Attorney General Barr To Step Down On Dec. 23, President Trump Announces In Tweet | Deadline | MSNBC 1

Attorney General Barr To Step Down On Dec. 23, President Trump Announces In Tweet | Deadline | MSNBC


President Donald Trump said in a tweet that Attorney General William Barr is resigning. Trump said Deputy Attorney General Jeff Rosen would become Acting AG after Barr's departure. Aired on 12/14/2020.
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Attorney General Barr To Step Down On Dec. 23, President Trump Announces In Tweet | Deadline | MSNBC


    1. @judie suh I don’t think so – they are birds of a feather – she will see what’s in it for her if she stays longer. He might end up broke or have lots of money set aside in Deutche Bank, in Russia, in China – Ivanka and Jared made 82 M in China last year. How much did Trumpsky make?

    2. Those who have left Trump’s administration have done so at some point because he crossed a line that they felt he should not have. They usually tell the public of the corrupt or unpatriotic activities that made them leave. These departures have always been an inconvenience for Trump. On many occasions he’s simply dismissed their complaints with claims that the POTUS has the power to do anything.

      They should count themselves among the lucky. Trump has boasted so casually about shooting people and not having to face any consequences for it. Perhaps the moment isn’t right but I’m certain at some point he will make good on this boast.

    1. @laron adams
      The Saudi’s will take good care of their investment!
      They paid the tRumps a lot of good money for those children!

    1. @TRATIORTRUMP 4GTIMO You know it! Barr knows of the possibility that he will be named as accessory in a Federal investigation on behalf of seditious Diaper Don.

  1. DON’T y’all EVER forget…Bill Barr was the one that LIED about the Muller report !! He ran ROTTEN ” interference” for Trump and his ROT !!!

  2. I suspect Barr’s had a signed pardon on hand for some time now, possibly since his “summary” of Mueller’s report.

    1. Yes.. Barr has had a “pocket pardon” from Diaper Don. Mind you this is a corruptly handed pardon and Barr knows it. I expect it to be tested in the near future.

    1. @God wins Did it ever occur to you that if you are not a bunch of ignorant uneducated backwater daughter Humper’s like Trump, that you would not fall for such obvious lies?

    2. @God wins You are supposed to be a Christian who accepts God’s will. You are acting like a person who believes in the power of magic and the power of your own Will.

    3. @kids inthehall If you truely believe shrinkage of government is logical or practical as a constitutional republic, then why would the founders literally pave way for thousands of elected/appointed positions and not specifically state that federal government is only to be used for national defense and have..I don’t know maybe only 20 elected DoD positions to govern defense at a federal level and let states run as they see fit? Shrinkage is a false agenda made by people with their hands out every time taxpayer money is offered to them whether it be a private government contract/unemployment benefits/soc. sec/welfare/medicare/ect. If you believe in less government then by all means, forfeit any government benefits you may receive, and decline any bids on government contracts as to not aid in bankrupting the system.

      So now that we are beyond that misrepresentation let us now be honest with ourself this country and government was created under the sole purpose to pursue something greater than we were offered by any other ruling country. If we wanted to just pay taxes and be offered nothing for it, well, we had that under Great britian prior to the Revolution. This constitution was left limitless in nature to allow the federal government the power through time, I believe anyway, to provide it’s people the opportunity at a more fair and dignified life than they had previously. We more than have the capability now to deliver on that, we just have to seize and realize it.

    1. I think its more than that. Barr likely has access to details about exactly what kind of heat is coming Trump’s way once he’s out of office. This may be him making an official, on the record distancing so he can escape the blast radius of those charges. And more importantly, Biden has been announcing cabinet members for weeks now, but I don’t think we’ve heard anything about his picks for Justice Department. Thats gotta be making Barr extra skittish.

  3. Barr, resigning won’t get you’ll be charged the same and will definitely be going to jail

  4. I see no reason why Barr shouldn’t be indicted immediately after his departure. If only to put the wind up Trump.

    1. Naaaa. If he’s indicted now Dump will pardon it. Best to wait until Biden is in power & Barr can be actually held responsible

    1. That’s MORE time with your family at Christmas! I don’t know how he said it with a straight face! I HOLLERED!

    1. @jaimelpz0222 — Trump’s pardons won’t work, he can’t pardon himself and he can’t pardon co conspirators, if he does manage to pardon his co conspirators they will then have to testify against Trump as they will no longer be able to claim the 5th

  5. He sent this tweet at the same moment that California certified the Electoral College for Joe Biden…
    tacky tacky tacky

    1. In EU there is 2 week lead time between announcing a leave and actually leaving. Higher ups might have even longer leads unless they seriously f..k up. I would suspect that he filed his resignation well before Dec 14th. It has to be around Dec 4-7th. Several days after DOJ found no evidence of fraud in election. Or maybe even on the same day. Trump just kept it quiet to have better standing in ongoing lawsuits and to steal the thunder during electoral college voting. Some of those 17 AGs might have thought twice before signing on toilet paper from TX, if they knew that federal AG is leaving.

  6. He’s hoping to distance himself, as far as possible, from his buddy Don . Just before the sh@t hits the fan.

  7. How can trump be worried about someone else taxes. When we the people of the United States. Still wanna see his

    1. @In All Honesty hahaha big talk from a guy who wants to bone Joe Biden! You like your men well-aged, like a fine wine, eh? I heard that Mitch McConnell and his wife like to swing, maybe they’d let you get in on some of that, too! Don’t worry, his wife just likes to watch. It’d be all you and Mitch, pushing some bills through the legislative body, as it were.

    2. @In All Honesty Yes, the evidence was so massive that every court declared it “meritless.” Please come back to reality. Before you hurt someone.

    3. @Tremori Yes, I am aware of it, which is why I often try to get people to think a little, also to recall history, it’s all happened before in the annals of human existence.
      This has such a stink of Putin’s methodology too. I will always wonder whether he is/was the architect of this mess.
      The rest of the world is hoping and willing the USA to stand firm for democracy, but how on earth do you go about decompressing the situation and how to dismantle the layers of disinformation, to learn again how to move forward with unity…….Those are my questions and that is a worry. I never thought I’d have to wonder whether America is still a democracy under the rule of Law, or not.
      Best of luck, stay safe.

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