Are Trump’s trade wars going to spark a global recession?

McMaster University's Marvin Ryder discusses the global economy and if worries about a rescission are justified.

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    1. @rico dechellis Explain to me how he is not? Manufacturers are not going to magically just move industry bk to Merica just b/c” Bone Spurs” says so. If he & his admin amends current law, and opts for more of a closed society then yes. But that isn’t realistic considering how Merica wants to maintain it’s world dominance. Manufacturers want cheap parts & labour hence why industry is constantly being outsourced to other countries. If u don’t consider all the moving parts to this u are not being intellectually honest.

  1. The simple answer is No, but I suspect you are unwilling to accept a simple answer so let me provide you with a more complicated one. It’s called math.
    The only reason this tire still has air in it is because we’re pumping it in as fast as we can. Eventually, we won’t be able to keep up and it will go flat.

    1. Simply put yes/no. Australia hasn’t had a recession in 27 yrs ( now it looks like they might be starting to be at the beginning stages). U are referring to recessions based purely on math while discounting the human element.The markets are manipulated all the time & Geo-political events have a significant affect. So yes, Trumps mouth & stupidity is causing a certain unease & volatility in the markets.

    2. If this economy was strong, it wouldn’t be a factor, but it is weak, and I agree. One man’s stupidity is all it will take.

    3. @oicub2 I see your point, but doesn’t America’s presence on the world stage have a direct affect regardless of the economy of the day? Trump has bastardized the position of president, even this news report points out his stupidity of suggesting to acquire Greenland. I’m not out to disparage Trump, I am merely pointing out the reality of his flawed thinking & his admin’s policies that do affect how ppl invest. Cause & Effect.

    4. 300 million vs 7 billion , I suppose there is the potential for direct effect but it’s not necessary at this point. Collapse is inevitable

    1. @Ronald Staples Not only have we been inverted for many weeks, but inversion is not a measure of volatility. Try looking at the VIX. Nothing out of the ordinary.

  2. Of course trump will cause a recession. I called this as soon as he started the trade wars. The trumpanzees will argue tho

  3. This is really interesting, Canadians giving Trump, not Trudeau, credit for moving the economies of the world. What is Trudeau’s relevancy?

    1. Well Trudeau is working hard to set Canada up for a recession, the constant spending doesn’t put Canada in a gd position if a global downturn of the economy happens. Instead of letting Ontario work out their own deficits , he is going to pump a billion dollars into Ontario for votes in hopes his blatant & arrogant corruption is forgotten abt come Oct.

    2. Trudeau and Bill Morneau have scared away legitimate foreign investment in favor of foreign money laundered through real estate and casinos.

    3. @Ron Solder I totally forgot that Bill Morneau refused to initially divest personal business interests that would pose a conflict of interest to his position as Finance Minister. Geez Trudeau’s cabinet has been rotten to the core since day one, how did we all get so duped! Trudeau had so much promise, and he is worse than anyone could have imagined!

    4. @Jonathan Edward Morneau’s dad was able to unload 200,000 shares of Morneau Sheppell in November of 2015 conveniently just before the liberals changed tax policy’s in December of 2015

    1. @Jay Ray wasnt that’s Obamas left overs and the point of privilege SJW that’s corrupted the youth?

    2. @Confessions of Walking Speech 1.0 lmao Think before you type. What does Tr_mp hating the middle class and poor, and that many Canadians would support that have to do with Obamas and SJWs again? Your desperation is showing.

  4. Isn’t buying government bonds basically the government borrowing money from you? why all this “buying debt” mumbo jumbo

  5. Trade Wars cause the next recession? Naa. Speed it up? Probably. Hmm.. what caused the last major recession again? Bush’s massive tax cuts for the rich and Bush’s and Clintons mass deregulation. What did Tr_mp do again..?

  6. We in the West still need China to fail and be involved in a 🌏 recession. West can get back on its feet but *China will be weakened and put in its place forever.*

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