APOLOGIZE - Jungle Justice is No Justice in Jamaica - April 28 2021 1

APOLOGIZE – Jungle Justice is No Justice in Jamaica – April 28 2021


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  1. Oh it’s not OK to talk about it but as we know in it’s a every day problem these people live in different worlds

  2. Well I agree with Mr Lambert Reason they take it as a habit from a boy a hype defend your self then ask questions after, enough is enough

  3. It has come to this because even the politician are now feeling threatened with the freefall of the criminal society we live in.

  4. Well, it’s either Jungle justice or Marshall law. It’s one or the other. If the law cannot help or delay thereof to grant immediate help jungle justice is justified. Either that, or the law enforces become stricter and implement Marshall law .

  5. Jamaica, has something coming. These government bodies on high horses and the needy keep suffering Assalamualaikum

  6. I think they need to teach our nation about the Jamaican constitution because I think the majority don’t know what they can and can’t do

    1. We have been talking about constitutional reforms from as far back as the 1990s.
      Only the party that is in opposition complain of constitutional reforms once in government they forget about that ,because they now have the power.

  7. There is one thing i know is time don’t stand still. today they are bad tomorrow they will want to be better than before.

  8. jungle justice rules the day the judges isn’t giving them enough time in prison and the politicians don’t care after what holness wife said they don’t care

  9. I’m with you Lambert! Let them gwaan talk. Because they are not gonna stand by and watch their family get wasted my hoodlums

  10. Juggle justice..man do anything to my family them going to get juggle justice. You lock these criminals up and then no witness shows up, they he get off.

  11. If every time someone is charged for murder and witnesses failed to come forward in my views jungle justice is the only way

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