Armed robber posing as delivery person has home invasion attempt thwarted #Shorts

A Connecticut homeowner shoved away an armed robber who posed as a delivery person.

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  1. theres a rule about if u show your pistol b ready to use it . u showed it didnt use it now u in jail. i was leaving club parkn lot one night i got followed guy pulled up beside but didnt show anything so i pulled up a lil in lane then i saw lookn back he had a pistol but he was tooopusay to pull it so he just shot at the passnger front light instead of me thank God he was apusay because if i had a pistol i would of ended him. i got away he backed off i got his license and backed off found his house later on and let rounds loose about 3 am 2 weeks later thats the way to do it yall be smart.

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