Ask Your Elected Officials How They Plan To Protect & Expand Vital Infrastructure In Your Community


  1. Dems….don’t worry about GOP support for your legislation. They’ll take credit for it after you pass it without any of their votes just like the COVID relief bill. So, their constituents will think it was a good thing after all.

  2. I’ve seen my city waste money for the past 20 years that was supposed to go to fixing our roads and bridges. And when construction workers finally get out “to fill a hole” it takes them over a week to complete the job. I have lost faith in our city spending and infrastructure repairs.

    1. I get taxed unbelievably for roads in California. Still no train to commute that we paid for. They added another lane on freeway, what a joke that was! ETC…

    2. It sounds like you need to get more involved in your local city politics, even if you do not have the time to run for an office, just attending city council meetings and asking questions can make a difference.

  3. Not sure why Biden has to pass an Infrastructure bill now when t’rump was able to solve all those problems after his numerous Infrastructure Weeks over the past 4 years. 🤔🙄😅😂

    1. @BidenHarris: Mad Magazine’s Person Of The Year Triggered much there? 😅😂
      Speaking of foolish, make sure to keep sending in those maga campaign donations to “stop the steal.” And if they charge you weekly for some reason, I’m sure it was just a simple mistake on their part. 😅😂🤣

  4. I believe, if Biden leaves this up to states, they will do nothing, as always, for the last 100 years.

    1. Pres.Vegetable will do nothing. Remember Obummers shovel ready jobs? That was a joke,this is a joke. it is nothing more than thieft by crooked Demonrats.

    2. @James Smith Only a Demonrat would invite children to our country then throw them into cages to be gangraped.

  5. You don’t build something and expect it to last forever otherwise everyone or most people in the United States would be driving used cars.
    I remember decades ago traveling through Kansas on i-70 from Western Kansas all the way to eastern Kansas wondering if I was driving on the square tires. Also if more asphalt is produced it could also cut down on the millions of old tires laying around our nation by incorporating them into the asphalt which would be a good thing because otherwise they just set out on back roads or people’s yards or wherever and collect rainwater which gives mosquitoes ample breeding ground to then affect entire communities.

    1. @James Smith We no longer can simply let them pass as corrupt media, corporations, or politicians. They rule by fear, censorship, and terror. They are literal by definition terrorists.

    2. @Doug Dimmadimsdale yes, I wouldn’t say better regarding the republican party. Let’s support the Democrats. Stay safe America!

    3. Don’t worry Demonrats have NEVER risen to the moment. Remember all of Obummers shovel ready jobs? Remember Solyndra?Demonrats can’t do anything right. Look at the child abuse Pres.Vegetable has implemented at the border. You helped that happen!!!!

  6. “to restore America to the American people….” We must do that now—again. Stay healthy everyone! 🇺🇸😷

    1. those that rule by fear, censorship, and terror are not only wrong, but by definition terrorists.

  7. This is so true! Biden will give the states what funding they need to do, but it’s what the state’s governing officials will tell you how and what they do with it. The people of each state needs to hold their state government officials accountable for what they do with that money. It is not Biden’s job to run each state, its for their state’s citizens to decide if they want to change THEIR state government or not. The people have the power to elect their officials, make them work for YOU!

    1. @David Eby The blue states goes into the citizens pockets while the red states goes into the pockets of the GOP. We all know that! Why do you have more red states on Government assistance programs than blue states is because the red states are too busy taking care of their rich.

  8. Leaving it up to the states is a lazy mans game. That’s what Trump did with COVID-19 look how that panned out. Never put crooked state governors in charge of government funds

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