Attorney General Barr Appoints New Bureau Of Prisons Chief Following Epstein’s Death | MSNBC

Attorney General Barr Appoints New Bureau Of Prisons Chief Following Epstein’s Death | MSNBC 1


Attorney General William Barr has reassigned Hugh Hurwitz more than a week after millionaire financier Jeffrey Epstein took his own life while in federal custody. Kathleen Hawk Sawyer will take on the role. NBC News’ Pete Williams reports.
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Attorney General Barr Appoints New Bureau Of Prisons Chief Following Epstein’s Death | MSNBC

30 Comments on "Attorney General Barr Appoints New Bureau Of Prisons Chief Following Epstein’s Death | MSNBC"

  1. Why hasn’t Barr released the video from inside the cell house?

    • Ralf Häggström | August 19, 2019 at 6:10 PM | Reply

      Doesnt dare ……………………

    • @Ralf Häggström There is no video of inside the cell, but we do know that Epstein’s cell had a window looking down on the the guard’s room, so that he know when they fell asleep. Seems like a bad cell to give to someone who had already attempted suicide once before.

    • Visteo Bman — There is no video of the cell itself, which would be the only interesting part.

  2. Maybe this was part of the master plan all along?!

  3. The cover up continues

  4. That’s a promotion for dirty work.

  5. Trump has gutted the prison system and put a hiring freeze in place.

  6. Sheepless N Seattle | August 19, 2019 at 6:20 PM | Reply

    ((( Know More News is coming on Next be sure to join ADAM GREEN )))

  7. Barr’s father got Epstein his “teaching” job at the all-girls school. Barr has shown that he is there to protect the president, not the nation. Barr and tRUMP have a lot more reason to breathe easier now that Epstein is dead.

    • Agreed. Congress should interview Hurwitz as to what he knows, as well as the guards that supposedly were guarding Epstein, when he was switched for some dead look alike’ body or when he somehow died by his own hand or others’ hands, if he really died. This whole thing stinks to high heavens. The creation of compromising videos/photographs to recruit/influence people is a standard tactic of spy agencies. I predict that the photographic and video evidence will also be “lost” and maybe that woman whose father was supposedly a Mossad agent, will disappear or “suicide” too. If Barr wanted to avoid any appearance of impropriety, since this happened during his tenure, he would appoint a special prosecutor to investigate.

  8. There’s no evidence to suggest suicide.

  9. This was telegraphed earlier by Barr, who shouldn’t be involved… His Dad hired Epstein to teach Math at a private school with NO DEGREE… Say What?

    • V Drake — It is his job to appoint the leadership of the BoP, even if he should recuse himself from the Epstein case. Anyway, the criminal case against Epstein is moot at this point. This was the right move.

  10. Sexual Molesters United; Epstein, Kraft, AG Barr, Trump, Prince Andrew, Bill Clinton, Jim Jordan, Pat Meehan, Newt Gingrich, Alan Dershowitz, Bob Allen, Mark Foley, Rudy Giuliani, Henry Hyde, Bill O’reilly, Fox news Bill Shine, RNC Chairman Leslie Moonves, etc, etc.😀😂🤣

  11. Reassigning = Paying-Off & Harboring

  12. LMAO so this is the story they’re playing out? Make epstein vanish then ‘fire’ the prison director to make this look inconsequential? Well I guess if we’re not out there in the streets they can do what they want.

    Remember guys, this country is funded (and partially owned) by russia and pedophiles. If the founding fathers had anticipated this, they’d have turned around.

  13. juggernaut316 | August 19, 2019 at 6:54 PM | Reply

    Barr set up either Epstein’s death or extradition. This removal is just more smoke and mirrors.

  14. catalinacurio | August 19, 2019 at 7:11 PM | Reply

    Another friend of Barr’s on the ‘inside’… 🤢

  15. Now more than ever we NEED to see the unredacted Mueller report. If any part of that report is connected to Epstein, Barr should be disbarred.

  16. Michael Bryant | August 19, 2019 at 7:45 PM | Reply

    How many people wanted Epstein dead? Who had strong reasons? Money talks and Barr is doing a great job hiding all evidence. He is such a pro at it. We are now seeing clearly that the wealthy and powerful only have to call Barr. He Barr’s all truth!!! He and Drumpf walk around like lovers… lol.

  17. Search for the truth | August 19, 2019 at 8:17 PM | Reply

    Barr, the cuddly hit man. The teddy bear thug.

  18. Barr should replace himself. He’s the prime suspect in Epstein’s death.

  19. Dog and Pony show. Epstein is not dead c’mon MSM

  20. William Barr is “investigating” Jeffrey Epstein. His father, Donald Barr hired Jeffrey Epstein to work as a teacher at Dalton even though he had no teaching experience. Donald Barr wrote a book about raping underage girls called “Space Relations”. All a cover up and Epstein is still alive.

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