AOC Reacts To Rift With 'Deeply Unwell' Rep. Marjorie Taylor-Green 1

AOC Reacts To Rift With ‘Deeply Unwell’ Rep. Marjorie Taylor-Green


Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez reacts to being confronted on Capitol Hill by Georgia Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene calling her 'deeply unwell' as questions persist over whether Rep. Greene will be punished for her actions. Juanita Tolliver and Matt K. Lewis join to discuss.
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    1. @jacq danieles I view everything with skepticism. But CNN’s actions also betray the intentions Veritas captures. You can dismiss it all you want but it only confirms you’re in an echo chamber

      Imagine being blindly loyal to a cable news network that only wants your eyes

    2. @Laurie Difatta lmao he’s out of office and you’re still ranting about him

      Get a grip, Laurie. Your TDS is showing

    3. @Sam Doe project Veritas has been caught faking videos and paying people to say they harvested ballots. You have zero credibility from mentioning them.

    4. @Sam Doe Try using facts and logic. Trumpderps like you don’t even know what a fact is. You run entirely off emotion, not reason.

    1. Wouldn’t have to speak thru the mail slot if only aoc would unlock her door. That was Marjorie’s first encounter with aoc and she wouldn’t come out of her office. WHY???????????????????????????????????????????????

  1. “Success: as a politician is measured about how much money you raise! The system needs to change…..

    1. @Raymond Rocha Easy only a anti-American hates someone whom is helping American people to keep their freedom from going away .
      Lost little mind Joe Biden is a fact a anti-American just like the rest of the Democrat people.
      Why do you hate United states of America so much

    2. @danley A bunch of clowns paying AOC so she can get suits that cost hundreds or thousands of dollars… LOL

    3. Is not I repeat Not measured by that money has nothing to do with it Morals and honesty do and how you believe in the constitution and the We the people.

    4. Success is not measured by money it’s measured by protecting and following the constitution and citizens and with “We the people”.

    1. @WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON Really?? So trump’s republican party is Team God??? Don’t get me wrong, I can’t stand the left, but Trump is not ‘team God’ to me. Anyone who still backs him isn’t either. Far from it.

    2. Which Republican polices do you support?

      Do you think that it is a good thing that MTG chased a child down the street, the survivor of a school shooting, telling him that she was armed?

      Do you think that we should have fair wages in this country, like we did 40 years ago, or do you support the ongoing tax theft by corporations that has been going on for 40 years?

    1. @baf03 What’s wrong with you? Oh I just ask a question, don’t call the police on me .

    2. @magickdragonwizard aoc cannot debate, she’ll expose herself has a liar about the 12 yr period to save the planet. Why is no other country worried about this besides the EU and IPCC, is that all the proof they have?

  2. MTGs Georgia constituents wonder when she is going to do her job and create some legislation that benefits them
    Georgia doesnt pay MTG to play the mean girl in Congress

    1. Mtg is the only one holding anyone accountable by forcing a roll call vote so senators can’t hide behind the yard and nays.

    2. @Salty Cracka no one is saying Trump would have won anyway but yeah Georgia and Pennsylvania were both effed up. Im not even a Trump supporter. Im simply on the side of truth.

    1. @brushcreek42 no… they dont… and the fact someone has to tell you that should make you re-evaluate your life choices…. the “media” is driven by profit like every other industry and caters to the majority of the marketplace where they receive their business from… the fact that the majority of american society is more liberal on practically every single social issue than any other time in the last 100 years and more and more people disagree with you on these issues should be the hint….. YOU are just a minority.

    2. @Noreb The “media” is nothing more than a mouthpiece for the the Democrats and their corporate masters. That’s become ever more apparent since the removal of the All-Star game from Georgia because of the “Jim Crow on Steroids” new voting law.
      You mean a “slim” majority of the American “voting” society. ” In 2020, 67% of all citizens age 18 and older reported voting”. No one knows what the opinions are of the remaining 33% who are either too lazy or disinterested to vote.

    3. @Baby Teano I think it started with Bush invading Iraq, then Obama became a reaction to Bush, Trump a reaction to Obama, Biden a reaction to Trump.

    4. @brushcreek42 kool kid. good luck with that nonsense. just stop being surpised when people stop talking to you.

    1. By Seabiscuit, you mean the one with the horse dentures, right? Give aoc a nice feedbag full of oats and put her out to pasture. All that tough talk about being from the Bronx and she tucks tail and runs when challenged. Coward. I love watching a tough talker punk up when challenged

    2. @sp lina. is that what the kids are calling it these days when you run away scared after talking tough? I thought they called that instant karma, but what do I know

  3. “United we stand, divided we fall. Let us not split into factions which must destroy that union upon which our existence hangs.” Patrick Henry, 1799.

    1. In a perfect world those words are true. But clearly, _clearly_ there are elements at work that cannot be allowed to stand. We cannot assume that the MTG’s of the world care as much about the union (if at all). There are some things that there is no “middle ground” on, and must be smashed utterly, if we are to survive. This is not a polite gentleman’s sword fight. There is no honor in MTG.

    2. ​@Type R Do you believe that AOC, Bernie Sanders, Maxine Waters or the “squad” will ever meet anyone half way? What is honorable about them? Their attitude is “my way or the highway”. They are the unbending far left just as Green is the unbending far right.

    3. @brushcreek42 The point is, that “half way” is not even close to the middle anymore. It’s almost like someone saying, “I want to punch you in the face – let’s meet in the middle.” There’s no way that’s a feasible negotiation. Jesus H. Christ.

  4. In any other workplace this would be called harassment. I think she is looking for a target to sensationalize her message with.

  5. Didn’t MTG test positive for fitness enhancement drugs in the Kentucky derby last week? I thought she was resting in the stable??

  6. MTG is an entitled Karen. She demands attention, feels entitled to it. She is the type of person you obtain a restraining order against.

  7. “The openly insane increasingly inhabit the halls of Congress “ bill movers 2000

  8. MTG might be the voice of psychiatrically damaged people but my concern here are the hands of the psychiatrically damaged that may inflict physical harm on the focus of her obsessions.

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