Attorney Marc Elias: Modern Republicans Can’t Be ‘In Favor Of Voting Rights’ 1

Attorney Marc Elias: Modern Republicans Can’t Be ‘In Favor Of Voting Rights’


Marc Elias, Democracy Docket founder and voting rights attorney, joins Nicolle Wallace to discuss reporting of a leaked video that reveals how dark money in Washington is driving many of the efforts underway across this country that limit access to the ballot box.
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    1. The US was never the laughing stock of the world except during the 4 years Trump was in office. But now the freak show still continues.

    2. @Mary Wood I bet you they think trump actually cares about them too Like all the traitors from the 6th thinking he was gonna pardon them, like he has ever thought about anyone beyond himself

  1. Mark Elias is a national hero!!! Making it hard for people to vote means we are no longer a democracy.

    1. @Paula Gray Yes, term limits have long been on the docket and I agree wholeheartedly with term limits. Not just for Senate and House person’s, but SCOTUS as well.

      The system has been long designed to frustrate even the most stoically committed of us.

      The framers enacted the electoral college because they agreed the populace at the time was not educated enough to make a proper choice on whom should rule them. The institution of that portion of our “Democracy” was to ensure that the elite class, of whom were wealthy enough to leave their businesses to run themselves while they campaigned for legislative offices would ensure they would pick whom would lead us.

      That ideology no longer holds true. Except of course the present uneducated buffoonery within the Republican and libertarian parties that long for the “good old days”; unwilling to evolve to the needs of a growing populace.

      Not voting is not the answer and is the antithesis of instituting the change we want.

      We must never give up. No matter what. No matter how frustrated the system that is designed to frustrate us, makes us.

      Silence is complacency. Not voting is silence.

      Make your voices heard. Vote.

  2. this group needs to be charged with sedition and election fraud. this is the same group Pence is involved with.

    1. @Brett Barnes Said with all the self assurance of someone who bought a born-rich multiple bankrupt as a successful businessman. Good job, Brett. Make sure you listen to every word the guy says. Especially about your health.

  3. Now what does this remind me of- hmmmmmmm umm hmmmmmm- Oh-I know! the DEEP STATE, Republican style

    1. @midknight Not if we can help it. It’s time for democrats to grow some balls and oust Manchin in the next primary. We need to primary people out of our caucus that does not believe in strengthening the union.

    2. @S McDonald They were definitely among the worst offenders (Now it’s just the one brother) but they don’t stand alone. There is an entire network of high-wealth bad actors using dark money to erode democracy.

  4. I am no lawyer nor am I an expert re legal matters. That said, is there a reason why we the people can’t sue Justice Roberts for getting rid of or dismantling the Voting Rights Act. He’s been against the Voting Rights Act since he was an aide in Congress when they passed the Bill.

    1. Seriously you can’t sue a member of the judiciary because you disagree with his decision. All you can do is appeal it. Which is not possible for the SCOTUS.
      That said I agree that it was a rotten decision.

    2. How many here feel that people illegally in this country with no ties to it should be allowed to vote in our elections? Now that being asked When one political party is known to give such people free handouts and an invitation into our country which party do you think they’ll cast those votes for?? If we all pay taxes why can’t the approximately 50% of the population who DO NOT agree with this situation have to have their taxes support it??

  5. Hurry NY AG, Manhattan DA & Fulton County GA DA. Get Trump in court & he either testifies or uses the 5th Amendment to hide from prosecutors’ questions.

    1. State charges are important because if he’s convicted on federal charges any republican president would pardon him right away. GA is especially good because the governor does not have the power to grant pardons there — it is up to an independent board.

  6. Lies can lenify mortified souls but no matter how beneficial a lie feels, it’s not what the heart wishes. If there’s something to fix for a better result it may be the seemingly unattainable “why mortify?”

  7. Don’t these republicans understand that voter suppression will hit them pretty hard as well

    1. Republicans supporting Trump are so afraid of democracy that they are doing everything that they can to destroy democracy including attacking the Capitol on 01/06/21. Trump is a fascist and told more than 30,000 lies during his term in office. His lies and those of his supporters continue as they work to destroy democracy in America. They were very close to doing so on 01/06/21. They seem to have no understanding of what their lying, anti-American behavior will do to their country and their souls: it won’t be good. I’m glad that I’m not one of them.

    2. No, they don’t, and I suspect they’re right. As I understand it research shows that shrinking electorates generally strongly favours right-wing parties in general.

    3. What if they don’t care? They still get to limit the vote as a precedent. Yeah sure republicans can get vote out in the near future but when dems are back in they won’t get rid of the laws.. because they don’t do anything. Once republicans can redraw the line through gerrymandering they will have as many votes as they feel are necessary but they have restricted to vote indefinitely, taking away our constitutional rights.

    4. Republicans are really trying to eliminate the black vote which helped Biden take the election. They also want to eliminate the populous that doesn’t have the resources to jump through their hoops. Not only voter suppression, but oppression on the lower class.

  8. “So it has that ‘grassroots’ — you know, from the bottom, up — type of *vibe*.”

    Feel those GOP vibes, people. Never mind all their racism and sociopathic greed.

  9. I just can’t wrap my head around why people will vote against their best interest. Unbelievable…

    1. @Marivaudage The Republican propaganda campaign has been relentless and effective, as the former GOP managers and officials are beginning to admit now.

  10. “The great masses of the people… will more easily fall victim to a big lie than to a small one.” —Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf

    1. @littleangel4780 What is wrong with you? I’m not a democrat (independent), but understand exactly what John Smith is expressing…. petty.

  11. Congratulations to Nicole and mr Marc Elias on this piece. Thanks to both. For our democracy to survive we citizens like you.

  12. “Look, just because of some little technicality like not being a US Citizen, or dead, that shouldn’t be a barrier to voting. And it’s absurd that you would ask someone to violate their right to privacy just to know if they have a pulse. It’s that simple. And so am I.” -Marc Elias

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