Athletes Fluctuating their Birth Identity | TVJ Sports Commentary – June 22 2022

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    1. Their case is different as they are both females from birth. They just have testosterone that are of similar levels to males. You ever saw women that has more facial hair than the average man? It’s because of reasons such as that. What the Maverick is talking about is a full blown man from birth deciding to become a woman and compete against other women who were women from birth .

  1. I agree. Yes, they may consider themselves women. However, naturally they are actually men and that’s the reality. What these sporting bodies need to do is create a separate category for such persons. Simple as that.

  2. Said it already and i’ll say it again Sebastion Coe is the worst thing that has ever happened to track and field.

  3. Long time man finally bout transgender breda you a man u can’t be racing against women thank u lord someone came to them senses

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