Atlanta Police: Shooting Suspect May Have ‘Sexual Addiction’, Too Early To Say If It Was Hate Crime

Atlanta police said that the suspect in the Atlanta shootings may have a "sexual addiction" and frequented the three spas where the shootings took place. Atlanta Police Chief Rodney Bryant also explained that it was too early to say whether the shootings were a hate crime. Aired on 03/17/2021.
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Atlanta Police: Shooting Suspect May Have 'Sexual Addiction', Too Early To Say If It Was Hate Crime


    1. @Blade Brown IKR, call it what it is…We have terrorists in our country whether ppl want to admit it or not.

    2. Uh uh 😐 recently they were shifting the blame on blacks hurting Asian this happens for the world to see.

  1. Excuses, excuses. Anyway I’m sitting here waiting for someone to say he was ANTIFA or a black guy in white face… 🙄

  2. So his sexual disorder made him attack to Asian spas? No black spas, no white spas? Umm this is a target on a specific race no it’s and or buts.

  3. Either way, glad the authorities caught the SOB! R.I.P. to all the victims, condolences to their families.

  4. Uhhhhh NO! I have this addiction too and then only shooting I wanna do is load based.

  5. See this is what I was thinking. I work at a massage parlor and sum of our clients are creepy af.

    1. Based off CNN’s coverage of the Boulder, Colorado shooting they describe him as mentally ill, a loner and that he was bullied.

    1. Blaming the victims once again instead of holding the violators accountable. Racism is largely a white issue; created and perpetrated.

    2. @Private jen such lie’s from this FAKE news network. wake up people you are being played by the media. This had nothing to do with RACE. wake up people

    3. That is BS. Not a lot of crime in Atlanta, sure. Make yourselves look good when NASCAR is coming into town.

  6. So he just cocked his gun to satisfy his sexual addiction that made a lot of sense. please don’t make excuses for this horrific hate crime committed by this criminal.

    1. @The GEICO gecko I don’t think it was an excuse. The police said this was his reasoning. Apparently it made sense to him, obviously no one else.

    2. @M18 Hellcat I don’t think it can get any more violent than homicide. Nobody is arguing with that. Homicide is about as bad as it can get and eight homicides is really, really bad.

    3. He drove to 3 separate Asian owned parlors, one of the places being 30 miles away from each other. 6 out of the 8 victims being Asian women. His victims were at targeted establishments primarily owned/staffed by Asian people. If he wanted to “just target s*x workers” there were 1000s of strip malls and adult entertainment areas in that part of Atlanta.
      This is hate crime. Period

    4. It’s not an excuse, it’s a reason. They said he claims a sexual addiction and that he frequented massage parlors. In other words, he went looking for a “happy ending”, and eventually snapped and shot up the place when they refused to give him one.

    1. No no the other way around, he wants lizard style, turtle etc and happy ending with demon style. 😈

    1. Dude don’t worry that guy’s going to get the maximum penalty no matter what they say about him

    2. The suspect has some sexual issues? Look at the ages of the women he killed. Most of them are in their late 50’s and 60’s. This is not sexually motivated. This is racially motivated!

  7. If his family is distraught, just think how distraught the family members of the victims are. They deserve more mention than the perpetrator’s family, and should have received more solidarity from the authorities in their statement . The police are already making excuses for the murderer. This is social collusion.

    1. His family turning him in helped the police to apprehend him quickly before he could escape to Florida and continue his murder spree.

    2. The police was grateful his family helped catch him before he could escape to Florida and continue his murder spree.

    1. I think you’re confusing “reason” with “excuse”. There is no excuse. His reason is lousy and he’ll likely die because of it.

    2. @Klay Biggins and neither does it for 99% of them but you’ve always got some twisted person like this

  8. “Sexual Addiction?”
    Has he NOT noticed ALL the resources on the internet?…
    ANY lie will do, I guess— once the police caught up with him quicker than he anticipated…

    1. I think that’s because it’s still under investigation. So technically they are not allowed to disclose specific information at the moment

    2. @Demetrius Evans You mean like, the media decrying that this was motivated by race? Who is the one being conditioned?

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