Arizona state House Speaker Rusty Bowers testifies in Jan. 6 hearing | USA TODAY

Arizona state House Speaker Rusty Bowers testified that although he did want to see Donald Trump win, he would not break his oath to get him there.

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  1. Thank you to the patriot witnesses at today’s hearing, who stood for their oaths to protect the US constitution and the constitutionally protected transfer of power. 🇺🇸 True patriots and heroes!

  2. Every time I see the liberal media whining about January 6th it makes me want to vote for Trump even more.

  3. Behold: an actual American. It’s not republicans vs democrats: it’s true Americans vs. trump confederates. End of story.

    1. My name is Daniel Hernandez..I received two ballots for the last election..voted only once for trump..but the county was flooded with ballots..

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