At least 29 dead as earthquake strikes Haiti 1

At least 29 dead as earthquake strikes Haiti


Haiti's Civil Protection Unit says at least 29 people have died after a 7.2 magnitude earthquake hit the region.

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  1. ripe moment for foreign rich company ceo’s and politicians to get their hands onto as many kids as they can for ‘caring’ purposes. don’t let this pass you folks. donate them money and get that carnal reward.

  2. Let’s send them millions in aid so they’re corrupt government waste all of it like the last time.

  3. Puerto Rico is next door and had an earthquake a year ago. There’s many who reported oil gas activity offshore. Now there’s a petition to investigate and put up a moratorium on fracking and naval exercises in the region.

  4. What year is it again? I just had a vivid dream that it was the year 2021 but then I saw this video.

  5. I’m glad I live in Toronto nothing westherwise happens in Toronto but we got 40 degrees celsius weather which is hotter than previous summers

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