Asafa Powell | TVJ Sports Commentary - August 6 2021 1

Asafa Powell | TVJ Sports Commentary – August 6 2021

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  1. He did not say do not criticize, he said stop pressuring. Constructive criticism to any individual is always welcome. However, there are a host of individauls who only pay attention to atheles when the win, but are quick to pull down.
    Lets not shoot the messenger with the message. Look at Mc Pherson and Foote.

    1. Constructive criticism to any individual is NOT always welcomed. Everyone is not a winner of the bat; you have to put in the work towards the mark. Man it is hard living in a political correct world.

  2. This here is the perfect example of what’s wrong with journalism these days. They take a few words of what you are saying, ignore the message of what you’re saying and frame it to fit whatever the context they want people to believe.
    The man mek a video a highlight the plights most athletes face and a seh ppl muss stop pressure dem as beyond the track we don’t know what circumstances in life they face. Yet look at what this man choose fi highlight and propagate to people.

    1. The ignorance these so called journalists advocate while surmising themselves as being intelligent, cheeky or clever is nothing more than stupidity.

    2. Agreed. The response from Oral Tracey is the epitome of reductionist thinking. As for journalism, there is none here. There is no search for truth by Mr Tracey. There is no evidence of balance or desire to be objective. It’s sensationalism plain and simple but hey, they will benefit, I am here commenting on a TVJ video.

    3. @Marlon Pownall your absolutely right & although it’s a means to perpetuate mixed opinion for viewing purposes…!! Defamation of one’s character to amuse the public, especially one who has contributed highly to Jamaica’s glory in sprinting is disrespectful but to each his own.

    1. @Terrence Taylor there you go again Terrence. Slow down. Stop even long enough to listen to yourself as you do EXACTLY what we are saying is unfair and unkind to our athlete, and I quote you – “Asafa is a TOTAL DISAPPOINTMENT”. So because he has not won an ‘individual gold’ medal at the WG & Olympics he’s a ‘TOTAL’ disappointment.

    2. @Christopher Slowley I have slow down and come to a complete stop to give this thoughts over the years and have comcluded that Asafa is not a competitor nor a winner. Mr. Slowley, you can’t see a dog and say it is a frog, it’s a dog. You would be doing yourself great harm to lie to yourself. It is day light clear, Asafa is not a winner, more on the opposite.
      I am not aware of your business that you do for a living, but, in most profession you’re critique either by your boss or your clients.
      If Asafa would like to pipe-down the critics, start winning when it matters most. However, that advise is too late for him.
      If you are a betting man, would you bet all your possession on Asafa in the Olympics or WC? Please give reason.

  3. Well I’ve been listening to hear where Asafa said “stop criticise di athletes”. Haven’t heard it sah. Di man know what him talking about. We in Jamaiica don’t merely criticise, we downright insult them with stuff like: ” him wash up, him fi stop run an guh sidung now, him career done, ah idiot dat, etc etc. Who are we to tell an athlete that his/career is over? We only love the athletes when they make us feel good, but unwilling to share their pain by even offering a kind word of encouragement when they are not doing so well.

    1. Asafa was the center of world attention at one time. But injury or age will catch up on all athletes. So it set.

  4. Seems like today is a slow day. Why not take this time to highlight an athletes or two?
    Asafa said stop pressure the athletes. He did not say they are above criticism.

  5. There’s a difference between criticism (finding faults/highlighting faults) and constructive criticism (highlighting the weaknesses and suggesting ways for them to improve). If criticism is going to come wish bashing and berating the athlete what good does that do?

  6. Big loud mouth man, and deaf as well. Why do you you try to put him down.
    Asafa did himself proud, made a life for himself and his family out of athletics, he didnt seem to do all that bad. Did he?

  7. Are the athletes on a good nutritional program, are they getting supplements and things to build their strength, and to give them stamina. Some of them mook tired compared to others. Oral could use his big loud mouth to ask companies to supply the athletes with nutritional packages to help them.

  8. I’m glad Asafa and Shelly is standing against the bashing of our athletes. What are you saying Maverick, that our athletes when they don’t medal, that they have nothing better to do but to leave their yard for a plane ride? No sah our athletes are better than that. Constructive comments please, otherwise tek uno bad mouth afa dem. Who cares that some loud mouth is disappointed, imagine how the athletes who were subpar in Tokyo is feeling. Stop throwing salt on their…..

  9. I am not one of those persons who believes that because I cant do something I shouldn’t expect better from those who can however, ssafa never seh dont criticize. Oral Tracey we naah agree with yu on this one.

  10. Asafa Powell needed to see a sports psychologist, who would have got him over the tension he felt when running on the biggest stage (World Championships and Olympic Games). Many sportsmen/women have done it. Powell did not and paid the price – no more than a Bronze in individual 100m at the World Championships, and zero individual medals at the Olympic Games. Wasted talent.

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