1. How was the results credible when you were ready to swear in Granger and after the recount the results are not credible

  2. Good job Mr. Norton. You have educated the host who, like many outlets overseas, have no idea of what is happening in Guyana. They all seem to read from the same song sheet Mercury Public Relations propagated.

    Not because one has millions of dollars of bribe money means that the will of the people would be denied. The PPP RIGGED these elections and would not get away with it.
    The OAS have been compromised in both Bolivia and Venezuela. They orchestrated a coup against Evo Morales and they have been trying for years to depose of Maduro.

    Gonsalves and Bruce Golding have been grossly compromised!

  3. I wonder how this that the PPP rigged the elections and dead people voted and aliens voted. I guess God came downstairs and voted and answered the PPP people. You Apnu CEO Lowenfield was in charge of the elections has eagle eyes out. Each voting booth was clothed with each parties representative.

  4. Why he didnt answer the question about mingo robbing the election by giving apnu thousand of vote especially in region 4

  5. If Norton had to pay for all those lies he was spreading this country would be bankrupt by now and he would become shameless ,pennyless beggar

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