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    1. @Dennis Vance if you are implying i am an liberal, you are wrong. Put on your thinking cap so you can cope with the current dilemma while get on board saving human communities including yours.

  1. MSNBC: Okay. Today we will talk about covid and Trump.
    Me: Will you talk about President Biden?
    MSNBC: Who?
    Me: Joe Biden…the current president.
    MSNBC: How would that be good for ratings? Covid, Trump, covid, Trump, covid, Trump…

    1. @Make Racists Afraid Again when they refuse to hear our voices. Let me see or revolution.
      And you idiots cry when you see their revolution

    1. @Make Racists Afraid Again Biden’s the President now. So everything is his responsibility now.
      And all his plans have turned to excuses and blame Trump

    2. @Make Racists Afraid Again and twice AQUITTED. Democrats failed twice. And now Biden’s deaths are approaching 500,000 unemployment is rising. Vaccine shortages.
      And all his plans are failing

    1. @Wally Censorship πŸ‘ says the cult of sheep that bow down to a turd that said injecting disinfectant would be a great thing to look into πŸ˜‚ LMAO now give mommy her phone back kid.

    1. @Beyond Stylz how’s that mask working out sheeple . I dont even gotta ask probably the first thing you had to have this morning that mask . πŸ˜†

    2. @samurai sorrow πŸ€” says the sheep who literally Baaaaa hoax Baaaaa rigged Baaaaa fake news πŸ˜‚πŸ‘ LMAO you tRump simp sheep get dumber by the second.

  2. Various United States War And Disease Death Tolls:
    400: Gulf War
    1,000: Indian Wars
    1,900: Desert Storm, 1990-1991
    2,300: War Of 1812, 1812-1815
    2,400: War in Afghanistan, 2003-
    2,400: Spanish-American War, 1898-1902
    2,600: Persian Gulf War
    3,000: 9/11/2001
    4,400: Iraq War, 2003-2010
    4,400: Revolutionary War, 1775-1783
    12,500: H1N1/Swine Flu, 2009-2010
    13,300: Mexican-American War, 1846-1848
    36,600: Korean War, 1950-1953
    55,700: Flu/Pandemic, 2017
    58,200: Vietnam War, 1964-1975
    100,000: 1968 Pandemic
    116,000: H2N2/Asian Flu, 1957-1958
    116,500: World War 1, 1917-1918
    121,400: Alzheimer’s, 2017
    405,400: World War 2, 1941-1945
    487,000 (or 162 9/11s): Coronavirus, as of 02/01/2021
    618,200: Civil War, 1861-1865
    675,000: Spanish Flu, 1918-1920
    I hope this helps put this crisis in perspective.

    1. Yet a few mnths back even the CDC was showing how they were counting deaths as the Wuhan when it had nothing to do with actual death. YOU PEOPLE ate the BS like a Buffet. 10k who were already in Hospice. Heart Attacks. Strokes, Actual Flu deaths.

    2. Yes, thank you for posting. We also had deaths from Ebola and from Sars, but those were far significantly lower, thankfully.

    3. We cannot dismiss the seriousness of this pandemic, especially because it’s far more deadly than the regular flu. Everyone take care.

    4. @Angel Light Guess what the difference was with them and even the flu? They didn’t have ANY DEATH counted like they are with the Wuhan. 2 weeks to flatten the curve. Well that was 45 weeks ago. I know 1 person who was sick from it. he is 78 years old. I know people in 26 states and 6 tested positive and NONE were sick. But OMG, it’s so deadly that you have to be tested and a vaccine that is so great they are begging people to take it.

    5. @Angel Light According to the CDC statistic wise the FLU is deadlier. Guess who the flu kills more in just Wisconsin alone than the Wuhan has in ALL of America? those 20 and under. Not 1 death here in Wisconsin 20 and under from Wuhan. Lets not forget also, 2 flu seasons and an entire year of counting any death where someone tested positive has been counted.

  3. You know nobody believes anything these people say about covid anymore. There’s been to much two faced hypocrisy to believe or trust anything they say.

  4. The WHO found that there were 6+ different coronavirus strains in China when they were there trying to get more information. Will that number show up eventually and will all vaccines work against them all?

    1. The WHO is a dishonest organization. Biden has intelligence that proves covid19 is a man made virus, produced at the Wuhan Virology Institute to be used as biological warfare. China has never given he real virus to any country or pharma companies, so a vaccine could be produced, only a genone code. Biden could easily declassify the intelligence, so it can be released to us, so we know the truth.

  5. I have a question.
    Are the people who refuse to wear masks just stupid or is it that they don’t understand the advanced technology of masks?

    1. @Buddy Mckimmey πŸ‘ˆ Gleefully spreading corona and stupidity at the same time.
      Also thanks for validating the answer to my question. πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

    2. Ro G
      Which mask are those? Why do the boxes even say, WILL NOT PREVENT VIRUS”? My God. A Virus particle is 1,000 times smaller than the smallest hole on a mask. It takes 1 Virus particle to be infected. Plus if these mask were so technologically advanced, then why do these quacks wear 2? Why does Doctor Falsey say, well yeah 2 is better than 1, yet he said last March, MASK DO NOTHING. So, where are these advanced mask? Why has Flu deaths dropped? Heart Attack Deaths? Stroke Deaths? Diabetes deaths? 3 weeks ago it was reported 23 people tested positive for the Flu, same time last year, 15,000. Oh yeah, Mask…RIGHT? My God you people are special. You can see the chart that shows how cases were dropping prior to mask mandates, then after a vat majority of places did the mandate, cases increased. How is that possible with these advanced mask?

    1. What does “gurantee” mean?
      Or is that how you spell guarantee when you don’t know how to spell “too good.” πŸ€”πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚

  6. So, less than a month and the entire country turned from red to green.
    Who would have thought? Except for everyone with some knowledge.

    1. We all knew covid19 was just being used by liberals to create fear in the American people, so they’d stay home on election day & vote by mail, so the Democrats could engage in massive cheating. We knew once Biden was in office, the left would back off on their fear mongering.

    2. @Christine Reed Yes, we all know that. The rest of the world just plays along, because we all care so much about you fools. And those 2.5million people who died, they just died from overacting and will stand up again soon. All good πŸ‘

  7. The % increase has gone down, but aren’t we still several times more likely to become infected on an individual level than we were eight months ago, due to the vast numbers?

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