Anti-monarchy protesters arrested outside coronation of King Charles III #Shorts

Clad in yellow and holding signs proclaiming "Not My King," protestors against the coronation of Britain's King Charles III were arrested in London.

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Graham Smith, the chief executive of Republic, a prominent anti-monarchy group in the U.K., was arrested along with five others Saturday while unloading signs reading "Not My King," according to tweets from the group and the Associated Press.

"They're under arrest, end of (story)," a police officer says in a video tweeted by the Alliance of European Republican Movements, an organization advocating for the end of monarchies across Europe. The officer did not say anything further when the videographers attempted to ask why the protestors were being arrested.

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  2. The monarchy’s there and gee you kinda oughta get used to it. I lived almost fifty years of my life with that bastard Nixon

  3. ” In a democracy…” But UK is not a democratic county. What democracy is he talking about ? It is monarchy, that’s the whole point.

    1. @user Protesters get arrested in the US too. There’s a place for protests in certain area. Step out of it and it’s already trespassing.

  4. I am not from UK , yet as i was informed, monarchy in UK was just a symbol, and governed by parliament system (prime minister)

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