Anxiety still looms over East Palestine one month after train derailment

One month following the train derailment and subsequent chemical spill, residents of East Palestine and the surrounding region are still anxious about the long term effects for themselves, their families, and their businesses. CNN's Miguel Marquez reports. #CNN #News


    1. Why? The EPA has said it’s safe. SMH objectively, independent test has also shown air quality is okay.

    2. @Clinton Kildepsteen I definitely don’t believe anyone. I already stated that everyone should leave East Palestine and sue Norfolk Southern for everything they got!!!

    3. @Clinton Kildepsteen Also, I think our thresholds for toxins exposures should be modified. During 9/11 the scientist claimed the air was safe according to all their test. We need to modernize our water and air testing and lower the level of toxins that are in our water and air because obviously our current thresholds are wrong.

  1. I’m 200 miles away in NW ohio and I’m worried … can’t imagine the people within 25 miles are feeling anything but terror.

    1. @aarqa Because I specifically put down Jenifer Homendy’s findings..”Chair of National Transportation Safety Board”.. And she specifically stated that President Trump and his so called restrictions had nothing to do with this..and explained why in great detail. ( Biden appointed by the way…) again read all comments before you respond.,or are you just playing ignorant?

    2. @Aaron Wilson _… “again read all comments before you respond…”_ OK, we’re done. I read all the comments before posting, I don’t need someone repeatedly claiming otherwise. You’re not here to give facts, you’re here to give insults.

    3. @Aaron Wilson “Jenifer Homendy’s findings ”
      She doesn’t have findings. The thing you’re referring to is one specific regulation.
      “It’s too early to tell,. In our analysis phase of the investigation, we’ll look at just that. We’ll look at what could have prevented this terrible tragedy. 👉 And it could be regulation changes…” 👈 -Jennifer Homendy

    4. @Aaron Wilson I guess when I pull back the curtain on the wizard, the wizard disappears. Jennifer Homendy didn’t back you up.

  2. Vinyl chloride causes bladder cancer. It would be a good thing if they people 9f East Palestine pay attention to the local bladder cancer rates over the next few years, they may have a class action suit.

    1. Republicans are Greta Thunberging hard about air and water quality all of a sudden. I wonder if they’ll go vegan.

    2. Shigella cause death?

      People with mild illness usually get better without specific treatment. With more severe shigella infection, patients can get diarrhea so severe they become dehydrated. Occasionally, shigellosis causes seizures, bloodstream infection, or arthritis, and can rarely result in death.

    3. Vinyl chloride causes number of cancers. But aggressive liver cancer is in my opinion the most known about..

    4. @James Guy Photography I’m a vegan, but I eat a lot of processed food. A lot of my veggies have been processed into beef, pork, and chicken.

    5. People have no idea how and if they were affected, what and if something got in the soil, water , to cause harm , to them, animals, fields…but they sued .
      If I would be there, near the place of the incident, I would push for some independent testing, too, try to test my land , animals , before suing . They harm more their community and they still do not know if something really affected their farms.

  3. All the reports saying they’re taking care of it is just not good enough. I mean I saw that other guy worried about his family but couldn’t leave not enough money. I mean with all the power of the federal govt why do we feel that they don’t care enough? You’re thinking this is the best they can do?

    1. “VOTE FOR ME, VOTE FOR RAIL DE-REGULATION” DONALD J. TRUMP, finally a politician who told the truth, you wanted it, YOU GOT IT, BE HAPPY YOU GOT EXACTLY WHAT YOU VOTED FOR..GO MAGA!!

    1. @mike jones Russia is not a minor threat bud. Do you people even remember why Reagan was a great American President in Republican eyes?

    1. @gacj2010 First off, you didn’t mention the ICC. Secondly they don’t regulate train safety. And thirdly they missed those warnings because they didn’t have enough personnel, because it’s not regulated by either the DOT or the Federal Rail department. Because those regulations were rescinded by the last administration.

    2. @gacj2010 knew I’d get some fool who blame the Biden Administration instead of the people responsible for the accident. I won a buck.

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  5. Scared to think about what these chemicals do to the ozone layer when cooked off like that. Our species has to get these huge disasters under control.

  6. In 2013 73 rail cars derailed in a town called lac megantic in quebec canada while an un-controlled runaway train gouged the town its people and left a toxic disater behind.Till this day the town has not yet fully recovered and are still fighting to stop the trains rolling through the town to no avail as yet , lesson learned is simple ,trauma is here to stay for quite some time ❤ GOD Bless Everyone

    1. That’s horrible. If it’s like the train companies here they aren’t held accountable by anyone and all the train companies care about is getting the trains rolling again. Leaving destruction behind.

  7. It’s a shame.. our local market here in the East Palestine had by far the best meats and dairy I’ve ever had. Rogers has a sale every Friday where the best steaks can be found. GOD Bless Everyone ❤ GOD Bless Everyone

  8. From Europe: Same here. Same old story. Corporations making profits destroying the environment. Time to fix things. Hold them accountable. Don`t let go of them.Much love to your community!!!!!

  9. In 1982 Livingston, Louisiana had a very similar event. It’s not what’s happening now that will be the problem, wait 10-20 years and you will see the effects

  10. Like I mentioned before the military should of been brought in immediately to secure residents offering chemical mask and tenting to the houses near the crash site testing as much as possible narrowing down these chemicals and their health as fast as possible so they could continue with life with a peace of mind. This needed fast big attention and that’s why I feel military help would of been good because if the state didn’t have the funding to relocate residents then the military would of secured them keeping them safe and would of gotten to the bottom of this finding out if these chemicals are effecting them day by day and if so then relocate them and if not then keep them safe using the military for a few weeks but this should of immediately been done. Experts know what type of chemicals they are and know if they would cause permanent harm from one exposure or if they could develop health issues years later. Why aren’t experts offering strong advice to the residents? Billion’s of dollars going into experts and they can’t step up offering their expertise?

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