As Trump indictment lingers, New York City officials prep for protests | USA TODAY

GOP leaders have urged against protests outside of the Manhattan district attorney's office ahead of a possible indictment of Donald Trump.
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Former President Donald Trump has predicted Tuesday will be the day he is indicted as an investigation by the Manhattan District Attorney's office comes to a close.

Though there is no confirmation the indictment will come Tuesday, Trump may face charges for his alleged role in making a $130,000 hush-money payment to an adult film actress just before the 2016 presidential election to silence her about a past affair.

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    1. @Christin Burdge Geez, I haven’t Known of the Democrats Going this Ballistic since Abraham Lincoln and The Emancipation Proclamation Took Away Your Slaves

    2. @Nancy King I’m a trump supporter. I’m saying the left has gone fascist. And yes that made them mad haha.

    3. @Christin Burdge Sorry Christin if I misunderstood.
      Trump/Desantis 2024
      Our Country needs strong Leadership

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