1. “We’ll have to try that sometime,” Moron Don referring to Kim Jong Un’s dictatorship of North Korea. VOTE BLUE

    1. Matthew M Trump killed him after getting orders from Clinton. It’s a big club and you ain’t in it.

    1. @Laraine B
      Nope. Sorry Laraine. No dictatorship in the United States of America especially in the White House and we also live in a democracy and we would have better health care if it wasn’t for John McCann voting thumbs down and for children getting shot in schools are hired lunatics sponsored by the radical left.

    2. Rick B I would be too if I owed hundreds of thousands to a bunch of overpaid liberal professors.. should they lower their prices? Nope. We just need the gov to force everyone to pay, we’ll call it “free college” yea.. def not crony capitalism at work here…

    3. @marvin urmenita
      Do you actually believe in those statistics of those who actually died do to the fake coronavirus political pandemic when corners and doctors are coming out with proof of documents of the those who has died when the healthcare insurance are telling them to write down or type coronavirus as the cause of death .

    1. Arthur Unknown the FBI agents that were looking into Flynn even said he did nothing. Then Comey sent them in anyway. They framed him. Dam watch the senate hearings

    2. @Arthur Unknown Are you kidding? Our personal information privacy is pretty much non existent due to the Obama administration. That’s just common knowledge on both sides.

  2. Jesus they’re not even trying to hide the fact that they’re all above the law, disgraceful!😔

    1. @Rod please we heared Flynn admit to lying. Hell he was fired by Trump for lying to Pence!! So now there’s a different twist? WOW
      Don’t you know a lie is a lie??

    2. @Mars Falcon maybe because they don’t have that evilness in their heart’s?? Maybe they just want this country to be a better place for all living in it??

    3. @Stone Cold that’s not true. We know the difference. It’s right in our face. If people open their eye’s they can see. We don’t have to sit back and believe whatever CNN or MSNBC tells us. Trump shows us everyday who he is, what really matters to him, and what he plans to do to the American people. We dont need a news channel to convince us. Trump shows us daily!!

    4. jesus knows–he is erasing some names from his BOOK. I know we have to draw a picture for some people.

  3. Remember when America used to preach to other countries about how important the independence of the judiciary is?

    1. @Bobby B I would stall as well. The reform the Republicans are trying to push gives the police a right to continue to get away with murder and not be held responsible.
      You need to pay attention, your thinking is not on the right side of history.

    2. @Beautiful Soul So what would you do?They should have added a Couple more things to it..Like Completely Banning Any type of Choke Hold to start
      Even Biden Doesn’t want to Defund the Police..Trust me We Get Harrased by Cops and Customs for No reason because Of My Skin Color..Democrats Haven’t done Anything for us Minorities except Lock us away..
      1994 Biden/Crime Bill Locked up more Black People as well as other Minorities than Any other Admin in History..No Democrats have ever Even touched on a Executive Police Reform Order before..At Least this Trump Clown Did..Biden/Obama had a Chance but Nope..Bush as a Republican Never did..We had Police Brutality issue back then as well..

    1. So you’re saying the DC appeals court (which tends to be very left leaning … similar to the 9th circuit) was wrong and that a Judge should be prosecutor and judge? Seems fair.

  4. Even Tarantino wouldn’t be able to make a villain look more ‘villain’ than Stone in his regular suits…😱😱😱

    1. no the rule of law prevailed with the phony charges being dropped. I think we saw the rule of law and a third world country the last 2 weeks with these violent rioters

  5. Flynn and Stone, firing of anyone who has an investigation into the administration…Barr is working overtime…

  6. Can’t even trust the judiciary system anymore. It’s a complete farce… All of our institutions are crumbling.

    1. It’s just like everything else in America. You wonder why you are the laughing stock of the World.

  7. This is what deep state corruption looks like… This is how fascist take control… The USA is a failed state.

    1. @hIstory buff I am really confused
      Is the same Deepstate that is staging a coup to get Trump out of office,?

    2. exactly. thank you Barr for fixing the corruption and dropping the phony charge against a true American patriot, General Flynn.

    1. @LUIS VELEZ wow you halfwit
      Imagine being so gullible that you think one side is honest based on identity politics 😂😂😂

    2. TellM, not only are 99.9 percent of politicians corrupt, they LIE CHEAT and ENRICH themselves at the country’s and citizens(victims) expense! WE NEED TERM LIMITS NOW! Actually we needed them 70+years or more ago?

    3. exactly, thank god the corruption got exposed and the charges against Flynn were dropped. The FBI and Obama should be ashamed of themselves for their corruption.

  8. America can’t be defeated by foreign enemies but has fallen from the decay of honor from within.

  9. The lawyer they brought on said that everything in the Flynn case was not okay. I concur. There were several political prosecutions against Trump associates simply because they were Trump associates, in an effort to dirty up Trump. Sad.

  10. The fbi was very corrupt. They targeted Flynn and threatened his family.Perjury traps. Told Flynn he didn’t need a lawyer. The investigators should be in jail.

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