AstraZeneca Says Vaccine Can Be Around 90 Percent Effective | Morning Joe | MSNBC

AstraZeneca Says Vaccine Can Be Around 90 Percent Effective | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


AstraZeneca said on Monday that its Covid-19 vaccine could be up to 90 percent effective in preventing the disease — the third promising breakthrough in the fight against a pandemic that has killed nearly 1.4 million people worldwide. Aired on 11/23/2020.
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AstraZeneca Says Vaccine Can Be Around 90 Percent Effective | Morning Joe | MSNBC

56 Comments on "AstraZeneca Says Vaccine Can Be Around 90 Percent Effective | Morning Joe | MSNBC"

  1. Now 3 possible vaccines. Awesome

  2. Make Racists Afraid Again | November 23, 2020 at 7:40 AM | Reply

    I’m sure it’s effective early on and I hope it’s protection is long lasting.

  3. the republican virus is out of control

  4. Tony was saying that the data shows the pfizzer and moderna vaccines seem to protect from developing severe disease from infections, but may not prevent the virus from spreading..
    Doesnt bode well for those who ll refuse to get vaccinated, if that s the case

    • Deborah Freedman | November 23, 2020 at 2:20 PM | Reply

      No, what he said is it has not been shown to prevent spreading the virus. But, that is because that is not a metric that was measured. What these studies measure are amount of the virus in the test subject (PCR), development of anti-Covid IgG, and in some studies, development of anti-Covid CD8 cells (killer T cells). However, because it has been shown to prevent the development of a heavy viral load, it would make sense that it also would prevent spreading the virus. It just hasn’t been proven.

  5. byebyebaby tRump | November 23, 2020 at 7:47 AM | Reply

    Good morning America! I’m happy to report that there is only another 57 days/16 hrs/13 minutes left till January 20th/2021/12:00 noon when Donald tRump the loser has to vacate the peoples White House. if he continues to resist any further past this time he will be dragged out bonespurs feet first by the Secret Service!

    • byebyebaby tRump | November 23, 2020 at 8:23 AM | Reply

      Timmy aka William H Homophobe : You can run but can’t hide your fascination with homophobia!

    • @byebyebaby tRump Unless he presses the button to teminate everything similarly as his fore-runner A.H. did in 1945, “the people failed me, they deserve to perish, not have anything left…” (“Nero decree”), before everything ended in the bunker… The fascists were good at destroying everything and looting to get riches to themselves, but it took the multitude of liberals to build up Europe again in solidarity and have freedom, something fascists never liked for anyone but themselves… “Make Germany great again” was indeed fulfilled eventually, only after the people rejected the white supremacists.

    • @byebyebaby tRump I’m not running or hiding… president Trump will remain in the White House 🎶

    • byebyebaby tRump | November 23, 2020 at 8:32 AM | Reply

      Nils Kangas : I’am quite a student of WW2 history. A.H. towards the end instituted a “Scorched Earth Policy” for the german people figuring if he lost the German people didn’t deserve to live. Albert Speer fortunately countermanded these orders. I don’t see any Repugnant RepubliKKKlans of significance thus far standing up to Donalds “American Carnage & Scorched Earth Policy.”

    • @byebyebaby tRump Yes, you are right. When A.H. ordered evil destruction of the Eiffel Tower and many other places of special value, many soldiers showed their decency and hindered such mayhem. It seems those guys had much more courage than the GOP of today…

  6. Sambeet Mohapatra | November 23, 2020 at 7:50 AM | Reply

    And it’s cheaper than Pfizer and Moderna ..

    • Much cheaper.

    • Hyes

    • Kit Onslow Smith | November 23, 2020 at 11:34 AM | Reply

      the storage temperature is also really key. the other two vaccines require something like -70F, making the logistics of distribution far, far more challenging for both.

    • Deborah Freedman | November 23, 2020 at 2:31 PM | Reply

      @Kit Onslow Smith No, the Moderna vaccine needs -10C, which is easily done in any lab freezer. The BioNTech (Pfizer) vaccine needs -70C, which requires an ultra-sub-zero freezer. Those cost as much a new car and require a special electrical source. Laboratories measure temperature in Centigrade.

  7. byebyebaby tRump | November 23, 2020 at 7:56 AM | Reply

    People if you are unemployed, there are thousands of job openings in the tRucking industry as well as the fUneral business ever since Donald tRump eased the restrictions around death, dying & destruction.

  8. I trust or believe nothing from the dump administration.

  9. The development of this new vaccine will further drive #45 crazy

  10. Can’t wait to get back to normal, I’ll be taking it. I wanna go out and dance, sick of working from home getting fat lol

    • Me too! 20lbs later, haha But just be blessed to still have a job. Some good people don’t and I pray for them and their families.

    • Yes. Me too. 🎅

    • @Muay Thai it’s 42 lbs for me. Less exercise but still got the appetite 😂

    • Mushinzenkoans | November 23, 2020 at 4:59 PM | Reply

      They will never allow this to get back to normal. They have too much control now. This MRNA vaccine is the most dangerous vaccine ever created. And they will not succeed in injecting this DNA altering substance into the entire population. And, even if they do, they will still demand ” mask wearing” and social distancing. This is a war on humanity. They are criminalizing being human. I will not comply.

    • @Mushinzenkoans What good is it to have multiple dwindling economies? It’s a war on humanity to wear a mask? Also who’s they? Because it sure isn’t Trump so do you think it’s somebody above him? I will be taking it so I can live through this mess. It’ll be people like you that are trying to “fight the establishment’ that will be the reason why this virus lives on. You can do what you like, the people that want to live and protect their families will take it and you can live with your tin foil hat and conspiracy theories.

  11. Where can I get my Nobel prize for being alive when this vaccine was developed? I know I was not involved in any way, but the same goes for Donald Trump and I’m sure he wants credit.

  12. The Moderna vaccine csn be stored in regular fridge temps for about a week I believe. Adequate for most distribution regions. Nothing like the single dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine though, that can survive for a month in a decent carry cooler.

  13. More the better , hope is on the horizon ,

  14. Before or after the latest mutations?

  15. Walter D. Petrovic | November 23, 2020 at 10:00 AM | Reply

    Just wait – Trump and his team will eventually cite Trump’s 2020 loss as “Child Abuse”!

  16. Corn Pop was a bad dude!

  17. Much cheaper than free?
    Like the free tests for all Americans? Not!

  18. All These “Drug” Companies are Rushing These Vaccines To Make $$$$, That’s The Bottom Line!

  19. NewOldMusicVideos | November 23, 2020 at 1:42 PM | Reply

    Cheaper ?? The vaccines are supposed to be FREE… Why are you mentioning price ???

  20. How can they be so far ahead with these vaccines when the usual timeliness has been around 4 years. Can and will the public support this?

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