Atlanta Mayor Bottoms: Controversial Georgia Voting Law Is ‘Dangerous’ | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC


    1. @Brian Jones silly TROLL. I bet you still go to bed crying your criminal leader is going down.

  1. Miss lindsey graham is trying to do the same thing here how anyone in this state listens to him I don’t know. Although the governor is no good.

    1. I was in social work. My people needed a valid liscense to receive; Sec. 8, SSI, SSDI, Food Stamps, Title XX, etc. People have to prove their ID to obtain; Fishing, Driving, and Hunting liscense. Heck, one has to have a valid lisense to buy a gun. Buying a gun is a civil right. Voting is an earned privilege.
      PS Obamacare too.

    2. Maggie Mims
      thank you for your opinion Mr.
      Maggie Mims What a great gut you are. A manly man.

    3. It’s always eye-opening to read the homophobic and racist comments from you “tolerant” liberals.

  2. When I go to voting poll, I always been asked for ID in my state from day one. If I don’t have one i don’t get to vote.

    1. it’s pretty fascinating that politicians are basically implying that POC are too stupid and poor to get an ID…. and they seem to be hopping right on board with that. it seems pretty much ANYTHING that gives BLM’ers a “right” to riot and destroy is blindly followed without question. even if it demeans them, it still gives them a chance to burn some stuff down so screw it, they totally agree with you.

    2. @Ohio Against The World Sure racist, your right wing propganda is totally fooling people who aren’t racist just like it fooled you.

    3. @Michael Morningstar cool story, you idiots are getting good at that joke leftist projectionism. hilarious that it’s “racist” to point out you fools are literally implying that about all black folks in Georgia… while whining and stomping your feet and calling anyone that disagrees “racist” haha it’s racist to tell POC that folks are being racist towards them. ah, the brilliance…

    4. @Ohio Against The World You overestimate your importance racist. I don’t respect you enough to read that.

  3. Between gerrmandering, and voter suppression Dems will never win again, just as rethug wants. Even with id, the lines will be even longer. And Joe manchin is holding up voting rights, thanks v wa

    1. @Rod there is literally decades of well established research you can look at for yourself rather then asking people on youtube you wont believe anyways.

    2. your total ally wrong. no republican will ever win again. Dems will continue to use fukd up voting machines.

  4. Where can we transfer the masters tournament to permanently? And since Mitch McConnell wants corporations to stay out of politics maybe the money should be stopped for Republican donation in all campaigns.
    It seems mitch is speaking for all Republicans.
    They all stick together fairly tight as a trend .

    1. @Linda Shattuck What city were you in destroying for months on end with democrats refusing to stop the destruction. Burning looting ki l ing. And so on creating more ghettos. One day at the capital they should of torched it

    2. @Linda Shattuck yes, anybody who disagrees with your personal opinion is a W.S. that’s what CNN told you to think, so how could it possibly not be true?! they said that right before they implied that basically all black ppl in Georgia are too simple-minded to obtain a state ID, and you all apparently agree with that. seems that pretty much ANYTHING or ANY chance that you can call ppl “racist” over is blindly believed without question, even if it means demeaning the entire race in the state of Georgia. rioting and racial unrest seems to be too important to BLM for silly things like belittling their entire race to matter to them.

    3. maybe THAT cuss-free, completely clean comment will be allowed to stay posted. unlike the last clean comment.

  5. Travis Yates and 2 more
    The Courageous Police Leader: A Survival Guide for Combating Cowards, Chaos, and Lies

    1. @Ray Stanczak “Anything else is intentional interference—and it always comes from those who try to convince us constantly that they’re “patriots”.”
      Like voter frauds from dems? Anyways, it’s very simple, the fact that you did not need ID for voting is a next level stupid.

    2. @saba baratashvili The only problem with your “next level stupid” theory is that…it’s wrong.
      I just finished explaining how we vote by mail in Oregon and four other states. We’ve been voting by mail in Oregon for over 20 years.
      Either you didn’t read it, didn’t understand it, or don’t believe it. Figure out which of those it is, correct it, and THEN start calling other people stupid. K?

    3. @Ray Stanczak yes, anything that hinders your “right” to vote 15 times at 15 different locations is pure evil….

    4. @Ohio Against The World Now THAT is an entirely stupid thing to say. Maybe that’s why you’re against the world, eh?

    5. @Ray Stanczak well there’s no other logical reason to complain about that, that’s the point.

    1. the only ppl that find it controversial are those who want to cheat to win. no other way of explaining it. it has absolutely NOTHING to do with suppressing black votes, but “racism” is the word Dems attached to this to drum up extra outrage

    2. @Richard K – This is the dumbest response ever. You actually think you can only see someones skin via ID? 😂

  6. There is nothing wrong with requiring a government issued ID. I’ve not heard one legitimate reason for not requiring one, but many reasons to require them; if for no other reason than making sure someone is in the right voting district.

    1. it should be pretty common and normal to have to show your ID to vote, and it keeps ppl from voting 30 different times. which is why the Dems hate it and are calling it “racist.” that’s the word they figured would give them the most support, and it seems to be working. CNN told POC to be outraged about it, and they never miss an opportunity to riot and cause unrest

  7. Thank you African Americans.. You truly are the best among us. Your achievements in science, medicine and especially information technology speak for themselves… Thank you!

    1. Let me guess…White liberal? What a condescending comment. No particular ‘race’ is ‘the best’ among us. That attitude creates division.

    2. @AVENUE yeah…. that’s the point. peace & unity isn’t what made groups like BLM get nearly 100 million dollars in donations last year alone lol unrest is too profitable

  8. Nathanial Culver this is from GA. Identity Document (one document) – An original or certified document to prove WHO YOU ARE such as a certified Birth Certificate, US Passport, Certificate of Naturalization, I-551, etc.
    Like I said before some people can NOT go to Vital Statistics and get a birth certificate because they were born at home and NOT registered it takes more time and money to get proof of their birth.

    1. *some people can NOT go to Vital Statistics and get a birth certificate*

      And so?

      First, I don’t believe SB202 has touched the process of obtaining a voter ID in GA, so this discussion has nothing to do with SAB202.

      Second, even what you posted does _not_ say a birth certificate is required for a voter ID. It says you need an “identity document” to prove your identity. It then lists several examples (that’s what “such as” means) including a birth certificate. And the “et cetera” at the end says there are additional acceptable documents as well.

      You just need any _one_ of the documents, not _all_ of them. This will only be a problem if someone cannot get _any_ _one_ of the acceptable documents.

      Of the approximately 2% of eligible voters who do not already have an acceptable form of ID, I suspect only a small fraction are not in a position to get at least one of the identity documents they need to get a voter ID. But here’s the deal: if you can show me that are indeed GA voters who truly cannot get a voter ID, I will agree that the rules need to be tweaked so that they can.

    2. @Nathanael Culver a few million people who can NOT get an ID, that is NOT a small fraction

    3. @psycobleach46 tullis *a few million who can NOT get an ID, that is NOT a small fraction*

      It’s also a completely fictitious claim. According to statistics from the GA government, as of January there were approximately 7.7 million registered voters in Georgia, and about 200,000 (2.5%) that had no form of ID. I don’t know what portion of that 200,000 are _unable_ to obtain ID, vs. don’t bother to, but let’s assume 75%. 150,000 is a _long_ way from “several million” — by over an order of magnitude.

      Feel free to provide your evidence for your claim.

    1. yeah, it makes absolutely NO sense….. and leftists are fighting for their “right” to vote 18 times at 18 different polls, and have attached the word “racism” to it now to garner more support

    2. @Ohio Against The World It’s nonsense. Your government is becoming more and more like those of developing countries.

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