As Economy Slows, Trump’s Super Bowl Campaign Ad Focuses On Economy | TODAY

As Economy Slows, Trump's Super Bowl Campaign Ad Focuses On Economy | TODAY 1


The economy grew at its weakest rate of the Trump presidency in 2019 and is showing signs of deceleration. During the Super Bowl, Pres. Trump plans to debut a campaign ad touting his economic record. Alex Witt discuss with Zerlina Maxwell and Rick Tyler.

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As Economy Slows, Trump's Super Bowl Campaign Ad Focuses On Economy | TODAY

71 Comments on "As Economy Slows, Trump’s Super Bowl Campaign Ad Focuses On Economy | TODAY"

  1. Even if the ads were true, it doesn’t excuse his disgraceful behaviour.

  2. Now Trump will say whatever Repulsive Republicans want to hear! Which will be just lies as usual…

  3. Trump thinks the stock market is all there is to the economy.

  4. Every statement made by opponents of Trump for the next year should start with “Donald Trump is a liar because **************************”. With 15,000 lies this will be easy and hammer it home.

  5. This won’t be the first lie Trump has told!

    • So what you’re saying is your guy count is higher that your lie count.

    • Anderson Richardson | February 1, 2020 at 9:57 PM | Reply

      We are breaking records ppl and you’re all getting shafted by a rate of growth argument. Easy to have a fast rate of growth when we where in recession… NBC only fools stupid people.

    • Suresh.M Chanmugam | February 1, 2020 at 9:58 PM | Reply

      Mary Emmanuel you must be the Virgin Mary! check for lies and Flies between your legs.
      2.3% + GDP means growth! Jobs, More people working and lifted out of poverty! Check the NGO Stats Stupid!

    • @hodaka1000 Savage Orange Man ! That’s not a dog. It’s a beaver. Orange turd is that funny after taste in your mouth.

  6. God help us all.. Buffoon Boris Johnson has crashed the UK out of the EU and Donald Trump escapes impeachmen……the rich keep getting richer and the workers get poorer……… DT and BJ are both liars and frauds ……it is so depressing x

  7. Sugar high might be coming down some how it will be someone else’s fault

  8. “I have a chapter in the book on malignant narcissism as a characteristic of destructive cult leaders. These are people who have a deep need for grandiosity, to be the center of attention, who need to control others, and who lack empathy and lie without hesitation. These are psychological traits perfectly attuned to manipulation and projection.

    But the malignant part is about sociopathic tendencies. Almost every cult leader thinks he’s above the law, which is why he’s allowed to persecute and harass or harm anyone he wants. When someone really believes this, they can rationalize all kinds of destructive behavior.

    I began this book with the assumption that Trump is a malignant narcissist. Actually, watching him and listening to him reminded me of Sun Myung Moon, the leader of the cult I joined in college, in that both have a kind of God complex where they’re the only one with the answers, the only one who can fix things. Moon was going to create a theocracy and Trump was going to “drain the swamp.” But the way they carry themselves is similar.

    But what really made me think of Trump as a cult was the way the groups who supported him were behaving, especially religious groups who believed that God had chosen Trump or was using Trump. There are actual pro-Trump religious groups, like the New Apostolic Reformation, whose leaders were saying, “We’re of God. The rest of the world is of Satan, and we need to follow our chosen leaders who are connected to God.”

    There was this blind-faith aspect to the whole thing and an unwillingness to look at any inconvenient facts. That’s all very cult-like.

    The bottom line is that I see very sophisticated mind-control techniques being used through the media, through religious broadcasters and radio talk-show hosts. It’s a black-and-white, all-or-nothing, good-versus-evil, authoritarian view of reality that is mostly fear-based. And there’s a deliberate focus on denying facts in order to protect the image of the leader.”

    –Steven Hassan, The Cult of Trump

    • Marie Zimmerman | February 1, 2020 at 8:42 PM | Reply

      I read that book. I thought it was a very good explanation of those who support Trump.I highly recommend this book to anyone who hasn’t read it and who wants to understand why these people continue to follow him.

    • Trumps followers hate it when you mention him as a cult leader. Then tend to start using what about Obama/Hillary etc

    • Hes Gradiosity, is why Epstein despised him.
      Even tho their in the same circle. tramp considered him his best friend,
      Epstein just Tolerated him.
      Epstein sought the Clintons company because they were more Educated an Sophisticated.
      Poor tramp was just not in that class.

    • black pearl
      Trump and Epstein were friends for so long because they shared one common trait that they both recognized in each other….depravity.

    • Unfortunately, neither turnip nor his supporters read books.

  9. Arthur Schnapka | February 1, 2020 at 7:15 PM | Reply

    Melanoma wearing the Fistful of Dollars look.

  10. By taking full credit for something he is too stupid to understand, he has set himself up to be fully responsible for it.

    • Jim McLoughlin .. Tariffs are a good thing. Trump’s making China pay fairly. Obama made China great… They’re not so great now but US is getting there in spite of the democrat ball and chain Trump drags 24/7. Gas under Hillary would be at least double what it is now. USA is #1 gas and oil producer in the world. Belittle that sour puss.

    • Your a 100 percent rite he’s a bozo

    • #DunningKreugerPresident

    • @Custis Long “Tarrifs are a good thing”???

  11. No. It hasn’t helped me or anyone I know. I pay more for prescription meds and OTC meds. Grocery store prices have gone way up. We no longer have a tax refund. Most of us are worse off or maintaining. Only the super rich benefit.

    • In business they call this putting money in your right pocket so I can take more out of your left. Businesses do it frequently now, they give their employees a raise and then make them pay for more of their health insurance which erases the raise and then some.
      Flim flam, con artist 101 stuff, Trump’s a con.

    • But other lunatics on the left say they’re doing great. What gives lol?

    • FIDELITY, NO to DECEIT & HATE | February 1, 2020 at 8:43 PM | Reply

      Trade war
      Inflation. We’re paying the tariff

  12. 45 needs a lesson in reality this November…Vote this Fraudster out of The Whitehouse

    • Anderson Richardson | February 1, 2020 at 9:58 PM | Reply

      We are breaking records ppl and you’re all getting shafted by a rate of growth argument. Easy to have a fast rate of growth when we where in recession… NBC only fools stupid people.

    • @Anderson Richardson
      So easy it was Trump’s main talking point. Well, here’s the news, Trump’s economy is nothing special and november is near.


    • Anderson Richardson | February 1, 2020 at 10:21 PM | Reply

      @GeneralSamov the economy is at record-breaking heights so much so that the only way to fool stupid people like you is by talking about rate of growth. Think about it this way if you try to lose weight you will eventually plateau if you don’t have a heart attack first from all of those welfare donuts you eat.

    • Danielle Elliott | February 1, 2020 at 10:23 PM | Reply

      and into the big house the one where he will be behind bars , then lets all chip in and build a big beautiful wall around it with no doors so he can NEVER get out , we can add cameras so we will all be able to watch him like orangutans at a zoo

  13. Whoops..GDP signals heading into recession (which was known by people who know the economical cycle) Those who think the stock market numbers are indicative of how the economy is doing need to redo Econ 101 in college.
    *Lets get it straight* The stock market is separate from the real everyday economy. Seems none of you trumpers get this….. or are just ignorant to the fact of how basic economics work. You look at stock market spikes and think OMG Trump is the best. Well… time for you to go back to school and learn Econ 101.
    The stock markets are going up because of low interest rates. Manufacturing is in recession from the effect of the Trade war. The worlds economies are all slowing. The federal Reserve is running QE, and says it will leave interest rates alone this year. The Federal Reserve is running an up to a 160 billion per day in the Repo market. These are the types of programs run in recessionary economy. Trump wants lower interest rates to help his failing businesses. When recession does hit with interest rates already low there will be nowhere to go to offset. The infamous trump tax cuts previously done did nothing for the middle class and have contributed to the national debt now over 23 trillion dollars, up fro 20 trillion when Trump took office. Deficits are over 1.4 trillion dollars this year alone. The national debt may surpass 25 trillion this year.
    This is the Trump Republican economy. When a recession happens the national debt will raise even more, and the Federal Reserve’s ammunition will result in buying corporate debt and maybe stocks. *This is already happening.* Monetization of debt and high inflation will be the result. That means things will get ugly.

    We are in a bubble economy now. Bubbles pop.

  14. Senior Legislative Counsel Paul Gordon, contrasted the patriotism of congressional Republicans during Watergate with the betrayal of democracy by today’s Republicans:

    “Congressional Democrats and Republicans alike recognized that Nixon’s misdeeds to get himself re-elected threatened the Constitution that they all took an oath to protect. When his fellow Republicans made clear that they would put our democracy first, Nixon knew he would be impeached, and he resigned in disgrace …

    “The senators who vote to acquit Trump will be voting to eliminate the most important component of checks and balances against dictatorial executive power … And then, they will have to go back home and look their constituents—and their constituents’ children—in the eye and tell them why they cast this vote.”

  15. ..slower than Obama’s.. less than Obama..

    • Anderson Richardson | February 1, 2020 at 9:57 PM | Reply

      We are breaking records ppl and you’re all getting shafted by a rate of growth argument. Easy to have a fast rate of growth when we where in recession… NBC only fools stupid people.

    • @Whitey McPrivileged who is a communist? Oh I forgot, you’re a Trump supporter. You don’t understand that words have meanings. Please carry on, what’s next? Venezuela… Cuba… And… Oh I almost socialized medicine! The horror! Can you imagine no more medical bankruptcies? The voters will hate it!

    • You are so silly….so silly. Are you that stupid?

    • @Let’s grow s t u p i d. BET YOU’VE HEARD THAT BEFORE.

    • Anderson Richardson And it’s easy to have a fast decline when you have Trillion $ deficit spending and $2 Trillion corporate tax cuts.

  16. Hes spent more money on golfing and vacation than the US itself

  17. While we’re all here moaning and complaining, the rats are in their holes quietly plotting to steal another election.

  18. Federal Reserve Study:
    Industries hit hard by Trump Tariffs;
    1) Magnetic and Optical Media
    2) Leather Goods
    3) Aluminum Sheet Production
    4) Iron and Steel
    5) Motor Vehicles
    6) Household appliances
    7) Sawmills
    8) Audio and video equipment
    9) Pesticides
    10) Computers
    11) Farm Products

  19. “The government you elect is the government you deserve “

    ~ Thomas Jefferson

  20. Just boycott the game, advertisers won’t like that.

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