Antonio Watson – Gun Gesture at Champs 2021 | TVJ Sports Commentary – May 17 2021

With the now concluded ISSA Boys & Girls Athletics Championship the public is deeply engrossed in young sprinter Antonio Watson's gun gesture in the 200 metres final.

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    1. Love yuh chat oral star a star if it wrong now it did wrong then driver don’t stop all you are not 4 sale

  1. πŸ”πŸ”πŸ”πŸ”πŸ‡―πŸ‡²πŸ‡―πŸ‡²βœŠπŸΎβœŠπŸΎπŸ‡―πŸ‡²πŸ’―!!!!

  2. The very same thing happened in Jamaica music industry (sound clash)
    Congratulations young man

  3. The very same thing happened in Jamaica music industry (sound clash)
    Congratulations young man

    1. @Dean Daley I was a lil upset because he’ll be a future representative of your country and needs to carry himself much better instead of perpetuating some negative stereotype of black ppl/youth. I respect him for putting in the hard work but the road is very rocky and he’ll need a strong mental fortitude to continue. Being a positive role model is extremely difficult but very rewarding.

    2. @Fresh -_Prince lol; Try again and try to keep your emotions in check. Why perpetuate a negative stereotype??? Why not set a better example? Feed whichever wold you choose but the one you feed the most will be the one that flourishes..

    3. @Tamayo1980 cool nuh! Am upset aready and throw away mi own dinner! Then realize a mi nah get no dinner. Let’s cheer him on! We need another star now now..can’t let The American dem dominate too long…track belongs to us!!!!

    4. This kind of celebration has catch on in the USA when someone shade another person they referred to it as SHOT FIRE even use by new and TV personal

    5. @Winston Pryce so when u use the USA as a bar, what are u saying? It is approved and ok? Why do we always use the USA as a bar or approval? Winston everything better deh a USA don’t? Curry goat, ackee and salt fish, patty and coconut wata, woman just to name a few…

  4. We all say boom at a certain point when we sing the anthem hmmm don’t hate just celebrate the man victory

    1. Boom came from the heavy TOM DRUM in the Anthem if you try to sound like that drum you get a booooom sound….the ban were traditionaly used to play the National Anthem….Think!!

    2. That is a dangerous practice! Next time you say β€œboom” in the anthem is straight jailhouse fi yuh. Attempted murder! Weapon of mass destruction! Hey, mine yourself!

    3. @DJ Architect I don’t know, rasta (inna Muta voice), probably because fire fi him inna d air dem a seh that safe.

  5. It’s just a thing of appreciation why would they try to defeat the young man… kmt

  6. ok if they wanna pressure the yute then stop buss gun to start the race. eff outa here!

    1. The starter gun did exist before him mother and father did born. Always want to make the wrong thing right.

    2. No difference between a start signal in the air and pointing an imaginary gun at someone’s head?

  7. Well said Mr. Tracy, Watson was just happy and expressing his feelings of happiness, we must stop majoring in the minor

    1. What ppl fi see they don’t this country needs a review I went to open an account at ncb as a minor and what mi go through fi save mi own money wonder what would happen if I want to apply for a loan smh

  8. Well said … everyone is so sensitive … this is what make boys and girls champs hot … every year we look for a show down… the man fast … already look like a pro athlete… stay focuse youth

  9. Dwl woooow …and this is why nobody watches CVM anymore. They were over there talking complete rubbish. Kudos to TVJ and Sir. Tracy. πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

  10. Might be funny, but remember “WHEN WI NICE, A SO WI GWAN”. Both boys did well, let them get ready now for CXC and cut them some slack.

  11. Big up yourself Antonio Watson πŸ’˜ you remind me of Usain Bolt..I can see you’re destined for greatness…I enjoyed every bit of Boys Champs, celebrations and all! The only thing I said to my neighba dat I was sorry about…was that Antonio/Petersfield didn’t have a team to enter the last relay bcaz I know that wouldve been a race to the finish…Looking forward to seeing you on the World stage πŸ‘

  12. Remember a couple years ago Kingston college High jumper did the same thing and nobody said anything And When they did And When did did they Didn’t even mention the school because it’s Was a prominent high school And he did it again At the Caribbean free trade games This is Just classism

  13. This is such an INNOCENT GESTURE. This Gesture is SYNONYMOUS to Jamaicans. These People who WISHED PUNISHMENT on this young man must be living under a ROCK. He has my SUPPORT ALL THE WAY! !! !

  14. Teach dem Maverick, it didn’t look good but it’s no big deal, all to do about nothing!! Blessed

  15. I am praying for you young man, that you rise higher. You are destine for greatness. you didn’t mean any harm it was just a happy mode. Go smash the CXCs now and put the icing on the cake. Don’t listen to the voices on the outside, listen to the voice on the inside. Destiny can’t die. Take it away on eagle’s wings.

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