Arab League welcomes a longtime international pariah back into the fold

The Arab League has re-admitted Syria after an 11-year absence following an extraordinary meeting at the Arab League’s headquarters in Cairo, Egypt. The re-entry comes with immediate effect, after Syria was suspended during a violent crackdown on anti-government protests. CNN’s Nada Bashir reports, while Former US Special Representative for Syria Engagement James Jeffrey weighs in. #CNN #News


  1. Sanctions never work in ousting dictators, it’s better to cooperate and invest economically to gain leverage with Assad and push for reforms, instead of maintaining the current status-quo which is a humanitarian disaster.

  2. I think we were all hoping for more during the Arab spring. At least those of us Americans who are not fascist ideologs.

    1. You are describing Merry-Car. I doubt you’ll see it. Let us NOT forget these people play domestic sports and call it world series. Merry-Cans grasp of reality is not exactly reliable.

  3. This is extremely disturbing. First the Iran-Saudi agreement, now Syria? Russia’s making inroads and helped bring the Sudanese Civil war break out. American influence in the whole area is waning.

    1. Let’s worry about that and forget about inflation and American tax payers money going to Israel.

  4. God Bless President Trump who made the Abraham’s Accord!
    🇺🇸❤️Maga for all❤️🇺🇸

    1. The Abraham’s Accord was only between two countries, Israel and The United Arab Emirates. Civil War in Syria started in 2011 and continues. Nice try😅✌️

    2. Jones = when you make a peace deal it should be first with your neighbours !!! Not even one israel neighbour in the deal !!! There is tension between israel and palestines he should first make peace between them !!! What trump did peace between israel and uae ( far away) !!!

  5. I remember when Trump brought peace to the Middle East with the Abraham’s Accord!

    1. I remember when !rump started chaos in USA and tried to overthrow the newly elected Gov’t in waiting.

    2. countless clips showing of IDF beating women and tweeting children how can you support such thing

  6. The Syrian regime didn’t welcome the decision of the Arab League 1:02 they received it “with interest”.. Assad is afraid of elections and doesn’t want to apply the UN security Council resolution no 2254😂

  7. Arab League has no rights to leverage and recover the evil from dust. U.S should take decisive measures to make sure the this area can not stray away any more. Teach them lessons the real consequence of completely. U.S should show the mighty power and determination and defend his own interests no matter what happened.

    1. The US has no business telling the Arab league what to do or not to do, and they have no business inside Syria either. Syria is a sovereign country, why has the US established a base inside Syria? What if Syria did the same like establish a military base in Montana?

    2. @Mithul Sharama that will not happen. U.S is the leader of free world, so liability is on us to smash any evil regime dare to expose any threat or challenge to our common values which we appreciate so much. You should show gratitude for the service of U.S military protection

  8. During Trumps presidency, the former Obama American policy for the Mid-East was put on hold. Now there’s a backlash and the region is falling into chaos, which is a Trump specialty. The Middle-East is beyond my comprehension of complexity, needs a steady hand, an understanding hand, to get through the troubles that loom. Biden might be up to the task, Trump is not.

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