Archaeologists Excavate Mass Grave In Search Of Tulsa Massacre Victims 1

Archaeologists Excavate Mass Grave In Search Of Tulsa Massacre Victims


MSNBC’s Rev. Al Sharpton, NBC News’ Antonia Hylton and Tulsa’s Rev. Robert Turner discuss President Biden’s Oklahoma visit and efforts underway to identify victims of the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre.
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    1. @Rick wilson WHITE privilege is REAL… Racism in America is REAL… your education is lacking, your parents should be ashamed… but your stupidity and ignorance… BRAVO!

    2. @Rick wilson It’s called “Education”, and you were left behind.

      Betsy Devos LOVES You!

    3. @John Clarke Yes.. someone from the Reicht-wing terrorist organization is finally getting some oxygen to their two brain cells… hold on li’l buddy, help is on the way.

    4. @Heritage Karma With all of the Racism still apparent and still occurring in America, at least we know whose doors to knock on… I mean they ARE the party of Family Values, and all. And at least they let the Tribal Nations get Born before they MURDERED them.

  1. They deserve PROPER BURIAL not to just be dropped in the ground by some demon’s and never acknowledged

    1. @Black Widow Yes. It happens. Believe it or not sometimes YT dddeeplatfoorms people unfairly. Doesn’t make me a russian. How about attacking my comments and not my account?

    2. @John Clarke no one called you Russian lol. I’ve seen your comments and you need to be banned

    3. @Black Widow Thank you very much. Which ones? Tell me ONE thing I said that deserves my banishment. Just one

    4. @Black Widow I’m genuinely curious about what I said. I’m always trying to improve myself. Perhaps you saw a comment of mine calling out trolls. In those instances, the person said horrific things about me. Or others. I’m never cruel and I’m not mean spirited. I’m very willing to alter my approach towards leaving comments if I did something wrong

    5. @John Clarke your comments about “token Asians” and Covid are reason enough to be concerned. Look at your comments and tell me you don’t see a problem. Go ahead. I’ll wait

  2. This crime has been ignored for way too long. There can never be true justice, but hopefully there will be recognition and respect for those who were lost.

    1. I suspect this will be handled with care, as it’s a hot topic (and rightfully so). Hopefully, they can put names to the dead and we can get more detail put together about the fate of these people whose lives were ended so awfully.

    2. @cc 1k too hot to handle for the past 100 years still too hot to handle and admit today o do any justice about it

    3. They bombed the black community with government issued c4 in Philadelphia in 1985. The bodies of the children killed are currently being used as a part of a forensic study. They lied to the loved ones and never allowed them to be laid to rest. America really is inherently racist and that’s why they never want to teach it’s true history.

  3. I want to apologize for my previous comment. The reason why I thought it was disrespect was because I thought it was a historical site like the tomb of unknown soldiers.

    1. Didn’t see your 1st comment but glad to see this one. We all make mistakes and most people don’t know about what happened in Tulsa

  4. They need to find out what private companies let them peoples use them airplanes to drop them bombs cause, I bet you they still exist and they can face punishment because murder don’t carry no statue of limitation

    1. You ppl are being distracted with this BS. the democrats are wanting to push a race war this summer.. a FOIA request on FAUCIs emails reveal he was communicating with the Wuhan lab and is involved with releasing this virus.. go look it up and get ready.. They’re going to start a war to hide the truth.. whether it be with Russia China Iran then blacks vs white.. dont fall for rich people schemes.. trust me many whites are just as broke and poor as blacks. Bigger picture nobody has what the top 1% have. They want the plebs and peasants fighting each other to not focus on them.

    2. @Carmen Nicholson Isn’t a massacre, when one group targets another group of people that are unsuspecting and never saw it coming? That’s not what happened here. Black came to the Police Station armed with guns, and when whites saw them, they tried to disarm them. Someone shot their gun. We don’t know who. Ten whites were killed and only two blacks in that encounter. So, either the whites were out-gunned, or the black were a better shot. That set the stage. The Blacks retreated to Greenwood and then at that point, they were probably outmatched.

    3. @Carmen Nicholson their “generations” might not have ever done anything to anyone, why would they pay for it, we aren’t North Korea nimrod, but none the less the victims deserve a proper burial and the people who did it, who are all probably dead, are terrible people who did terrible things.

  5. Racism exists, but it is not welcome here. We are not immune to the viruses of hate, of fear, of other.
    We never have been. But we can be the nation that discovers the cure.” Jacinda Ardern, New Zealand PM.

  6. Those who perpetrated the crime had no idea that ground-penetrating radar would be invented less than a century later.

  7. I grew up in Oklahoma, my Father’s entire family has lived in Tulsa & Broken Arrow for generations. Why did I NOT know about this! !! It hurts my

    1. History as it is handed down to us primarily tells the story of white men, painted in the best light, from their own POV.

    2. Decades of white washing history, mostly by Republicans who refuse to recognize what their parents, grandparents and great grandparents did.

  8. Facing our history may end in civil war. but it is also the only hope to potentially heal and move forward as one people. I’m not sure which way we will go, yet.

  9. LOL! And for a moment I thought this was going to be about archaeology! I guess I should know better…..

  10. O- my .. I remember when I finally heard of this on YouTube, make a long story short. I said it out loud Lord Jesus, I wish we all can do it again Moniee-Mon

  11. I’m a keep it real I want to thank the mayor about 2 years ago he stated his intention to unearth these unmask grave….

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