that when the markets is complete ,there won’t be no one going back on the streets saying that they did not get any space so that is why they have to stay on the streets😅.

    3. @Wayne Roomes When people are ignorant in the true sense of the word, they don’t even have their own opinion. Not to mention facts to substantiate their opinion hence it’s pointless talking to them. We blame everything on the government so if our children/child becomes infamous and notorious it’s the government fault. Now I am wondering when the children/child succeed and live as law abiding citizens who gets the credit. Maybe the government should get the credibility for that too, just saying. Again ignorance is a bliss!!!

    4. ​@Tamara Thomas It doesn’t really have anything to do with good parenting having good parents won’t stop someone from becoming a criminal

  3. People don’t come down on me, let’s just be rationale. When we live in a country where 1 bread is almost $600, light, water, kids to go to school, busfare is at an all time high. If a job for a patty shop requires you to have CSEC subjects. The PM and his friends and family living in royalty what must people do to survive?
    Jamaica is HARD to live in and absolutely nothing is being done.

    1. Private Security with Alarm connected to the officers, camera should be installed close to all banks & machine.the Govt.make a lot of money from the taxi operator.they haveoney to over do it.

  4. Jamaica needs to sensor their internet as robbery of this nature only happen in foreign. CCTV cameras need to be in place at every ATM….

  5. “…If you are committed,you can make a good life” how much is a JCF officer making per year,anyone?

  6. Air b n b is the way to go for stays over two weeks. Plus, you get to cook and all. And it’s cheaper. Love it!

  7. The government is trying to elevate the less fortunate people in Jamaica to get an college education so lowering fees is a step in the right direction. Barbados is rated a higher percentage of literacy compared to Jamaica for This approach will improve the country education system having more college graduates.

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