Astrazeneca Vaccine is Safe | TVJ New - March 14 2021 1

Astrazeneca Vaccine is Safe | TVJ New – March 14 2021


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    1. @milli b Germany hasn’t banned it, the roll out has been suspended it, they are waiting on additional information to see if has anything to do with blood clots.
      There is a difference between banning and suspending.

    1. @Raimundo Laurencia oh no my dear they are clever in how to trick the people…I bet they had a placebo…

    1. Kita they suspended using it to carry out further investigation to ensure that the blood clots weren’t cause by it. To date it is just a precautionary measure.

  1. We ain’t going to see our politicians talking any vaccines publicly, our politicians are known to lead from behind, not from the from as regular leaders do.

  2. Andrew and the rest of the parliment both jlp and pnp unuh take it first prove to us its safe take it live and if your still OK after a year maybe people gve it a shot too

    1. DAT mi pree to ….they giving certificates to those who take the vaccine in the health facilities ….so it soon mandatory for all Jamaicans to get the vaccine….
      Persons are getting money $10, 000 to take the vaccine ….so when dem get sick or paralize from the vacvine they dont have any legal grounds to sue anyone

  3. No matter what is been said or done , there will always be uncertainty in the minds of us the people.

  4. Being safe and effective are 2 different things. What will it do to the body? Will it protect it from the current virus? When will Mr. Tufton finally consider taking that thing and all other MPs?

  5. Mr tuffon how you know the vaccine is safe when you have no intention of taking the vaccine a lot of people suffering with side effects the news is not telling people that part of the story what about people who suffer from serious allergies

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