1. More ppl with huge platforms should try to reach the Russians as well. They need to know the truth. They deserve better and so does Ukraine!

    1. If you want to understand, who Putin really is, what he wants and to what ancient order he belongs to, then watch the 5 hour video “Black Prince of P-russia & Pharaoh’s Peoples Product – PPP” on channel Giureh. Just as Adolf Hitler was, Putin is a SwiSS sleeper agent of the Octogon of the Nazi Templars and their Teutonic offspring to which Putin belongs.

    2. @ЭЮЯ
      The US and NATO have no troops in Ukraine. The whole World saw Russian planes bombing theaters, maternities and Hospitals.
      It’s not because you’re being censored that we are …
      Your lies can’t work in an era when everyone has a camera in his pockets.

    3. @Румпельштильцхин lol are you really concerned nazism will rise again as a dominant force? The only reason that was able to happen was because millions of good people were brainwashed into it. The world knows better. Nazis will never get a second wind.

    4. @JoeyOnDaKeys Lord, why are you so blind, just type in YouTube факельное шествие киев Your problem is that you can’t read the Ukrainian textbook, you can only read it in fucking English

  2. Thanks Arnold for using your fame and people’s respect for you as a way to help end this war. God bless you more! 🙏🏼

    1. @Lets GO BRANDON 👈 one month old Russian troll account.
      Log off and get yourself on the frontlines Sergey, Papa Putin is getting his cheeks clapped 😅

    1. @flamingo boot The United States invaded Ukraine, overthrew the legitimate government, brought the Nazis to power and unleashed a civil war. Therefore, Crimea escaped from Nazi Ukraine.
      The Nazis, supported by the West, have been committing genocide of Russians for 8 years not only in the Donbass, but throughout Ukraine.

    2. @flamingo boot The US has been bombing Syria since 2011 and has killed over a million Syrians. Therefore, Syria turned to Russia for help to expel the American aggressors. and Russia saved Syria. The US lost and therefore lie about Russia.

    1. @ЭЮЯ Did you think I was born yesterday? even your imaginary story was real, Russia could have just sent troops to Donass and so called rescued the Russian “Ukrainian” overthere. No need to fully invade Ukraine in all directions. In reality Russian troops did kill lots of innocent civilians including women and children. No one can justify that by just fabricating a few imaginary stories. How would you feel if some countries also did the same thing to Russia?

    2. @joshua Murphy don’t think of it that way. “As a celebrity”. Just listen as one human to another. Take from it what is meaningful to you. Leave the rest behind. Don’t be quick to dismiss or acknowledge because of one’s status. It’s a limited way to approach life. You will find all humans have something to teach you if you listen carefully enough- even if that lesson is something you learn about yourself.

    3. The world should know that Russia’s war on Ukraine is totally legitimate because USA has used Ukraine to threaten Russia. Europe nato and US had shut their ears toward Russia for not giving them any explanations or commitments about the security of Russia in the future.
      The Russian soldiers and the Russian people should know that the west don’t want what is good for them ! The west with its propaganda wants to let you think that Mr. Putin is a criminal a psychopath and he’s invading Ukraine ! That’s completely false ! Am telling to the Russian soldiers and to the people of Russia that you have an incredible Leader ! Trust and support your President Mr. Putin ! The west wants you broken weak and poor ! The west wants to decompose your biggest country to steal your gaz and your oil to control their prices and to reign over the world and you will become slaves ! The west should had a better sense of moral to build a better world with Russia to face the climate change instead of provocating Russia.
      If I were you Mr. Schwarzenegger I will shut my mouth because we should never trust the west after what hed did in Irak Syria Libya Vietnam Korea Japan…

    4. CNN covered up the written Russian translation of his speech. Way to go CNN. This might have been seen in Russia as well as the free world.

  3. Great message from Arnold, just hope it gets through to the Russian people, if it does it is very sincere, well done Arnold.

    1. ​@Gordon Strong, no, well, do you seriously believe that Polontsky is such an important and terrible figure for the Kremlin that he would be dragged across half the world with a chemical compound, which in its essence is like “a miniature dirty atomic bomb”! Which can kill a lot of random people and which in terms of chemistry is unique in the region of origin so much more unique than your fingerprint!?

      Tell me honestly, are you i/d/i/o/t?

      if not, why do you believe British propaganda?

    2. @Matthew Baumann What does it change? The fact that they are in the past makes past wars legitimate?

    1. @SonicArchives that’s the problem with you guys,anything a liberal in power does ,it’s ok,a conservative doing the exact same thing,and oh you guys go freaked bananas,you do know bill Clinton was the one that had the boarder wall built 🙋🙋🙋

    2. ​@Eddie Barrera why are U talking about liberals and concervatives — are U on drugs – what does Putin bombing schools and hospitals have to with liberals and conservatives , why do you think U know what I am – your sentece make no sense at all it jibbirish — Are U clarivoant? How would you know if I am liberal or conservative

    3. @SonicArchives cause ur a liberal,trying to defend a rat from California,who has a beautiful son,due to sleeping with the help.But California went from the golden state to the potty state cause of people like Arnold.

    4. @SonicArchives where were you when the tailban took over Afghanistan and people started selling their 12 yr old girls to the Taliban ,while Biden scratched his head.Or are the Ukrainian people more important than the Afghanistan people.Putin has over 2000 nukes We have 200 nukes ,do ur math,why do you think NATO is stepping on egg shells with Russia.

  4. Arnold is not just an actor but a powerful influential public figure.It is amazing and encouraging that a man of such high good character comes out and give his opinion about the invasion on Ukraine.Arnold is a great leader also and I am hopeful that now people understand enough is enough from Putin and his leadership because another powerful public figure has spoken up about the unjust actions taken against Ukraine.We the people of the world have also spoken against all wars in the past and presently which were reckless mistakes from past leaderships and this time around we the people of all nations will come out to condem any action of wars against any nations caused by leaderships not fit to run a country.We condem all wars.✊👏

    1. @Road to Freedom Medical experiments. Lol. Man you are so far down the Qanon conspiracy hole. What an embarrassment. Didn’t your parents send you to school?

    2. Arnold was always a good actor we all need to stand together to stop the war Ukraine never did anything to start this this wrong United we stand united we fall.

    3. @ЭЮЯ that’s because there NEVER WAS A US/NATO INVASION of Ukraine!!! You are either a victim of Putin brainwashing/propaganda or you are part of his propaganda machine! Russia is firing artillery and missiles into hospitals and other civilian targets, killing children! No NATO country EVER attacked Ukraine or injured any Ukrainians! Ukraine Tried to join NATO because they were concerned that Russia would do what it has now done! Them wanting to join NATO and doing training with NATO countries is NOT an invasion! You are mentally ill or psychotic if that is how you think.

    4. @Road to Freedom you are demented and probably a Russian disinformation agent. Telling people to be RESPONSIBLE and get vaccinated to help protect all your fellow citizens is not trying to force people to be medically experimented on or whatever nonsense you are spouting off!

  5. I’m sorry to all the popular YouTubers from each country who wrote in the comment section.

    Peace in Ukraine
    Peace for Russia
    There is no justice in this war where the general public is attacked
    Let’s hate the war itself without thinking that Russia is evil and Ukraine is reckless
    Hearty Russians
    Proud Ukrainians
    And people from all over the world who wish for peace
    Let’s hope together Let’s scream together
    Against the war!

    I’m a tiny person, and I’m only one of the Japanese people, so no matter how much I scream, I may not be able to change it. However, it may change if you read it and raise your voice together.
    The power of one person may be very small, but I want you to think about it by putting your hand on your chest after seeing the missile attack on the hospital.
    I can’t help watching the news, so I’m sending it in this way.

    1. @Pauline Lambert ummm……they weren’t alive at that time. A present day citizen don’t need to apologize for whatever their government has done in HISTORY. Imagine telling a White American (European descendance) to apologize to all the Native Americans for taking away their land or apologizing to every African American for putting their ancestors into slavery. 🤡 The damage has been done in history. Apologies for it won’t change or solve anything.

    2. @JoeyOnDaKeys thanks man lol. I had to use some negative adjective toward the OP to make the joke work though. Self serving was the least rude one I could think of.

    3. millions people arround the world feel the same. war only create chain of hatred to next generation and take very long time to fix it. i just hope, Putin do not become crazy enough to press the nuke button. thx for sharing Satoru-San

  6. Arnold has been and is I think very highly respected individual. He has been and will continue to be a great American.

    1. I’ve been a Trump fan as well. Not crazy about Biden at all. I’m a young American. But I wonder what type of.guy Trump is. I’m betting they all are the type.of.mothrfu&#kers that would look other way at homeless or less fortunate. Sick security on anyone entering their orderv party. We need a president like zelinsky. Anyone on here know if Trump really did intimate zelinsky back in the day n holdup aid until he got the dirt on Hunter Biden. When I watched the meeting it looked like poor young zelinsky was played by trump you could tell in his facial expressions and eyes. Poor guy. This country runs on the green Stuff and if you don’t have it you ain’t 💩.

    1. @Tony Gunk You and your so called “thought” are completely irrelevant. Arnold is not. Sucks to be you, huh?

    2. Why don’t be stop some of this:
      (Here’s a list of all the countries the US has bombed since World War II):
      China 1945-46
      Korea 1950-53
      China 1950-53
      Guatemala 1954
      Indonesia 1958
      Cuba 1959-60
      Guatemala 1960
      Belgian Congo 1964
      Guatemala 1964
      Dominican Republic 1965-66
      Peru 1965
      Laos 1964-73
      Vietnam 1961-73
      Cambodia 1969-70
      Guatemala 1967-69
      Lebanon 1982-84
      Grenada 1983-84
      Libya 1986
      El Salvador 1981-92
      Nicaragua 1981-90
      Iran 1987-88
      Libya 1989
      Panama 1989-90
      Iraq 1991
      Kuwait 1991
      Somalia 1992-94
      Bosnia 1995
      Iran 1998
      Sudan 1998
      Afghanistan 1998
      Yugoslavia – Serbia 1999
      Afghanistan 2001
      Libya 2011
      Iraq and Syria 2014 –
      Somalia 2011 –
      Iran 2020 –

  7. This is an amazing heart felt message from Arnold, you need to watch the whole thing. The whole world needs to watch the whole thing!

    1. Nobody cares about what Arnold says or thinks WE THE PEOPLE know the truth, and it’s the exact opposite of what these clowns say. Just ask hunter Biden

  8. This is so powerful, not only because of Arnold’s true message, but that Yuri Vlasov was born in Ukraine and died in Russia. A hero to both, and a tie hopefully towards peace! Slava Ukraini

    1. @Michaelagh Malone-Hansen also no his dad wasn’t killed by the Nazis
      His dad wasn’t even born till after the war😂😂😂😂how ever Arnold’s dad was an actual Nazi. Also he is like 1/8 Jewish his dad is of Jewish decent. He’s also doesn’t practice the faith like at all. And yes lots of civilians dying many by the hands of all the crazy armed groups we have now armed up so they are taking cars and robbing houses and raping people for fun. Largely in area where there isn’t even any Russians but if you don’t know family who live there guess all you can do is repeat what the tv tells you

    2. @P Mrt Ukraine has been a Slavic center since the 1100s and 1200s.
      And they have had to fight for their sovereignty several times during hundreds of years. They didn’t just suddenly “appear” in 91…

    3. @nate love who achieve what you probably didnt. What you have just done, is the equivalent of someone who never ran a marathon mocking former marathon runners who ran under 3 hours as “has been”.
      One actually has to be qualified to mock. Wonder what’s yours?

    4. Idk what you talking about he said it Best the Guy is Jewish not Ukrainian lol so why y’all letting him play y’all go join Russia idiots

  9. “Listen, and understand. That terminator is out there. It can’t be bargained with. It can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear.” -Kyle Reese

    1. @Treason You are a nasty cad with the moral integrity of a single-cell organism…….Go to your room…on the double !!!!

    2. That would have been alot darker had you continued that quote from that scene but instead of him talking about a Terminator if you used putins name instead 😐

  10. Reports from inside Russia, Russians still on Youtube and updating on the situation inside Russia are saying this is probably the most powerful message from the West that has got through and has been viewed by millions of Russians so far. Arnie has a high level of respect in Russia by some accounts.

  11. Arnold’s message is very powerful and meaningful. I also agree, everyone should listen to it. He makes a lot of sense.

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