Attorney who sued Trump over real estate properties speaks out

CNN's Jim Sciutto and Poppy Harlow discuss the New York attorney general's lawsuit against Trump accusing him of business fraud with New York real estate attorney Adam Leitman Bailey. Bailey has sued Trump in the past over his real estate properties. #CNN #News


    1. @gpan62 he waved boxes of paperwork for a photo op but no one was allowed to read anything. I doubt he still wasn’t in charge.

    2. @Courage Karnga why don’t you put the people you vote for under the same investigations do you really thing they are clean? Sounds to me like all you need is to control what the media feeds you and you are a god

    3. @D How Why do you care more about Trump than black people slaughtering slaughtering each other in the streets of Democrat cities?

    4. @Dale Hartley It’s been 7 years and you’re still stuck on “Russia”? Stop watching libraltard media all day. Hillary Clinton was your “Russia”. Where the Hell have you been?

    1. @James Kirk s9 your telling Europe and the rest of the advance economy’s of the world that we all have high inflation because Trumps not your president, what a simple minded person you are, Trump loves you thou, more money to him and less to your kind.

    2. @James Kirk We must never honor men,only TRUTH…Plato.
      Trump is the most consistent pathological liar ever seen in American politics.

    3. @Courage Karnga Donald Trump boasted about meeting semi-naked teenagers in beauty pageants
      Mr. Trump said on Howard Stern’s radio show in 2005 that he could ‘get away with walking into the dressing room to ‘inspect’ beautiful women

      Rachael Revesz of Independent
      New York
      Wednesday 12 October 2016 15:02

  1. They didn’t address the issue of him declaring high valuations to raise money but then telling the IRS, the same properties were worthless to reduce his tax liability. Surely that’s a slam dunk as you American chums say.

    1. He’s specifically talking about the 200+ page civil lawsuit that he is actually holding in his hands. He read it and understands it far batter than you or these talking heads do.

    1. 6 years ago would be September 2016, before he was elected President, so he would have still be in charge of the finances. And when you factor in the amount she’s suing for ($250 million) versus the fraud he was committing (valuing Mar-a-Lago at $739 million versus $75 million) she could easily just be charging for one year, while pulling in multiple previous years as evidence of intent.

  2. Surely L James (and her team ) know what she is about an all the corners she is going to encounter. She would not have got herself into something so serious had she not deliberated on all the pros and cons.

    1. She did in 2021 when she tried to get him done for taxes and the IRS threw it back Trump is untouchable you dems might as well get used to it and he will be President in 24

    2. @Lucas Kelley That’s silly and if that was the case would not every state have black AGs? By Black do you mean Democrat? Not all blacks are Democrat’s or hate Donald Trump.

    1. We are heading towards nuclear war…..Europe is beginning to crack…German government is breaking down…Italy, Sweden, Hungary are all now hard right….Putin says he is not bluffing….and we know he’s not.

    2. Florida Stands for Second Amendment, Virginia Protects Parents’ Rights and Religious Liberty, Lawmakers Aim to Safeguard Pregnancy Centers❤️✝️
      Even though the left-wing mainstream media won’t tell you, there is good news to report! Traditional values are winning every day, and biblical truth is prevailing

    1. He did win his cases, but we’re so used to polished speakers on tv that he doesn’t come across so well. Doesn’t mean he isn’t the kind of bulldog you don’t want on your side.

  3. 6 years ago would be September 2016, when Trump was still in charge of the finances. So even if James weren’t going before or after 2016, that could easily still qualify for a $250 million lawsuit. For example, valuing Mar-a-Lago at $739 million when it was actually $75 million, is an almost $700 million dollar difference. Depending on when he bought and sold the Old Post Office, for example, for a profit of $100 million, that could fall in there. She doesn’t need need to sue for all 10 years, but she can use those 10 years to prove intent.

    1. I am sure Miss James is aware of Statute of Limitations Laws in her state! There seems to be none that scare her, or she wouldn’t be going thru with this law suit!

    1. @Aaron King Surely the real problem is the tax fraud. The argument is that Trump offered one level of valuation to the banks but a totally different appraisal to the IRS.

    2. I think you’re confusing elocution and glibness with intelligence. He sounded intelligent to me , it just wasn’t what the vulgar intolerant crowd wanted to hear.

    3. @Rough Habit it was obvious he was one too many drinks. I’m sure he’s educated and intelligent. But he was obviously “one too many drinks”. I would also challenge his thinking on this issue. Being intelligent and educated in a profession does not equate one as being correct in an argument. Being a cop doesn’t mean you are informed of our laws or one to behave by them (police brutality?)
      The biggest criminals are lawyers who know how to circumvent our laws.
      The biggest anti-Christ Christians are the mega church Christian “pimps” who use Christ to enrich themselves. This applies to all who use their titles/professions/celebritism/position as a manipulative con on gullible followers.

  4. The number of loopholes for rich people is insane. Meanwhile everyday people are threatened for being late on taxes or getting numbers wrong. Many owe the irs plus interest or are in jail.

    1. Yes, if you owe $500 dollars by next two weeks the IRS has already sent you mail that you owe them and that you need to pay…Lets face it.. the system is so corrupt..

    2. And who do you think Bidens 87,000 new IRS agents are going to be going after? That more than doubles the number of IRS employees now. The FBI only has 11,000 agents to investigate most Federal Crime including terrorism. That is 8 times as many new IRS agents.

  5. I’m a real estate person and I can tell that this lawyer seems to not realize realize that lying on a tax return that a property is worth less so as to get bigger tax benefits and pay less state taxes is fraud…

    1. +Babtunde Fafiyebi Agreed, absolutely, except why do you think or claim this lawyer thinks or says otherwise?
      I hate when people make a TRUE and IMPORTANT point, but then add a FALSE claim about what they think someone else thinks about that point.

    2. @richard french yea, i hope you keep that same energy when my taxes are due. You are simping so hard for trump your knees are ganna give out.

    3. @Rough Habit They can CLAIM more if they want … The bottom line is there are NO PLAINTIFFS…. There are no damages … ‘
      Drink up

    4. @Andrew Smith
      Yeah, and you are all on board for Big gov, the historically corrupt FBI, the corrupt media going up against private citizens using our tax money while the NYC goes to hell.
      You must be so proud. Maybe Clapper is on MSNBC today and you can really get your jollies off.
      But, but….you have FACEBOOK likes!!!!

  6. I’m a retired appraiser who has been in court a number of times, representing banks and other lenders in these situations (mostly bankruptcy and default proceedings). In order to keep their properties our of foreclosure (which were in default by this time), the borrowers needed values as high as possible. There was always a small number of appraisers who would provide fraudulent appraisals and testimony, especially if the appraisal fee was high.

    1. @richard french Agreed, except: don’t attack BigPlanDan. Attack idiots who rely on crooked appraisers as the word of gods.

    2. @Rough Habit There isn’t, nor is there a victim, which only proves MALICIOUS PROSECUTION by an AG, even in NY, that is running behind her Republican opponent, that made it a campaign promise to go after Trump from the beginning, so under both ethical and criminal law she can’t prosecute or sue Trump. Just by filing this law suit she opened up herself to DISBARRMENT at the least. What all these pundits here trying to compare “over inflated” property values for loans, which the banks aren’t going to make, to taxes and claim that the taxes are “private”, just don’t understand that NY has an income tax and NYS Tax forms mirror Federal Filings, so she already has ALL the tax forms the Trumps filed and if there was a hint of Tax Evasion under NYS Laws she would have filed those.

    3. @Pappy Exactly! If the speed limit is 55 and you go 60 then there is some discretion, but if you go 105 in a 55 zone, you must be charged.

    4. Florida Stands for Second Amendment, Virginia Protects Parents’ Rights and Religious Liberty, Lawmakers Aim to Safeguard Pregnancy Centers❤️✝️
      Even though the left-wing mainstream media won’t tell you, there is good news to report! Traditional values are winning every day, and biblical truth is prevailing

  7. But isn’t the problem not just the exaggeration of worth, but the discrepancies between valuations for tax purposes vs. loan purposes? How can he claim wildly different valuations are both true? ONE of them has to be fraudulent.

  8. What he left out is… an apartment can’t magically go from 11,000 square feet to 30,000 square feet for your appraisal for the banks and the magically back to 11,000 square feet (or less) for the tax appraisal

  9. Lmao 😂 Dump says “don’t rely on the info we give you as it may not be accurate” – so he just admitted that he lied

  10. I’m pretty sure she has a rock solid case against him with tons of evidence and witnesses or she wouldn’t have sued him .

    1. You guys have no 8dea how these works, you see it soon, Letitia will not indict trump if she had nothing to support it,is been eleven years,do not be fooled,you see it when it begins cos people talk crap all the time but the law is consistent,depending on those carrying the law out,but letitia will never bring Trump to court if she has nothing.

  11. Maybe it’s just me, but I’m pretty sure the AG knows about the ins and outs of filing this type of lawsuit. I’d think she would have foreseen any difficulties, and wouldn’t allow the details to trip her up and make the prosecution invalid. The AG worked on this for 3 YEARS. I think she knows what she’s doing.

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